iWatermark+ for iOS


Version: 5.0
Latest: 2/16/19
Requires: iOS

iWatermark+ – Protect your photos & videos on iPhone/iPad

If you are a beginning or professional photographer, photojournalist or artist iWatermark+ (the update to iWatermark) works for you to by adding a visible personal text or graphic watermark. Once added to a photo or video this visible watermark displays your creation and ownership. Its like signing your intellectual property. iWatermark+ also has invisible watermarks to protect your photo or video. To see what other pros think checkout the (over 1000) 5 star reviews on iTunes App Store.

“iWatermark+ is by far the best watermarking App I’ve seen to date on iOS. Nicely integrated as an iOS photo editing extension.” and “Number 5 of the Top 100 Apps of the year.” Terry White, Principal Worldwide Design & Photography Evangelist for Adobe Systems, Inc.


Subtle Watermarks That Protect Your Photos

More Watermark Types Than Any Other App

For the past 2 decades iWatermark has been the most popular multi-platform tool available for Mac & Windows as iWatermark Pro & on iOS/Phone/iPad & Android as the apps iWatermark and iWatermark+. iWatermark lets you add your personal or business watermarks to any photo or video. Once added this watermark displays your creation and ownership of this photograph or artwork.

What is iWatermark? iWatermark is software that allows a new kind of watermarking. It uses a variety of visible & invisible digital watermarks to connect the photo with it’s creator.

Who is iWatermark for? Every person who takes photos & videos. We’ve been told it is essential for photojournalists, pro photographers, and people who use Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites.

Why is it essential? Because it allows photographers to promote their photos to the max while preventing losing control and connection as the photos author. Now when a photo is shared the author/photographer can continue to be known and credited.

In the video below hear Terry White, Principal Worldwide Design & Photography Evangelist for Adobe Systems, talk about how he uses iWatermark+ with Lightroom.

iWatermark is Unique in Many Ways:

✓ Available on all 4 platforms iOS, Mac, Windows and Android.
✓ It is both a regular app and an photo editing extension that can watermark directly within Apple’s Photos and other apps.
✓ Use one or multiple watermarks simultaneously on a photo or photos.
✓ Watermark videos with any of the 7 visible and 1 invisible = 8 total watermark types.
✓ Watermark photos with any of the 9 visible and 2 invisible = 11 total watermark types.
✓ Watermark 1 or multiple photos in a batch.
✓ Live interactive adjusting of effects like tint, shadow, font, size, opacity, rotation, etc.
✓ Live preview of watermark(s) on a photo before processing.
✓ 242 custom and 50 Apple fonts = 292 great fonts built in and ready to use for text watermarks.
✓ Over 5000 professional vector graphics especially for phototographers.
✓ Save all created  watermarks to turn on/off, reuse, export and share.
✓ 11 kinds of watermarks. 6 watermarks are unique & exclusive to iWatermark (see below).
✓ iW•Cloud the only cloud backup of all your watermarks. Use them on Mac, Win, Android and iOS.

We consider everything you do to customize a photo, to make it your own, a watermark. In the past watermarks were invented and used to ID items like stamps, currency, banknotes, passports and other official documents. Nowadays, in the same way, digital watermarks infuse your identity and style into your photos and videos. The photographer Ansel Adams had a distinctive style that marks his photos, just as the unique painting style of Monetmarks his paintings. Ansel Adams used black and white, clarity, contrast, huge, unpopulated, and majestic landscapes as his signature even though he also signed his work. Like the great photographers and artists you can style your work so that it is not only beautiful and recognizable but also helps protect your creations. This is why we see each of the items below even metadata, stegomark, resize and filters as watermarks because they can imbue a photo with your particular style.

The iWatermark+ 11 Unique Types of Watermarks

TypeIconVisibilityApply onDescription
Any text including metadata with settings to change font, size, color, rotation, etc.
Text ArcVisiblePhoto&
Text on a curved path.
Bitmap GraphicVisiblePhoto&
A graphic is usually a transparent .png file like your logo, brand, copyright symbol, etc. To import.
Vector Graphic (Coming for Android)VisiblePhoto&
Use over 5000 built-in vector (SVG’s) to display perfect graphics at any size.
Border Graphic (Coming on Android)VisiblePhoto&
A vector border that can be stretched around an image and customized using a variety of settings.
QR CodeVisiblePhoto&
A kind of barcode with information like email or url in it’s coding.
Sign, import or scan your signature into a watermark to sign your creations.
Adding information (like your email or url) to the IPTC or XMP part of the photo file.
StegoMark is our proprietary steganographic method of embedding information like your email or url into the picture data itself.
Resize (Coming for Android)VisiblePhotoChange the size of a photo. Particularly useful for Instagram
Custom Filters (Coming for Android)VisiblePhotoMany filters that can be used to stylize a photos look.

Why iWatermark?

Photos from cameras are anonymous. When you take a photo and share it, your friends share it, then their friends, then total strangers. Each time it has less and less and eventually no connection to you. To the rest of the world your photo is ‘creator unknown’. Many a great photo has gone viral (become wildly popular) that lacked any clue to the owner’s identity. That means, without any way for others to give acknowledgment, thanks or payment to the owner. The solution to this problem is iWatermark, whose purpose is to infuse your photos with your identity in a variety of ways, visible and invisible. The technologies in iWatermark and the 11 watermark tools help you to sign, personalize, stylize, secure and protect your photos.

iWatermark on the surface may seem somewhat similar to graphic apps like PhotoShop but iWatermark takes a significantly different angle. iWatermark is designed to process one or many photos with a variety of watermarking tools, all constructed for a unique purpose, to suffuse each of your photos with your identity as a photographer.

– Digitally sign your photos/artwork with iWatermark to claim, secure and maintain your intellectual property and reputation.
– Build your company brand, by having your company logo on all your images.
– Avoid the surprise of seeing your photos and/or artwork elsewhere on the web or in an ad.
– Avoid the conflicts and headaches with plagiarists who claim they didn’t know that you created it.
– Avoid the costly litigation that can be involved in these cases of misuse of ip.
– Avoid intellectual property squabbles.

Using iWatermark and one or more of the 11 different watermarks types can help protect photos and get photographers the credit they deserve.


All Platforms
Native apps for iPhone/iPad, Mac, Windows and Android
11 types of watermarks
Text, graphic, QR, signature, metadata and steganographic.
Works with all cameras, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Smartphones, etc.
Process Single or batch watermark multiple photos simultaneously.
Metadata Watermarks
Create watermarks using metadata like author, copyright and keywords.
Steganographic Watermarks
Add our proprietary invisible StegoMark watermarks to embed info in a photo
QR Code Watermarks
Create in app QR codes with url, email or other info to use as watermarks.
Text Watermarks
Create text watermarks with different fonts, sizes, colors, angles, etc.
Graphic Watermarks
Create graphic or logo watermarks using transparent graphic files.
Watermark Manager
Keep all your watermarks in one place for you and your business
Signature Watermarks
Use your signature as a watermark just like the famous painters
Multiple Simultaneous Watermarks
Select and apply multiple different watermarks on a photo(s).
Add Metadata
Watermark using your copyright, name, url, email, etc. to photos.
Watermark Drawer
Select one or a number of watermarks from the drawer.
GPS Location Data
Maintain or remove GPS metadata for privacy
Resize Photos
In both the Mac and Win versions photos can be resized.
Uses GPU, CPU and parallel processing to speed watermarking.
Import & Export

Protect Photos
Utilize many different watermarking techniques to protect your photos
Warn Thieves
A Watermark reminds people that a photo is someones intellectual property
with apps like Adobe Lightroom, Photos, Aperture and all other photo browsers
Watermark Cloud
Use PhotoNotary to export, backup and share all your watermarks in the cloud.
Special Effects
Special effects for pre and post processing of photos
Watermark in any language. Localized for many languages
Control Absolute Position
Watermarks can be adjusted by pixels.
Control Relative Position
For same position in batches of photos of different orientations and dimensions.
Share via email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.
Photo Batches
Set up a workflow for renaming batches of photos automatically.

