iWatermark Software for iOS, Mac, Win & Android

Table of All iWatermark Software

 OSName & More InfoRequiredDownloadVersionManual
MaciWatermarkMac 10.9-10.15Download2.5.10Link
WindowsiWatermark Pro7, 8.1 or 10 +Download2.5.23Link

Older Versions of iWatermark Pro for Mac & Win

With download links and system requirements
OS & Info LinkDownloadRequirements
Mac Older Versions
iWatermark Pro 2.56
iWatermark Pro 1.72
iWatermark Pro 1.20
iWatermark 3.2
Intel Mac OS X 10.8-10.14
Intel Mac OS X 10.6-10.11
PPC/Intel Mac OX 10.5
Mac 10.4, 10.5 or 10.
Windows Older VersioniWatermark 3.1.6
iWatermark 2.0.6
WIN XP or higher

The Essential Watermarking App for Professional, Business and Personal Use.

Easily, secure and protect your photos and videos with a text, graphic, signature, QR watermark, metadata and steganographic watermarks. Adding a visible watermark to a photo displays it is created and owned by you. Watermarking is increasingly important and is like signing your name to an image. A watermark subtly displays, no matter where your photo goes, that it’s yours. Watermarking can also be used to add your email, url, a personal message or fun graphics to any photo or Pokemon Go screenshot or video.

Q: What is a watermark?

Centuries ago watermarks started as identification marks applied during the paper making process. During paper manufacturing wet paper was stamped with a seal/symbol. The marked area stayed thinner than the surrounding paper, hence the name watermark. That paper, when dry and held up to the light, showed the watermark. Later this process was used to verify the authenticity of official documents, money and generally to prevent forgery.

Q: How is watermarking used today?

Digital watermarking is the latest form of watermarking. Similar to the physical watermarks in paper, digital watermarks are used to identify the owner/creator and authenticate digital media like images, audio and video.

Q: Why Watermark?

– When Photos/Videos go viral they fly off untraceably in all directions. Often, the owner/creator info is lost or forgotten.
– Avoid the surprise of seeing your photos, artwork or videos used by others, in physical products, in ads and/or on the web.
– Avoid intellectual property (IP) conflicts, costly litigation and headaches from plagiarists who claim they didn’t know that you created it by adding visible and/or invisible watermarks.
– Because the expanded use of social media has accelerated the speed with which a photo/video can go viral.

Q: What can be done?

Adding a watermark subtly displays, no matter where your photo or video goes, that it is owned by you.
Always, watermark with name, email or url so your creations have some visible and invisible legal connection to you.
Promote and protect your company, name and website by watermarking all photos/videos you release.

All the above has created a demand for software to protect and verify photo/video ownership.

Table of Features

All Platforms
Native apps for iPhone/iPad, Mac, Windows and Android
11 types of watermarks
Text, graphic, QR, signature, metadata and steganographic.
Works with all cameras, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Smartphones, etc.
Process Single or batch watermark multiple photos simultaneously.
Metadata Watermarks
Create watermarks using metadata like author, copyright and keywords.
Steganographic Watermarks
Add our proprietary invisible StegoMark watermarks to embed info in a photo
QR Code Watermarks
Create in app QR codes with url, email or other info to use as watermarks.
Text Watermarks
Create text watermarks with different fonts, sizes, colors, angles, etc.
Graphic Watermarks
Create graphic or logo watermarks using transparent graphic files.
Watermark Manager
Keep all your watermarks in one place for you and your business
Signature Watermarks
Use your signature as a watermark just like the famous painters
Multiple Simultaneous Watermarks
Select and apply multiple different watermarks on a photo(s).
Add Metadata
Watermark using your copyright, name, url, email, etc. to photos.
Watermark Drawer
Select one or a number of watermarks from the drawer.
GPS Location Data
Maintain or remove GPS metadata for privacy
Resize Photos
In both the Mac and Win versions photos can be resized.
Uses GPU, CPU and parallel processing to speed watermarking.
Import & Export

Protect Photos
Utilize many different watermarking techniques to protect your photos
Warn Thieves
A Watermark reminds people that a photo is someones intellectual property
with apps like Adobe Lightroom, Photos, Aperture and all other photo browsers
Watermark Cloud
Use PhotoNotary to export, backup and share all your watermarks in the cloud.
Special Effects
Special effects for pre and post processing of photos
Watermark in any language. Localized for many languages
Control Absolute Position
Watermarks can be adjusted by pixels.
Control Relative Position
For same position in batches of photos of different orientations and dimensions.
Share via email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.
Photo Batches
Set up a workflow for renaming batches of photos automatically.