  • — «PNG vs JPEG» watermark bitmap warning, with an ability to «auto-fix» the issue.
    — Import from various cloud services via Files app.
    — Video Exporting improvements, fixes and memory optimizations
    — «Crop/Resize» watermark improvements.
    — «Signature» watermark improvements.
    — «Generic Watermark Name» warning. This reminds you to create a more descriptive name.
    — iW•Cloud removed. Taking a new direction which we will reveal soon...
    …and many more fixes and improvements.
  • - now watermark 4k, 1080, 720 etc videos. what you input is what is output. full resolution. big thanks to the users who clued us in to the importance.
    - other misc. changes.
    - no ads
    - no in app purchase needed.
    - no subscription
    - no nonsense
  • - Support 64-bit iOS 7.0 SDK.
    - removed localization of metadata in itunes
    - updated some sdk's
  • -- New font on user requests added: «Amatic» (Regular/Bold).
    -- Fixed «StegoMark» detection in Photo Info page
    (Thanks Brian Townsend and other for reporting it).
  • - some changes/fixes to links in the about and help section. also to the scrolling up/down/to top buttons on help page.
    - fix to fonts page viewport.
    - updated redirect help links from our old site direct to our new
  • - minor ui changes
    - iphone x screenshots
  • - fixes video size issue.
    IMPORTANT: if you use a logo on video or photos remember that your logo should be at least 2000 pixels or higher for either its height or width. In other words, a logo might look good to you at 300x500 on screen but that resolution logo will look blocky being used as a watermark on any recent iPhone photos which are much higher resolution. Don't skimp 🙂
  • + Import and watermark files from the cloud. Now, thanks to Apple's Files app, import from iCloud, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. Just make sure to have the app for each cloud service you use on your phone and make sure you've signed in to the service with the app.
    + Number of movie import fixes.
    + Fix «Upgrade Lite Version» button:
    1) not being toucheable;
    2) appear upside-down on movies.
    + Fixed AppStore icons.
  • -- NEW: icons for Lite version
    -- NEW: landscape layout for iPhone X
    -- FIX: for broken «Mirror» switches in «Signature Watermark Properties».
    -- FIX: for the issue of "Watermark Properties» pages would stop scrolling up/down (Especially in «Signature Watermark Properties», when entering «Draw» mode, on iPhone 6 and up, and on iPads).
    -- FIX: for «Jumping» buttons on top of «Signature Watermark Properties» page, i.e. three blue «Signature Mode» buttons: «Scan», «Pick» and «Draw». In some cases those would jump out of view completely, in others those would overlap each other, etc.
  • - works great on iOS 11
    - looks great on iPhone X
    - fix bug when deleting watermarks
  • - fixes for iOS 11
  • — iOS 10 ready!
    - Fixed disappearing «Save Image» and «Copy Image» icons (caused by an iOS10 bug).
    - Fixed iOS10-related issues in both «Export» and «Camera» extensions.
    - Added «security initialization» sequence when accessing a Camera or «Camera Roll»
    for a first time. (Required by iOS10).
    - Improved the «multiple photo picker» module. The photo picker works much better with media files that natively reside on the iCloud (and have to be downloaded from there dynamically).
    - Removed custom «Save Photo/Video to Instagram» buttons. They are no longer needed, because «Instagram» creators finally implemented system-wide import/export extensions, that iWatermark+ and many other apps now use instead.
    - Added very handy «Pick Photos to Delete» button to the Import and Export page. These allows the user to clean up/free some space right before importing or exporting watermarked photos.
    - This version does not fix the iWCloud 'log into account' issue that will be fixed soon.
    - Major release coming soon. If you would like to help us test it please email.
  • + [Tweak] Typed in Font size value can now be > 100%.
    + [Added] Get "photo creation date" from metadata [EXIF], instead of one provided by "photo picker".
    + [Added] Thanks to user Andrew Crossley for pointing this issue out. When exporting watermarked file, set its "creation date" to the one taken from file's metadata [EXIF]. That way, when exported to Finder, the sorting order remains correct. In other words, watermarked file's date will be equal to that of its original file's. This behavior is on by default but can be turned off in Preferences, for both "creation" and "modification" file dates separately.
    + [Add] Action extension now allows using iWatermark+ as action extension within photo editing apps.
    + [FIX] Metadata Keywords are now exported separately not as single string.
    + [Tweak] Added faint "hint" text on "Create New Waternark" page,
    against most of the Watermark Type cells, giving a little desc. of each watermark type.
    + [Fix] Resurrect "video preview frame time" in Video Info panel. Moved the "frame time" label above the slider, so that it can be seen while dragging the slider [not covered by user's finger].
    + [Added] When browsing a Cloud watermark, one can now touch its Album name to open that album for browsing.
    + [Fix] Photos extensions. Much better with memory.
    + [Fix] Cloud Account Page: limit minimal timeout value.
    + [Added] Cloud Account Page: Leftmost toolbar button depends on a selected page: It's either "Logout", "Manage Subscriptions" or "Reset Settings".
    + [Fix] Cloud: fix timeout/cancelling related bugs.
    + [Added] "Watermark-on-Cloid" page: some watermark parent albums can be browsed into. If that's the case -- make album name appear blue. Touching one opens a "Cloud Album Browser" page.
    + [Fix] "Watermark-on-Cloud" Description text editor.
    + [Fix] Fixed multi-line text watermarks losing lines on load.
    + [Fix] Fixed issues in Signature Watermark's.
    + [Tweak] "Create with iWatermark+ Free" banner made larger, brighter; fixed scale of its "dashed line" on watermarked photos.
    + Cloud Login: auto-populate Name field in Register Account page with a "name" part of Login Id's "name@email.com". That speeds up a registration process.

    Thanks to all users for all the suggestions and feedback.
  • + Tweak: Slight Help page tweaks: added 2nd toolbar (with Home,
    Back and Forward buttons); Filter input when editing preferences.
    + Tweak: “Importing...” and “Watermarking...” message boxes now
    pop out less jerky.
    + Fix: Graphic watermark’s image picker fix.
    + Fix: Signature watermark’s image picker crash fix.
  • + Works great now in iOS 7, 8 and in the soon to be released iOS 9.
    + Tweaked: “Resize Watermark” a bit: it now has both “Square Size” and "Arbitary" options,
    + Tweak: File date now includes “time ago” information. Like “Monday, 13 January 2015 at 10:12PM (Yesterday)” of “Wednesday, 2 January 2015 at 08:12AM (10 days ago)”. It can be seen in a Media Info panel.
    + Added: In “Import Photos” and “Delete Photos” page, tap any photo, then double-tap any other photo to select all the photos in the range between the first and the second tap. Very very handy. Please try it.
    + Added: In “Import Photos” and “Delete Photos” page, tap a page title to scroll the photos table to the very top (displaying “oldest” photos). Or double-tap the title to scroll to the very bottom (displaying “most recent” photos).
    + Added: “Delete Photos” panel (accessed via Import toolbar button). Vastly speeds up Apple's method of deleting photos.
    + Fix: when editing watermark name, it is now possible to backspace a last name character.
    + Tweak: “Position/Tile” panel re-design.
    + Tweak: presenting “import media” UI can take a seconds or two, so let user know we’re on it by presenting a “progress wheel” in a middle of the screen.
    + Fix: “Resize/Crop” watermark output.
    + Fix: “Import/Paste Image”.
    + Fix: Show proper “video’s first frame” on video import.
    + Fix: Get “preview video frame” for videos on the Cloud.
    + Add “Zoom” property to Resize watermarks.
    + Tweak: limit allowed input characters when entering Resize watermark’s properties via a keyboard (only allow numeric characters).
    + Tweak: minimize “watermarks flashing” when batch-watermarking.
    + Fix: maintain proper “current watermark” after watermark selection/deselection/deletion. That results in the toolbar’s “Settings” button being properly enabled/disabled, and taking user to a proper watermark’s Settings panel.
    + Tweak: Added “Show Next Active Watermark” button on Watermarks panel toolbar.
    + batch importer improved
    + Fix: memory leaking while watermarking videos.
    + Tweak: speed up video watermarking 2x.+ lots of video fixes.
    + More “meta-tags”: Location area, city, province (state) and country. Both of a current photo, or a watermarking location. Also, added a “season” meta-tag (“summer”, “winter”, etc).
    + Fix: major fixes on importing and exporting photos. Importing is now iOS8.3-Cloud-aware and now displays and imports all the photos,
    + Fix: video import crash under iOS7.
    + Tweak: Cancelling editing of a watermark property will undo the the typing changes.
    + Add: “date-time-tag” to generated watermarked photo file name. Like “Watermarked Photo 2 (1-12-2015,9:30AM).jpg”. This becomes important under iOS9, which keeps a photo file name that the app gives to it (before it would rename it to “IMG_1234.JPG”-like).
    + Tweak: Nicer looking “Error occurred” message box.
    + Fix: photo picker is now fully iOS8.3-compatible.
    + Tweak: When picking media, preserve last selected album and asset position in the picker table, so that user don’t have to scroll to it.
    + Fix: Exporting videos was producing 2 files. No more.
    + Fix: Resize filter now produces much crispier, less blurry image.
    + Fix: Don’t decrease image resolution when exporting to Instagram. As it now supports (or will support) resolutions higher than 640x640. So let Instagram itself do the scaling. Or let user do the explicit scaling with a Resize filter.
    + Tweak: Made long address string generated by {syntax error}%PLOC and {syntax error}%WLOC metatags occupy two lines, to make it easier to fit on screen.
    + Tweak: “Open Photos” now sorts albums, so that “Camera Roll” and “Photo Stream” go on the top of the list. Also, by default, photo picker will scroll to the very bottom, showing most recent photos. (Many users requested those).
    + Works great now in iOS 7, 8 and in the soon to be released iOS 9.
    + Tweaked: “Resize Watermark” a bit: it now has both “Square Size” and "Arbitary" options,
    + Tweak: File date now includes “time ago” information. Like “Monday, 13 January 2015 at 10:12PM (Yesterday)” of “Wednesday, 2 January 2015 at 08:12AM (10 days ago)”. It can be seen in a Media Info panel.
    + Added: In “Import Photos” and “Delete Photos” page, tap any photo, then double-tap any other photo to select all the photos in the range between the first and the second tap. Very very handy. Please try it.
    + Added: In “Import Photos” and “Delete Photos” page, tap a page title to scroll the photos table to the very top (displaying “oldest” photos). Or double-tap the title to scroll to the very bottom (displaying “most recent” photos).
    + Added: “Delete Photos” panel (accessed via Import toolbar button). Vastly speeds up Apple's method of deleting photos.
    + Fix: when editing watermark name, it is now possible to backspace a last name character.
    + Tweak: “Position/Tile” panel re-design.
    + Tweak: presenting “import media” UI can take a seconds or two, so let user know we’re on it by presenting a “progress wheel” in a middle of the screen.
    + Fix: “Resize/Crop” watermark output.
    + Fix: “Import/Paste Image”.
    + Fix: Show proper “video’s first frame” on video import.
    + Fix: Get “preview video frame” for videos on the Cloud.
    + Add “Zoom” property to Resize watermarks.
    + Tweak: limit allowed input characters when entering Resize watermark’s properties via a keyboard (only allow numeric characters).
    + Tweak: minimize “watermarks flashing” when batch-watermarking.
    + Fix: maintain proper “current watermark” after watermark selection/deselection/deletion. That results in the toolbar’s “Settings” button being properly enabled/disabled, and taking user to a proper watermark’s Settings panel.
    + Tweak: Added “Show Next Active Watermark” button on Watermarks panel toolbar.
    + batch importer improved
    + Fix: memory leaking while watermarking videos.
    + Tweak: speed up video watermarking 2x.+ lots of video fixes.
    + More “meta-tags”: Location area, city, province (state) and country. Both of a current photo, or a watermarking location. Also, added a “season” meta-tag (“summer”, “winter”, etc).
    + Fix: major fixes on importing and exporting photos. Importing is now iOS8.3-Cloud-aware and now displays and imports all the photos,
    + Fix: video import crash under iOS7.
    + Tweak: Cancelling editing of a watermark property will undo the the typing changes.
    + Add: “date-time-tag” to generated watermarked photo file name. Like “Watermarked Photo 2 (1-12-2015,9:30AM).jpg”. This becomes important under iOS9, which keeps a photo file name that the app gives to it (before it would rename it to “IMG_1234.JPG”-like).
    + Tweak: Nicer looking “Error occurred” message box.
    + Fix: photo picker is now fully iOS8.3-compatible.
    + Tweak: When picking media, preserve last selected album and asset position in the picker table, so that user don’t have to scroll to it.
    + Fix: Exporting videos was producing 2 files. No more.
    + Fix: Resize filter now produces much crispier, less blurry image.
    + Fix: Don’t decrease image resolution when exporting to Instagram. As it now supports (or will support) resolutions higher than 640x640. So let Instagram itself do the scaling. Or let user do the explicit scaling with a Resize filter.
    + Tweak: Made long address string generated by {syntax error}%PLOC and {syntax error}%WLOC metatags occupy two lines, to make it easier to fit on screen.
    + Tweak: “Open Photos” now sorts albums, so that “Camera Roll” and “Photo Stream” go on the top of the list. Also, by default, photo picker will scroll to the very bottom, showing most recent photos. (Many users requested those).
  • + New: major feature called iW•Cloud. Back up & share your watermarks via first ever, watermark cloud service. Your watermarks are available on all your iOS devices. We purchase server space but are gifting each user server space to store 3 watermarks in the cloud. Additional space for more watermarks is available via iW•Cloud subscriptions.
    + Fix: Better memory usage within Apple Photos app as Camera App Extension.
    + Added: "Draw/Sign" mode for Signature Watermarks.
    + UI Tweak: on the watermark list page,
    - single tap selects a watermark
    - double-tap selects only that watermark and closes the Watermark List page and opens the Preview Page with only that watermark displayed.
    + Added: 30 more Google fonts (292 fonts total)
    + Fix: import "retina-scaled" images from clipboard in both "Paste Photo" & "Paste Bitmap Watermark Image". Before, pasting would
    decrease quality of a pasted retina-scale image.
    + Added: "Copy Map Image" from Media Info.
    + Updated web page API to display Help. 1/2 the memory usage, faster loading times.
    + Display build date in About. Copy app/sys info to Clipboard.
    + Fix: Order of images in Photo Roll now matches that of Camera app.
    + Catchs "out of memory crash caused by memory-hungry Custom Filter watermarks". After catching, disables ALL watermarks on startup and notifies user.
    + UI Tweak: Show decoded password by touching a little "unlock password icon" on "Image Info/Stegomark" page; Cloud login and "Cloud Account" pages.
    + Fix: pinch-gesture scaling no longer causes sudden "jumps".
    + Fix: fixed erratic positioning/snapping of a rotated watermark (especially noticeable on a watermark rotated 90 degrees).
    + Tweak: Improved support for "Larger Text" if "Larger Accessibility Sizes" is on in System Settings (General:Accessibility:Larger Text).
    + Added: search bars to "Image Info", "Video Info" and "Insert Tag" panels, letting user filter their lists.
    + Added: "Favorite Fonts mode" in Font Picker page: a list of "favorite fonts" is maintained as user keeps picking different fonts. When "Favorites Mode" is on, only "favorite" fonts are listed, simplifying font browsing.
    + Added: Left-swipe font in Font Picker to "Favor"/"Un-Favor" fonts.
    + Added: Double-tap font in Font Picker to select it and close the page.
    + Added: "HSL" (Hue-Saturation-Lightness) color pick mode (on all "Pick Color" pages).
    + Added a neat 3D Touch feature iPhone6+/iOS9 called "Magnifying Glass" that lets one zoom into a Photo and Watermarks pair. touch the Canvas anywhere and hold and increase the pressure to display a Magnifying Glass. Also accessible via "Pick Color" page / "Eye Dropper". Zoom level (1.5-8X) can be configured via "Help (?)" / "Preferences" (the very last item).
    + Tweak: “Photo/Video Info” — Moved “Help” button “Preview (Eye) to a toolbar.
    + New insertable Text watermark meta-tags:
    %PMON1/%WMON1 - Photo/Watermarking Month, Short: Jan
    %PMON2/%WMON2 - Photo/Watermarking Month, Long: January
    %PWDAY1/%WWDAY1 - Photo/Watermarking Weekday, Short: Mon
    %PWDAY2/%WWDAY2 - Photo/Watermarking Weekday, Long: Monday
    + Fix: Photos taken within the app now have a “location” metadata.
    + Added: Photo/Video Info page: tap the map to show "View...","Copy","Cancel" popup menu, which lets user open a web browser with a close camera View of location where the photo was taken; or, Copy a location string onto clipboard (Like "Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal, Canada.")
    + Added: Photo/Video properties can be copied to Clipboard on touch, via a popup menu. (Like "File Size: 2.4 Mb")
    + Added: In Font Picker page, one can now filter fonts not only by name, but also by language. To test type in "Rus", or "Russian", or "Русский" in the "Search Fonts" text box, it will show all fonts that support Russian characters. Supported languages include: Russian (Cyrillic), Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, many Indian languages (Gujarati, Sanscrit, Hindi) and others.
    + Many more fixes and improvements to many to list here.

Raves, Reviews & Press Releases for iWatermark+



“iWatermark+ is by far the best watermarking App I’ve seen to date on iOS. Nicely integrated as an iOS photo editing extension.” and “Number 5 of the Top 100 Apps of the year.” – Terry White, Principal Worldwide Design & Photography Evangelist for Adobe Systems, Inc. 

App Store Raves

Love this app!

by Jazztique – Jul 2, 2018

I use it to watermark my Instagram photos. So many great features and varieties. I especially love the fonts.

Love this app!

by Jazztique – Jul 2, 2018

I use it to watermark my Instagram photos. So many great features and varieties. I especially love the fonts.


by ozarkshome – Jul 2, 2018

I have this app on my iPad and iPhone and I am really enjoying using it. As one of the best help files I have ever seen. And it does a really great job!

Latest update sounds epic! 

by Avielc – Jun 30, 2018

The latest update promises no ads and such. Really admire and appreciate the devs who decided on this approach. Thank you guys! Also support for everything up to 4K, the best! Thanks for that too!

The Best Watermark App 

by Equisse – Jun 18, 2018

I’ve owned and used this app for over three years. It is by far (in my opinion) the best watermark app available.

The features exceed all others out there, the number of options allow you to be more creative and the quality output is far superior.

Great App 

by Smilingtoo2 – Jun 16, 2018

Easy to use. Love convenience of having it on my iPad.

Simply put 

by Covertfreq – Jun 16, 2018

Does a great job watermarking photos I post online. I recco the upgrade if u want a hassle free app that is probably the best out there at what it does. Easy to use as well.

Love it 

by EdvbrownSr – Jun 15, 2018

Favorite things are:

-Batch processing

-embossed watermarks

-transparency controls

-placement controls

-cloning variations is a breeze

– editing and font control is a breeze

-Just too many features to mention

-everything I have tried works

Keep it going, great software!



by Tiffani I. – Jun 13, 2018

I am a travel agent that visits tons of resorts and takes photos. This is a great app to watermark my photos before posting on social media. I highly recommend it!

Love this app!! 

by Dottedi2 – Jun 9, 2018

I totally recommend this app!!

So easy to use

by RidesWithBeer 45 – Jun 6, 2018

I love this app. So quick and easy to use and be creative with it.

Easy to use! 

by LynneQi – Jun 5, 2018

This app is exactly what I wanted to sign my photos. It’s very easy to use and practically does all the work for me!

Watermark app 

by Russian Spy Charly – Jun 3, 2018

This watermark app is fantastic!  So many options to customize your signature or watermark.


by DodgyFinger – Jun 2, 2018

Does everything I needed to do simple to use once you figure it out and I love the batch processing of multiple photos at once!

Dope App 

by BLAKSMIF – May 29, 2018

I Love It‼️

Perfect everytime 

by Raphael999 – May 27, 2018

I have this app and it comes thru every-time. Ex. Today I opened the app to process several pics after one year of no activity. Behold, I was done in 2 min – batched 20 photos – uploaded to Instagram w/saved personal watermark. Awesome!


by H4TR3D79 – May 20, 2018

There isn’t a better program out there IMHO.

Great App 

by daveinseak – May 20, 2018

Intuitive, easy to use and does what it says.

Amazing app 

by DaddieslittleWoman – May 20, 2018

Love it !!

Does the job 

by paraclete2 – May 18, 2018

A comprehensive watermark app where you control the font, size, color, opacity, placement and angle. Probably some things that I’ve missed, too. Been using this app for years and have no complaints! It saves me work and aggravation.

Extremely easy and fast to work with and protects your photos!! 

by Jay photos – May 15, 2018

This is a fantastic tool to copy right all your hard work!! It’s quick and easy and provides a lot of options!!


by Alfa1952 – May 13, 2018

Great APP!

by octysky – May 12, 2018

This is a great app!

Works like a charm every time!

by LorellaGJ – May 11, 2018

Love the flexibility of this app! Never had a glitch using it. Take one watermark and change the color, size, orientation, angle, opacity to suit whatever image you need it for. Wish I could do this in Lightroom when exporting images! Thanks for a great app! Worth every penny!

Like it 

by Jrnyfaniam – Apr 27, 2018

So far i have had no issues. I’m sure it can do more then I am aware of.

Great App! 

by Aaytx – Apr 24, 2018

Been using this app for about a year, now. I’m totally loving it!

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Love this App

by MizcurlyB – Apr 24, 2018

The best app for IPhone water marking!!!

Works very well, but could be a bit more intuitive 4


by User of Watermark+ (me) – Apr 22, 2018

A ton of great options and quick working; if I used it more often it would seem a little more intuitive.


by ccis2good – Apr 17, 2018

Perfect for photography water marks!


by Kidd Fiasco – Apr 17, 2018

Best App I Ever Laid Hands On!!! PERIODDDD‼️


by IrishQT2 – Apr 15, 2018

Love it!! Does not disappoint!

Love this app

by BenjieRuth – Apr 11, 2018

iWatermark makes it easy to add my info. I choose my photos, save them and done.  It’s easy to use.


by blacklilyforever – Apr 11, 2018

Really great app! Makes business marketing so easy being able to quickly watermark from the phone. Several options to make watermarks and writing on pictures.

Very easy to work with.

by jjiuli4789 – Apr 11, 2018

Love this app . Easy to use and the watermark looks good.


by Sprout303 – Apr 9, 2018

I have two home businesses plus a personal health page and I use this app ALL of the TIME!!!  Works perfectly and I have several Logo watermarks and this keeps them all for me and I can switch back and forth so flawlessly.  I truly love being able to let it watermark as many pictures as I want all by just clicking that request.  It watermarks and saves them all for me!!  LOVE this app so much that I would actually gi… more

Just got it. Worth every penny

by Uncanny Comic Quest – Apr 8, 2018

Been searching a while for an app that allows me to use .png files in my phone to use as watermarks for video projects. Absolutely love it so far

Very Happy

by P•V=n•R•T – Apr 4, 2018

Thanks for this app … use it multiple times a day! OpusXAddict 🙏✖️❌✖️

The best app

by D&D2013 – Apr 1, 2018

…i enjoy this app, so good

NC ProModer 4


by NC ProModer – Mar 30, 2018

Pretty happy with this app.  Works as described,   Gives you a lot of flexibility to do lots of different watermarks.  My only issue so far is when I open the app up sometimes it states it has crashed and you have to re do your template.  That’s why I can’t give 5 stars.  App says maybe a memory issue but I have a new 256 gig phone that’s mostly empty ??

Very user friendly

by Pantherstjames – Mar 21, 2018

Helps make watermarking easier when on the road!

Great app 

by Gregrk24 – Mar 11, 2018

Love using this app


by Arc615 – Mar 1, 2018

Does exactly what was needed

Must have for Instagrammers

by OldJinx – Feb 27, 2018

Dailymail has stolen several of my photos and put their trademark/copyright on them. Adding my watermark on my photos has stopped the insanity. You can add watermarks to videos too now. Big bonus!

Great app!

by OnYah – Feb 26, 2018

This app makes my job of watermarking a breeze!

Great App

by PCMJr – Feb 26, 2018

Nice to have the security of a watermark when posting personal videos publically! Design yours just the way you want it and change it when you need to.

PNG watermark signatures❤️

by ScottPrentice.com – Feb 26, 2018

I was able to get high resolution png into it as a watermark signature by cut and paste.  I started in pages then cut it into iWatermark.

What an app

by Vmeneses – Feb 25, 2018

I have been using this app for a couple of months to watermark my acrylic paintings and this app does what it says it does. It is easy to work with which makes my job easier and fun.

Excellent 5 Star app!!!

by MelodeeForbes – Feb 24, 2018

Great recommendation by Tabitha from Smart Phone Marketing School!!! Highly recommend it for a professional and easy way to add your logo to video and photos!!!


by agallia – Feb 22, 2018

This iPad app has answered my wishes for a tool to add watermarks and texts to my photos quickly and easily. Simple yet comprehensive with good font, formatting, and color options. A winner!

Excellent and easy to use

by SW Photography – Feb 19, 2018

Absolutely love this app and definitely recommend it! It’s very user-friendly and the results are excellent!

Love the ease of use

by pattycakes0704 – Feb 19, 2018

Was unhappy with other apps, so I upgraded & wish I had sooner. So convenient & easy to use.

Great App

by Bronnyjoy – Feb 15, 2018

I love this app as I watermark most pictures I post for social media. Easy to use and does the job!

Great app!! Worth ever penny!!

by Mammacat1 – Feb 13, 2018

I’ve used several free apps to watermark photos and they work fine if you want to take the time to set everything up over and over for each picture. I’m glad I found out about this app in a FB group. It does several different kinds of watermarking that you can use on your photos and on your videos. Once you set up what watermarks you want it saves them so you just import your pictures or videos and they already have … more

Easy to use, great app!

by Tall man z – Feb 12, 2018

I didn’t know what to expect but this app is great. It’s easy to use with lots of options.

Tops! Truly 5 Stars!!

by Tic-of-the-Day… – Feb 10, 2018

best, most practical application for ALL my watermarking needs—and so much variety! i like to use different styles, and this app makes that so easy & funn!! thank you to the team of creators- now i post my pix on Instagram without fear that they will be downloaded and used within my getting credit and/or payment!

take your art to the NEXT LEVEL – that is Professional.

Love this app!

by Soul searcher 7 – Feb 9, 2018

This app is wonderful. Easy to use, so many available fonts, colors, and control over size, positioning and what you need to add to your watermark. One of the best I have found!


by Crazycoffeemom – Feb 5, 2018

Fantastic app!!!!! So easy to use.

Hairdressers friend

by Bhooper – Feb 2, 2018

I love this app! As a hairdresser it’s important to post photos of my work on social media. This app is easy to use, and versatile for branding all my photos!

Great watermark tool for smartphones/tablets

by skorg264 – Jan 30, 2018

I’ve been impressed with the depth of tools available for watermarking here. Sometimes it’s a bit of a learning curve but once learned it is very helpful and intuitive.

Great app – one complaint 4


by petesavage – Jan 28, 2018

The Home bar on the iPhone X interferes with the “Nudge” feature and renders it impossible to use.

Perfect for Photographers with LOTS of photos

by TechForLife – Jan 26, 2018

I love how easily I can add my logo and then BATCH watermark all of my images from a single sitting. I highly recommend this app to my art students and friends. Awesome work guys!

Great App

by Eazy duz it babie – Jan 24, 2018

Just what I needed to watermark my photos for business. Love the different fonts and colors I can use, and can save different watermarks for different pictures.

Best watermarking app!!!

by Al Harris333 – Jan 24, 2018

I’ve tried several others. But that’s been quite a few years ago. As a pro photographer I must watermark images before the hit social media. iWatermark is easy, fast, stable & powerful. It’s all I recommend.

Great app, first ever review.

by Erieee5 – Jan 21, 2018

I’m an artist, writer & this app couldn’t be easier to use. Also, I feel much safer posting my work on the internet knowing that it has been watermarked to my liking. Another great feature is that you can send your image right from the app. Thank you to the developers.


by Vhfdybchjv – Jan 20, 2018

I’m starting a woodworking business, and want to add my new logo to pictures of my work. This app was very easy to use, and I uploaded my custom PNG image easily for the watermark. I love the fact that you can tint the image and that it saves your watermark size, location, tint, and opacity on the next image.

I use this everyday!

by EPN564 – Jan 15, 2018

This app has been a lifesaver for me. I use this app daily to watermark my photos prior to posting. I have never experienced a crash or any issues. Definitely worth the $.

Absolute BEST! 💕

by Kute Kreations – Jan 13, 2018

This is the absolute best app out there! I live for it!

This is a fantastic app.

by Disappointed Listener11111 – Jan 4, 2018

iWatermark+ is a fantastic app. I downloaded my logo and now all photos I post have my copyright and company identification on them. There is complete flexibility on the size of the watermark, its opacity and the placement on the page. It is great to have some degree of protection against the theft of your photos, and iWatermark+ does this.

Indispensable tool

by nfranklin – Jan 3, 2018

I use this tool pretty much every day before I post pictures online. It’s quick and easy to use and has a lot of options. If you’re considering getting this tool, I doubt you would ever regret getting it

Wonderful and very useful tool

by Indiradancer – Jan 2, 2018

I use it to post my pictures in social media and is great. Highly recommended!

WAS a good app until… 1

Edit Response

by Flute Pixzy – Dec 31, 2017

Well, I was totally relying on this app to watermark videos of my art before uploading to the internet but since the last update it’s totally worthless. Every video is being “flattened”. I have no idea what’s going on but unless this gets fixed, I’m moving on and no longer recommending the app to my fellow artists – over 5000 in one Facebook group alone – who all need watermark apps.

Developer Response – Jul 2, 2018

Easy to use!

by Villager54 – Dec 31, 2017

Have been looking for a super easy and quick way to watermark our pics and videos for our Facebook and Instagram posts and iWatermark+ hits it out of the park! Thank you!

Watermark +

by Bkbarnard – Dec 31, 2017

I have had nothing but success with the Watermark+ app. I do large batch processing, and this app is the best I have found by far!

I like it!

by Burnsie922 – Dec 27, 2017

Perfect app.  Did exactly what I wanted.  Well worth the cost.  Thanks!

Love this app!

by Artisttype – Dec 24, 2017

Great way to watermark your photos. Easy to use, flexible interface

You Gotta Go iWaterMark Pro

by TW Smith – Dec 22, 2017

If you create content, photo and/or video iWatermark is AWESOME. Saves me time in putting a picture and transparent logo on video, with simply a couple clicks.  PLUS I found out today, that the transparent watermark I created on my iphone can be made available on my ipad pro.. For free

Watermarking ESSENTIAL When Posting

by TheWriteBoat – Dec 14, 2017

A GREAT APP for watermarking photography that I post in social media! Simple, easy to use, and effective. Don’t post without it!


by Mind bend – Dec 10, 2017

Great program, easy to use and incredibly versatile and plenty of options to get creative.  So easy to batch edit a large group of photos.  Thanks!

Works well

by Hankster123 – Dec 9, 2017

Nice program, very handy. Use it all the time with Photologo.

Love it!!!!

by Hijasonmurphyhere – Dec 9, 2017

Check out my stupidity to understand why I love it so much….you’ll see.



As a blogger /Photographer the best tool for workflow 4


by Jif photography – Dec 7, 2017

I shoot major automotive/aviation/marine events average of 200 plus images a day. My Sony A7 wireless uploads photos to IPad Air where I organize images and videos into albums and edit if needed,. Once in albums I open iwatermark build a logo for event using there add bitmap under custom. I then add mine ,setup my meta data in setup. Next step select and layout logos, select my album followed by select images one at … more

Great tool for watermarking photos

by Flash solution – Dec 5, 2017

I was looking for a way to add a copyright to my photos before posting them online and found this app. It has been very user friendly and allows for many customizations. I especially like the numerous fonts available and the ability to easily change the color, size, angle, and transparency of the watermark. This has been a great buy and I highly recommend it.

great app

by helllloooooooo – Dec 3, 2017

super easy to use and lots of editing options

This is THE ONE!

by podlister.com – Dec 1, 2017

I’ve downloaded and purchased so many apps in the hopes of finding one that would simply allow me to add a transparent PNG image to a video and I’ve finally found it!

The interface was super easy to use. Less than 5 minutes after purchasing I was able to load my video, create a watermark using a png logo I had in my camera roll, adjust the size/opacity and location, add the watermark and easily save the video back t… more

Great App

by Shootershack – Nov 30, 2017

I use this on Iphone and really like it. I use it for all our auction listings.

Great app

by Hfdf55 – Nov 28, 2017

Use this app daily for my business so I can watermark my pictures and videos!!!!

By far the best on the market

by sowho4u – Nov 26, 2017


by TayAgui – Nov 21, 2017

This app is really awesome! I made a really cool watermark and now use it on everything!

Works great

by Smiste8 – Nov 19, 2017

Easy to use any graphic as watermark, works as advertised.

Needs support for Files app 3


by mikey186 – Nov 17, 2017

I would really wish you have integration of picking a graphic from the files app.

I use this every day: Worth every penny!

by DogAndCatBlogger – Nov 17, 2017

If I didn’t put a logo on every one of my photos and videos, people would steal them. I used to have to import pictures onto my laptop, add my logo in Photoshop, and then send them back onto my phone to use for my social posts. With iWatermark+, it is a simple process that takes less than a minute and works perfectly. It’s just as easy to watermark videos. Highly recommended!

Great app!

by Copy456 – Nov 16, 2017

I love this app it works great!


by Sz918273645 – Nov 15, 2017

Very helpful ~ I like that you can watermark multiple photos at once

The best tool for a photographer

by Japame Photography – Nov 14, 2017

I’m in love with this app, as a photographer I shot everyday beautiful landscapes or portraits and I don’t want people still my photos. This app helps me to post my photos with my business name  I recommended. 😊❤️

Best watermarking app

by Inked7 – Nov 13, 2017

I have •wasted• money on 2 other alleged watermarking apps that were (& still ARE!) complete crap! THIS app,however,is gr8! Simple 2 use,many options,has not failed me even once since purchased about 2 months ago-try it,you’ll like it!

Great app for photos

by trixie2017 – Nov 13, 2017

This app is great and so easy to use.  I’m no professional photographer but I have taken some great shots that I want credit for.  This app helps with that.  And now it’s easy to make your own Christmas cards and more.  I’ve used this for 5 years and really love it.  Trixies Photos

Great app easy to use!

by AllTerrainPics – Nov 11, 2017

App works great, it’s super easy and quick to use. Works great with video and photos!

When you’re ready to buy the app that meets ALL watermarking needs- photo & video…this is the one.

by LovinItForSure – Nov 9, 2017

I’ve used the Adobe apps that work with my Adobe CC membership software. I’ve purchased other watermarking apps for iPhone & iPad. Tried free apps that were supposed to provide a simple function…enable me to add my custom PNG logo as a watermark, preferably in the bottom-right corner of videos. Adobe’s Clip app has an overly simplified way to do it, but if your videos aren’t a standard 1920 x 1080, it’s “Branding” … more

Essential for a business owner

by kristenboe – Nov 7, 2017

So easy to use, love being able to import my own branded logo and watermark, can do videos and pictures and even multiple at a time. I use this app daily and it’s a must have for any business owner who wants to make sure their content isn’t used without credit being given.


by kirnagar – Nov 5, 2017

This app is easy to use. A nice way to get your name on your photo art.

Super easy to use and fully featured

by AgentExe – Nov 5, 2017

Great little app! Does everything I need and more.

Finally, a watermark that’s easy to Use!

by Pat in east TN – Nov 4, 2017

I’ve tried several watermark apps, but this one is by far the best!  Easy to use, keeps my information.  I’m happy and have recommended it to different friends.


by Arashmx – Nov 1, 2017

the best

Resolution is low even when set to 100% 2

Edit Response

by Larry Callahan – Oct 31, 2017

Someone please correct me if I am wrong but my videos look horrible even when set at 100% resolution. Should the setting be at 100% or 0% for the best quality?

Developer Response – Jul 2, 2018

The fastest way to get tech support is send in an email to info@plumamazing.com or thru the link in the app or via our website. This area is for reviews. We don’t read reviews that are years old (usually) but i see you asked about the resolution vs quality pref setting. We recommend not changing that. It increases file size a lot and does not change the visible quality. Go back to the pref area within the app and set… more


by BRATMix – Oct 31, 2017

The only watermarker I need. Rock solid!

Love this app

by Photomomcincy – Oct 30, 2017

This app makes my life so much easier! Love that I can have different logos and it’s super easy!


by hazleyez – Oct 30, 2017

Love this app. I can set up few different ones depending on my needs.


by Howlin Alan – Oct 29, 2017

I usually don’t write reviews, but this app REALLY has made life much easier.

Love it

by Bottom Feeder – Oct 24, 2017

This is a great app for watermarking and also using your custom logo as long as it’s a PNG file it works perfect and I really love the batch export watermarking feature

Works very well

by rockrimmon – Oct 24, 2017

Very good app. Supports multiple watermarks, easy to change to whatever watermark one wishes. Selecting multiple images to watermark is easy, especially as the app follows the order of albums as set in Photos (many apps do not). Easy to move the location and size of the watermark as well. Excellent app all around.

Best watermark app out there!! 4

Edit Response

by PAPABEAR907 – Oct 23, 2017

All the other paid and free apps crash or won’t batch but this app seems to work but can only batch 5 at a time do to large files but it’s better than nothing!!

Developer Response – Nov 5, 2017

First, thanks for the great review. Second, this is not a great place for tech support. We want to eliminate the issue but we need you to email us details like, what device you use, file size, file format, example file and whether you use the 1 at a time or batch all at once approach. Please email us at info@plumamazing.com Big Thanks!


by smoothstones – Oct 23, 2017

I’ve been using their program for years and it’s easy and professional. Great app!!

Simple, terrific.

by JackPhoto – Oct 21, 2017

I didn’t expect much from a little iPhone app, but this one is great. It has improved over the last two years, so now batch processing is better, making adjustments, e.g., the degree of transparency of a watermark, are all easier and faster, and in short it just does a great job. For me, a pro photographer, it does what I critically need: put my name onto a photo I take on my iPhone before emailing it or texting it o… more

Best Watermark App

by coingroup – Oct 21, 2017

I’ve been using iWatermark for years back when they were a desktop application. They were the best then and they still are now. Simple to use and they offer MANY watermark options. I’m amazed that this app can batch watermark hundreds of photos without crashing.

This is hands down one of the best app purchases I’ve made!

Best purchase ever 😉

by MRomoR – Oct 20, 2017


Love this App

by RR photo – Oct 19, 2017

I wish I could use your fonts in Photoshop or in Windows 10 – that’s how much I love it. Thanks !! LOVE IT !!!


by pugmama3 – Oct 15, 2017

I don’t think I’ve ever left a review in apps, but this app is one of those apps like WAZE, that literally feels life changing. I’m a professional photographer and figuring out the myriad of watermark apps has been so frustrating.

Here are some key points…

1)This app does not imbed on your original pic, it makes a copy and saves in in my photos in its own album.

2) It has so many options and incredibly user friend… more


by MF morning jolt – Oct 15, 2017

User friendly ❣️❣️❣️


by Fyui_2371 – Oct 13, 2017

Using for about a year now no problem encountered I got the paid one.


by Entrepreneur Barbie – Oct 9, 2017

Easy to use-beautiful watermarks make my photos look stunning and professional!!

Best watermark app. Ever

by Bentech✌🏻 – Oct 8, 2017

I’ve downloaded many apps. But this one here stands by what suppose to do.

Just what I was looking for!

by RelRR – Oct 8, 2017

Versatile interface with lots of options and control for watermarking my photos and digital art. Works great… and highly recommended!

Crashing 1

Edit Response

by DrSqueak98 – Oct 2, 2017

I have been trying for a week to upload a new watermark but the app keeps crashing. I am beyond frustrated!!! Please fix.

Developer Response – Jul 2, 2018

The Best Watermarking App Ever!

by anilagrawal – Oct 1, 2017

I looked around quite a bit and this app is The Best. Period! You can spend your time and energy trying to find a free app or even a paid one, but you could be done with excellent watermarking experience in a fraction of that time and effort.

👉🏻 To create your image or text watermarks, it is so easy and intuitive that I couldn’t believe it when I used it the first time.

👉🏻 Once you put the watermark on your ima… more

Works for what I need it to

by Nooch2112 – Oct 1, 2017

I’ve had this app a little over a week and now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, I love it. I can add my logo to all my photos either one at a time or all at once. This app is such a time saver and a great app for business purposes.

Easy to use

by crazeemommie – Sep 27, 2017

App is easy to use and makes watermarking my posts fast and easy!!

New line button? 1

Edit Response

by bodmodkub – Sep 26, 2017

New line button no longer works in the most recent update.  Makes this unusable to me.  Fix this ASAP

Developer Response – Jul 2, 2018

Update: This was fixed long ago. If you still have an issue remember to update the app and this review. thanks.

Love it! 5

Edit Response

by Naples Florida – Sep 20, 2017

Quick, easy, love it!

Developer Response – Oct 6, 2017

Fantastic. Thanks!

Love this app!!!!

by Avid app user. – Sep 19, 2017

Gives so many different options to use, I’ve tried several others before this one, and have now deleted all of them.

Watermark is perfect for my pictures!!


by Keke Lund – Sep 17, 2017

Very easy to use, plus you can do multiple photos at one time. I’m glad I bought this app!

Easy and fast

by Humanitarian Photographer – Sep 8, 2017

Works great!

Easy to use

by Sieve28 – Sep 7, 2017

This app is easy to use and add a professional look to my posts

Perfect for my needs!

by Lixxie99 – Sep 4, 2017

I do a lot of artwork that I like to share online. This app is perfect for what I need. I can put a custom watermark on all my art and customize the metadata tags as well, then send my work to Instagram quickly and easily!

Quick and easy to use

by Bee7475 – Sep 3, 2017

I use this app to watermark my artwork photos from my phone for posting to Instagram. It was very easy to use and set up the watermarks from the beginning, and the process to watermark each individual photo is really quick. So far I haven’t run into any bugs or issues with it.

Worth the Investment

by Hildy, Brooklyn NY – Aug 31, 2017

Great app, smooth work flow, easy to use, super deal. Go for it!!!


by Shellano – Aug 31, 2017



by Jeu537 – Aug 26, 2017

Easy to use. Intuitive.


by Brooklyn2_LA – Aug 25, 2017

This app will have you cranking out designs fast. Explanations are easy to understand. Very Powerful. Love the fact that I can control my logos within a design. No headaches!


by BriManrique – Aug 23, 2017

Easy and practical, you no need to have experience this app makes your life easier and beautiful! Just love it!

Beautiful and easy!

by SmartBizChoices – Aug 10, 2017

This app allows me, as a photographer, to quickly and easily watermark my creations so I don’t have to wait to share my pictures with others. Thank you for another easy tool to add to my photography toolbelt!


by Blondiebri333becker – Aug 8, 2017

So easy to use!!


by Crewchief408 – Aug 6, 2017

Excellent App!

by Alyeska Bone – Aug 6, 2017

Just started using this yesterday and really love it. I created a watermark for my photographs and it turned out great and really fits my personality. My only complaint, (maybe I just haven’t figured out how) is that I created my mark with arced text and a bitmap image. I can’t figure out how to save it as one creation, instead I have to check mark both and use it that way. Minor objection, but otherwise a fantastic … more


by Photoface photography – Aug 6, 2017

What a great way to protect my intellectual property!  It’s creative, easy, fast and does what I want it do….no muss, no fuss!  If only people were like this….

Super Easy, love it

by CraftedCharm – Aug 5, 2017

Great app

Easy to use

by Ammacek – Jul 22, 2017

This app is very easy to use and does a great job adding a simple watermark to my photos. Glad I got this one.

Love this app 4


by Sweet Sue Rocks – Jul 21, 2017

Takes a little getting used to, still don’t know how to do some things and can’t take full advantage of app, otherwise, when I get it to do what I want, it’s great!

Love the App

by Lynn 3510 – Jul 17, 2017

This is a very easy app to use. I use it daily for my online Boutique. The best there is.

Best Watermark Ap Ever!

by Ojudtf – Jul 15, 2017

I am constantly taking pictures for my small business and this Ap has been a magnificent tool. I highly recommend it.

Best Watermark App

by BettyMae20 – Jul 8, 2017

I am a small shop owner and have to post pics of my work all the time. This is by far the BEST watermark all I’ve used to date! I should have saved my money trying the rest and went straight to this one instead! ❤️ it!!!!

Perfect app.

by Dollygal – Jul 8, 2017

Best out there

by Wolfsky – Jul 7, 2017

I use this ALL the time before uploading ANY photo to social media (copyright) as I am a semi pro photog who edits my photos from my DSLR on my iPad for clients to review. SUPER easy to use and the best of all the apps I’ve tried.

Fantastic & Easy to use

by p-dubya96 – Jul 1, 2017

I feel my photos and videos are no w protected.  This app is so easy to use and the results measure up to its value.

Waterme flowr 1

Edit Response

by freshpop – Jun 28, 2017

I put a watermark and send it to my friend. I ask him to crop the picture and the watermark logo is gone. Wasted investment

Developer Response – Sep 19, 2017

You can always return apps to Apple if you don’t like them. Please explain what you are trying to achieve and we will try and help you. Thanks.

Doesn’t save videos in album 3


by Alex dhar – Jun 28, 2017

This app and hot and cold. My biggest problem is saving videos after adding my watermark. Bar reaches 100% but the “done watermarking” pop up doesn’t show up.

Batching Photos to Put on eBay

by Kim01234 – Jun 8, 2017

Exactly what I wanted. Can do photos as a batch, but can move, resize, tilt watermark on each photo in the batch. Awesome. Good money spent!

Greatest App!

by Gilford Clicker – Jun 1, 2017

This is the easiest & greatest app for marking your photos! Love the ease of it!!


by JJRos – May 27, 2017

A-MAZING!!! Period.

Thank you!!!

Simple to use but won’t save your watermark 3

Edit Response

by Mzlilylara – May 27, 2017

It’s simple to use and saves to your pictures or straight to instagram or fb. But if you want to save the watermark you created it gives you the option and saves it BUT when you close the app and come back to reuse your saved watermark is GONE…it’s in Lala land, nowhere to be found.

Developer Response – Sep 19, 2017

That is unheard of and is a tech support question not for a review area. Contact us. info@plumamazing.com We are happy to help you figure it out if you haven’t already. Thanks!

Must have

by :)RAD:) – May 26, 2017

This app is extremely useful for on the go branding! I use it everyday. Very easy to learn

Love it

by Konchrouk – May 24, 2017

Love it!


by LeneLene06 – May 22, 2017

Love it

Great 5 star

by Pizrobabai – May 20, 2017

Great. Easy.

Jon Androwski

by Firephotoguy – May 20, 2017

I’m a volunteer FD Photographer, and love the versatility of this app. I would highly recommend this app to friends.

Easy to use

by Skye.Axon – May 20, 2017

An efficient way to watermark your photos on the go before posting…  👍

Love the new Watermark+ app

by MVTravelGirl – May 17, 2017

I was hesitant to update from the original Watermark app, but I am glad I did! I enjoy it as much as the original app 🙂

Great app

by LilBea – May 16, 2017

I love the ease of this app and how fast I can watermark several cards at one time and save them in one easy step.

The Best

by bradenmikael – May 13, 2017

This is one of, if not THE best watermarking utilities on any mobile OS I’ve ever used.  It’s fully customizable, and offers a great interface.  Nicely done!

Good app.

by MrsBigz – May 2, 2017

Easy to use.

Easy peasy

by lessbigbob – Apr 30, 2017

Really amazed at how easy to get going with this app, and the amazing amount of options! Great videos to quick start you, and smooth UI.

Awesome App

by Agentrda – Apr 30, 2017

I use it al the time

Watermark +

by Myshewa – Apr 20, 2017

I love this. I just got it today and it did crash once on me. I still love it unlit keeps crashing.

Amazing time saver

by DikeyDike – Apr 20, 2017

Awesome functionality – these guys thought of everything. Love it


by GoldenLadee911 – Apr 20, 2017

Love this app!  Simple and it does the job!

Perfect Watermark. Customized for you!

by Marilita Chee’tah! – Apr 17, 2017

No glitches so far. Exactly what I needed for my Watermark logo!!!

Love the app

by Moffetteria – Apr 16, 2017

I love this app. It’s easy to use. I Would recommend it to anyone

Love using this app

by LDJacobs – Apr 16, 2017

I like how intuitive this app is. I use it to add logos, as well as “sign” my original digital artwork. The ability to batch a group of photos is phenomenal.

Great App, easy to use!

by Photos by Deb – Apr 13, 2017

This app protects my professional work, while getting it out there for all to see.  I love the opacity level, as all photos vary in contrast, color and depth.  It is easy to move around on the photo and personalize it each time it is used. Thank you for an easy way of protecting my products from being used without my permission.

Easy to use!!

by AitchBLove – Apr 12, 2017

Very effective and easy to use!! Thumbs up!

Quick to learn and easy to use

by RNord – Apr 10, 2017

This is so easy to use! And there are so many options for designing your watermark. I wish I had started using it sooner. One of the best apps I’ve ever used. Seriously.

Watermarking Made Easy

by btietze – Apr 8, 2017

So grateful for this since the Adobe apps on my iPad doesn’t provide a way to watermark.


by Big Plumber67 – Apr 7, 2017

Awesome. Just works.

Love it

by Lovemyhulk – Apr 6, 2017

I needed something quick and easy to share photos via social media and this app is perfect and there are so many options to create beautiful watermarks! Thank you!

Love this app

by Bebop’s – Apr 5, 2017

Love this app. I take pictures of my crafts and use this when I post on social media.

So easy to use

by Mom in VA – Apr 1, 2017

Love hat you can process multiple pics at once!

Best Watermark App Out There

by Capkav – Mar 30, 2017

I had downloaded several different watermarking apps and this by far is the best one I found!  It’s easy and versatile. You will be happy you gave it a try.


by Dorsia77 – Mar 28, 2017

I’ve used this app for over three years. I love it! It definitely outdoes the other watermark apps!!

Tons of fun!

by Linz68 – Mar 26, 2017

I’m such a novice, but I’m thoroughly enjoying this app – and watermarking everything!

Love it! 4


by Pelicano05 – Mar 26, 2017

I would give it a five if the could let me add more fonts from the web or something, the it would be a must have. Still a pretty solid app for watermarking your pics.

Great app

by Player 01 – Mar 26, 2017

Love it, it’s worth every penny. The possibilities are endless.

Great app!

by Mom2lankc – Mar 22, 2017

Love this app! It’s easy to use and helps your photos look professional.

Own your photos

by Klayy 21 – Mar 18, 2017

Great app and many options to keep your photos safe.

So far so good

by autopolitica – Mar 18, 2017

I chose this app based on the 5 star reviews and so far I have to agree. I would have liked a “quick tour” feature but it’s intuitive enough to learn in a few minutes and does exactly what I need. Well done.

Watermark 4


by $27:0?w – Mar 14, 2017

Love using the app,it’s simple to use and fast

Simple. Used for years

by costaricanick – Mar 11, 2017

I’ve used this app for several years. It is easy to change/modify watermarks, move them around the photo, etc. Import photo, choose a custom watermark (easy to make) or use one that comes with the app, export. It’s that easy.

Best App I’ve Used So Far!

by AllTheWayUp Photography – Mar 10, 2017

Very easy to use!

Great app

by Josh Lanskirt – Mar 6, 2017

Amazing App!

Great tool

by Stretch waz here – Mar 2, 2017

Nice user interface and watermarking ability

Great for conferences

by ridleyrob – Feb 28, 2017

Excellent works as advertised

Use this app daily

by Gigisphotos – Feb 26, 2017

Love this app! You can watermark your photo without it changing your photo!

Very useful!

by ConnieORetro – Feb 22, 2017

I use this app to add the name of our blues jam and the website:  Wolf’s Blues Jams – www.wolfsmusicweeklycom to the pics of all the musicians who jam with us and also the pics of the great food at the venues!  I share them on facebook and this will help get the word out and hopefully bring more people to the jams!  I also have created different watermarks for each of Wolf’s bands.  Thanks so much for this wonderful … more

Great App

by ff1964 – Feb 20, 2017

Love it

by Olesya007 – Feb 19, 2017

Highly recommended. All what I need

Terren Gwynn OTR trucker

by AtariAssassin – Feb 19, 2017

Awesome in every way!!! Does exactly what it says it does, and gives you great options on customization of your watermarks. Well worth the price, and great way to protect your pictures

The Good One

by Nami 2afm – Feb 17, 2017

Finally i found an app that can add watermark on videos without any trouble ! It works great

Nice 4


by Babydoll1960 – Feb 12, 2017

Easy to use.


by Mas3ood5007 – Feb 11, 2017

👍🏾 excellent


by Bridgehaven – Feb 9, 2017

Love how quickly and easily I can watermark my work. Thank you!

Salty arm sprinkle

by SegManDGamerDude – Feb 8, 2017

It’s that good. You’ll use this app for every picture you take. Promise you that

Easy to Use With Lots of Options

by BK0706 – Feb 7, 2017

The IWatermark was an awesome app but the IWatermark+ brings in more fonts, logos, and an easy to use interface.


by Lionsun – Feb 7, 2017

Very reliable and dependable app


by M.C.OT – Feb 6, 2017

Awesome app… easy to use. Great way to personalize your pics!



by Valthestylist – Feb 6, 2017

I use this app to watermark my work & it has never disappointed me thus far!

This App is really great.

by RileyTX – Feb 4, 2017

This app does exactly what it says it does.  I have used if for a couple of years at least.  Hopefully my memory is serving me well, but I really wanted to give a 10 star rating, but there isn’t one!


by PoolShade – Feb 1, 2017

Awesome App,makes it all simple and fun to use.

This is my go to watermark app, hands down

the best !!!!

Exactly what I needed

by Penzoyal – Jan 29, 2017

It does exactly what I need. Helped me take my marketing skills to the next level through social media and other outlets. Respect the brand

Love it!

by JingerIno – Jan 28, 2017

It’s great. So many fonts, sizes … you can personalize thousands of ways. Just get it.

Works extremely good

by Yazzie40 – Jan 25, 2017

Absolutely LOVE this app’

by Ladybug75840 – Jan 22, 2017

I downloaded this app because I have to post photos of items I make on the internet. I needed an easy and inexpensive watermarking app, and this one does the trick! I highly recommend!

This app is awesome!!!

by Brandidibs – Jan 18, 2017

I love this app! As an artist this is a great app to watermark photos before I post online! Weather it’s a logo or meta data it works and it is so super easy to use!

Perfect for branding!

by MgrShine – Jan 17, 2017

I absolutely love how easy and how many options I have when protecting/branding my own photos.

Excellent app

by Dream Come True Photo – Jan 17, 2017

Very useful and convenient little app. Enables me to add watermark on a fly to any special image that I want to post, quickly adjust watermark location, position, transparency, size.  Very useful, using it constantly.

Love it

by Newf house – Jan 15, 2017

I love this app!!!!

Watermark plus

by Tina Maxey – Jan 15, 2017

I am really loving this app. I still have a lot to learn about the app. I started with the free one then upgraded to the watermark +. I still have some photos that have on them upgraded to + and the writing across the photos will go away; I haven’t figured out this part yet but I will.

Loving my app

Works great!

by Sasquatch love – Jan 12, 2017


Great App

by Bunnyswife – Jan 12, 2017

I use this at least twice a week as a moderator on an IG hub and I must say it is so easy. I really appreciate the fact that I don’t have to spend extra time getting great results. Creating new watermarks is super easy. Thanks so much for a very user friendly app.

Buena …pero mejorable 3

Edit Response

by José Limongi – Jan 9, 2017

Es una buena aplicación, fácil de utilizar por lo intuitiva. Podría mejorar en la precisión para la ubicación de las imágenes y los elementos, por ejemplo agregando alguna retícula

Developer Response – Sep 19, 2017

Eso suena más como soporte técnico que una revisión. Echa un vistazo a Nudge en el manual. Lea también acerca del posicionamiento absoluto y relativo. Póngase en contacto con nosotros y le ayudaremos y podrá hacer sugerencias directamente. Esta área es para revisiones y no está configurada para hacer soporte técnico. No permite capturas de pantalla o dar espacio suficiente para obtener detalles, etc. Simplemente enví… more

Job Tool

by ldm1343 – Jan 3, 2017

Excellent business tool. I’m love it!

Just started it but so far Great

by BDillon – Dec 30, 2016

I am still learning the app. But so far it is easy to use.

Love this app!

by SarahTx2Al – Dec 22, 2016

Works great for watermarking all my photos.

Best I’ve used

by Finescents – Dec 22, 2016

I’ve used this app before, during beta and after. It is excellent. I set up a couple different watermarks, from script to my company logo to fit different needs. I can open twenty pictures for my website and eBay, put the watermark where I want, or just leave it in the last place, and within maybe one minute it’s watermarked all photos and saved them automatically. It’s called process the batch, and it’s golden!

Th… more

Great app

by Offcgrrl – Dec 21, 2016

Easy to use & very versatile!

Favorite Watermarking app!

by SandyGCuzzart – Dec 20, 2016

Wish I could give 10 stars. Very easy to use, glad I upgraded for even more versatility, my go to app!

As easy as photoshop

by SS4Luck – Dec 19, 2016

I’ve been looking for a good watermark app for my

Phone and this coupled with background eraser has nearly abolished my need for photoshop on my laptop

Works as advertised, use often

by Ifkepdofmekdockekdovi – Dec 17, 2016

I use this app for memes when I’m away from my laptop. Great product. Easy to use. Would recommend.

Frustrated! 1

Edit Response

by Uggghhhhhh!!!! – Dec 8, 2016

Doesnt work for me. Tried to reach out to developer. No luck there. Frustrated!

Developer Response – Sep 19, 2017

Sorry to hear you had a problem back in 2016. If you still have an issue you get in touch. We respond to everyone. This is the email info@plumamazing.com Thanks!

It works!

by Glass Haunt – Dec 8, 2016

Finally an app that does what it claims. Fast, easy, intuitive.  If I could give this one 10 stars I would.

Fabulous app-worth every cent

by Leafwd – Dec 8, 2016

I’ve used this app on my photos for over a year, best money I’ve spent. Gotten consistent results, very easy, always looks great-worth every cent.

Love iWatermark+!!!!!

by DenhamC – Dec 4, 2016

Super easy to use, great for on the go business owners. Worth every cent. I’ve recommended it to everyone in my professional and personal circles!!!!  Cuts my editing time tremendously.

It’s great

by Harleyboy250 – Nov 27, 2016

I like it because I take a lot of pictures for my Instagram and I always see them on other people’s pages, I love that, but they get the credit.

Worth EVERY Penny!

by alwfineART – Nov 27, 2016

This app is invaluable for creative folks seeking to share their work in this digital world! Nothing is perfect… but this comes pretty darn close to perfection! I’m a VERY HAPPY artist/user!

Selfie Addict 😍 4


by Simplicity 808 – Nov 26, 2016

Just downloaded this addition to my original one and I’m loving it so far it has so much more features in this app you can play around with it try if you love taking pictures of anything I have other apps I used but so far I love this one much better ❤️👍🏼❤️

BEST watermark app

by -H-world – Nov 22, 2016

Great user interface and highly customizable.

Awesome app!

by Ruthie 915 – Nov 17, 2016

Very easy to use!  Great!  I just love this app!!!!!!

Love it!

by Chris Richburg – Nov 17, 2016

I really enjoy using it to watermark my photos.


by 1summergirl! – Nov 15, 2016

Excellent App

by Dirsy – Nov 15, 2016

Use all the time.  Quick, easy, efficient.

Fantastic App

by Starsjuly – Nov 11, 2016

This is one terrific app! Easy to use.


by Buea – Nov 8, 2016

Great app. Easy to use

Business Owner

by rm621 – Nov 8, 2016

Works great for me! Quickly brands my photos.

Very useful and Fast

by Userperson847 – Nov 7, 2016

Love this app- saves so much time over watermarking each one “by hand”.


by nicknamesssssssssss – Nov 7, 2016

I love the convenience of this app! Works perfectly every time.

Excellent watermarking for videos and photos!

by alpartist – Nov 6, 2016

Easy-to-use, does the job quickly and the results look very professional. Love it!


by HRomero57 – Nov 6, 2016

I love this app, but there should be a “spread” option for the shadow so that when there is a shadow on the watermark, it doesn’t just look like an outline.

Great app, I love it!!

by Onemoreuser1 – Nov 5, 2016

Easy to create a watermark and use it.

Must have. 4


by Charlestown Townies – Nov 3, 2016

This App is a must have for any serious IPhone photographer. I have been using it since day 1.

I get many good comments in finished products.


by J143charms – Nov 2, 2016

Thank goodness I found this.

Much improved

by Mr Trail Safety – Nov 2, 2016

Watermark + is a Plus

by lazyjt – Nov 1, 2016

Excellent app!  Easy to use, professional results. Look no further.


by addicted2ip2 – Oct 29, 2016

Easy to use, lots of options, simply does a great job!

Great app!

by Eviaca – Oct 26, 2016

And useful, excellent tool for personal and business use!

Like! :))

by Suejohnsonphotos.com – Oct 22, 2016


by AbztractBeauty – Oct 21, 2016

I love this app so much! You make a watermark one time and it saved it so I don’t have to write it out all over again. Font and all . 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Simply the best

by CraftySig – Oct 21, 2016

Comprehensive, yet so intuitive and simple to use. Just great!

Love This App!

by Fils-Ai – Oct 21, 2016

I find this watermark easy to use. This is the first App I have been able to replicate my logo exactly the way I had created it on my computer from my iPad and iPhone and then being able

to save it, is a great asset.


by Mom3gm2 – Oct 20, 2016

This is an awesome app.

Great Watermarking App

by Kd543 – Oct 18, 2016

I’ve been looking for a watermarking app that didn’t effect the quality of the images. So far this one is working great. Very simple and easy to use.

Awesome app!

by Serenitycircle – Oct 17, 2016

So easy to use!

Does just as promised

by andrewgoodmanwa – Oct 14, 2016

Easy to use, versatile, very effective.

Great App – easy to use

by Mbrew2 – Oct 14, 2016

Professional results (esp. If you’ve created your own photo logo). Easy to use and save or post to social media. Great to know my pieces are watermarked with embedded copy write data. Great app! I’ve tried several other apps, this one outshines all the rest!

Majestic Encounter Photos

by Majestic encounter – Oct 14, 2016

At the first I really didn’t like it, but as it goes so many times….l didn’t know what the heck I was doing.  It’s easy, it’s FUN……..GO GET IT!!

Love Watermark

by PSuenami – Oct 11, 2016

I love using Watermark on my IPhone. It’s quick and easy. I get to post quickly to my FB page once I’m done. Love it!

Great app

by Sponegebob – Oct 9, 2016

Very easy to use

Please fix and I will re-rate at 5 stars….

by EPALady – Oct 7, 2016

Thanks for the fix. Back to 5 stars!

Upgraded to IOS 10.0.1 on iPad Pro and Watermark will only sporadically give you the option to save to your camera roll. You can watermark a photo and save it to camera roll, then the next photo will not give you that option.

It worked great until this latest upgrade.

Work Great as it should be

by Wiki-LX3 – Oct 6, 2016

Work well as it should be.

Big upgrade from iwatermark original

The best in App Store

by Voice))) – Oct 5, 2016

Easy to use, friendly design, thank you for this great App.

Favorite Watermarking App

by LSUFan4Life2003 – Oct 4, 2016

This is the only app that I use to watermark my business photos. All the features offered work great!  Won’t use anything else for watermarking!

Great App!!!

by Englandskies – Oct 4, 2016

This app does exactly what I need it to do.

The Best There Is

by Bob Ruede – Oct 4, 2016


Look no further.

Love it!!

by Lanelson – Oct 2, 2016

This has been really easy to use! I’m so glad that I was told about this app!!

Great product 4


by Bluewasabe – Oct 2, 2016

This is the fastest and easiest way to watermark photos and videos.   Only thing I wish was added was multiple videos in que.

Love this app

by CCJ Designs – Oct 2, 2016

Is perfect for watermarking my jewelry, can use my own logo and color it to match what I am doing, lots of great options. Would highly recommend it

Watermark made easy

by photoman12001 – Oct 1, 2016

Since I’ve gotten my iPhone 6S Plus I’ve been using it extensively for photos and video. I can capture, edit, and upload seamlessly but I haven’t been adding a watermark as I did in Photoshop with photos from my DSLR. This application makes it easy to do and I’ve used it a lot in just a week. The controls and options are intuitive and work well. Since they fixed the random appearance of the save bottom with iOS 10 I … more


by Philly Cheesesteak Thick – Sep 30, 2016

Does what its supposed to do. Simple to use. Love it!!

Use it daily

by doinchelle – Sep 29, 2016

I am an amateur photographer and I use this app everyday. It is very easy and allowed  me to design my own cool watermarks. The only thing I would change is I wish I could access it directly from my photo roll, but it is still the best app out there .

Needs work 3


by angelgirlsmom – Sep 27, 2016

I love this app, but since the new update every time I go to save a photo I have to go into the settings and then it still doesn’t show up until I exit the photo and go back to it again. Please fix this! I need to be able to save my photos quickly.

Easy to use!

by Sunni5771 – Sep 24, 2016

Easy to use. Love the app

Works well, but crashes when changing position 4


by Askyles – Sep 22, 2016

Worth buying – Best in Category

by Fauxmantic – Sep 17, 2016

2016-09-18 Still Sublime

2015-10-01 – still way ahead and still an app I use every single day.

Note to dev- Adding the ability to sync created watermarks to your other iOS devices would merit another star.

2015-08-20 – Best in Category and dev keeps app up-to date with timely and incremental refreshing.

2015-06-28 – This app is a W.I.P. (work in progress), that being said, the dev has tended to first iWatermark … more

Doesn’t work with iOS 10 3

Edit Response

by TheOneandOnlyPhat_Pat – Sep 17, 2016

You can’t save the photos you watermark.

Developer Response – Sep 19, 2017

It saves fine. The watermarked photos go in 2 places a folder called iWatermark folder and the regular camera album. If you have a problem contact us direct info@plumamazing.com because this place is for reviews not tech support. Thanks and looking forward to speaking with you.

Charged Full Price 1


by Kristin Rosenbach – Sep 15, 2016

Worth every penny

by Mrs. Dbl R – Sep 13, 2016

This is the easiest and best watermark app I’ve tried. Not a single complaint!

Love It!

by Smichelle355 – Sep 10, 2016

Awesome app! Helps me protect my work!

Fab App

by Painterly Gypsy – Sep 9, 2016

Ultra easy, worth paying for! I love it !


by NAIS-USA – Sep 9, 2016

A+++++ for easy way to protect your work

great app 4


by F White – Sep 9, 2016

impress with ease of use and functionality.  beginning to really enjoy watermarking docs and photos

Love it!

by Lakes Area Aviation – Sep 5, 2016

Very cool, works great!!

Been a long time user of iWatermark

by quantumwowgirl – Sep 5, 2016


by Khem NY – Sep 4, 2016

Great app. It does what it says.

Great app

by pennywyse – Sep 4, 2016

It has made watermarking and posting my photos so easy.

Worth every penny; particularly for posting iPhone photos direct to social media

by Anatprof – Sep 4, 2016

We all know that sometimes one of the best shots we get of beautiful scenery is from our iPhones. Heck, sometimes it’s the ONLY shot if a digital camera is not on hand. This app allows you to put your copyright, signature, etc. on your photo in mere seconds! Then – go ahead and post your photo to social media, post to your web page, email to a friend, etc.! No worrying about copyright infringement and/or having your … more

Very useful

by Teez187 – Sep 3, 2016

I copyright all my photos with this app.

Great App, great support

by G Rabbitt.. – Aug 25, 2016

Customer support has gotten back with me within only an hour or two with any questions I’ve posed and as a result this app does exactly what I need!


by Drrunnergirl – Aug 24, 2016

Thank you for helping me brand my photos with my logo!!!!!!

I love this!

Watermarking made easy!

by MarcoSoloTravel – Aug 21, 2016

Without reading any instructions I watermarked my first photo in less than two minutes. How many apps have you downloaded that were this simple to use? Maybe Apple will use iWatermark as a template for an iTunes redesign!


by SusanF2013 – Aug 21, 2016

Watermark+ is an awesome app. I love being able to combine multiple watermarks on each photo. I had previously bought the paid Watermark app and purchased the plus app within two hours. Excellent product with excellent user manual and FAQs to help you. Thank you for the great product!

Loving it!

by LML4664 – Aug 19, 2016

I am loving the fact that I am now able to watermark some of my nature photos that I like to share with my friends on Facebook.  Although nothing is 100% safe from “thief’s” it is at least a comfort that most won’t bother if they see a watermark on them.

Batch watermark

by Lilbittygarza – Aug 17, 2016

I love the batch watermark feature. 🙂

Love it!

by GracjaHawaii – Aug 12, 2016

I love this application. I use it for my business. Thursday is of using it and it’s already paid off in increased number of customers.  Easy to use and gets professional results.

Great for watermarking my artwork!

by Artzy52 – Aug 5, 2016

So easy to use and customize my very own watermark!

This is great!

by rknb – Aug 5, 2016

I am an amateur photographer hoping to advertise and to protect what I’m working towards. I have been very concerned about theft of my work after having seen work stolen from others.

While this has only a bit of a learning curve I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Take the time to go through the tutorials and you’ll be in business in no time. I was fearful that I would regret the purchase – – no chance!! Just do it!

It does what it advertises,

by Agil605 – Jul 31, 2016

Great app!  helps watermark all my photo.  Just do it!

This is great

by Superstylia – Jul 28, 2016

Wonderful for making your work your own! Totally customizable. Love it!

Excellent app!

by Kimberly_Lynn – Jul 21, 2016

I love this app. Very easy to use. I’ve been putting my signature in all of my photos!

Love it!

by disqobulous – Jul 20, 2016

Makes watermarking your photos a breeze and I use it quite often.

Great app

by RBFDNY – Jul 19, 2016

The best your money can buy!!! Love it!!

Does exactly what I need

by Creative Professional – Jul 17, 2016

Quick and simple way to watermark my photos with my personal logo.

water mark 4


by niau 2555 – Jul 15, 2016

easy to use,  nice

Excellent app

by OliverHoffmann – Jul 15, 2016

I love this app. Absolutely amazing

Hubba Hubba . . 👍🏼

by qmiller09 – Jul 14, 2016

Super cool app using it a lot nice work fellas

Many options and EZ 2 use

by Nu Image AG – Jul 10, 2016

Took little while to learn all of the options this app has to offer. Once I understood ALL of the great capabilities, love it!

Photographer’s Watermark Workhorse.

by Salserin – Jul 9, 2016

While on the move, there is very little time to edit Watermarks in post-processing software. There is no one fits all options, and I need reliable, simple, and yet heavy duty mobile apps to fill in the gaps on workflow, and move forward efficiently. iWatermark+ is my go to for identifying my work and adding layers of copyright protection.

Good for crafters

by Mrs. Bibs – Jul 8, 2016

I make my own cards, gift boxes and more and I find this app so useful when taking photos of my work for my website, Facebook etc

The Very Best

by CharChars Daddy – Jul 6, 2016

I’ve tried them all and always come home to this one. It’s user friendly. Has every option that you could possibly need. Worth ten times what I paid.  Salute to Plum Amazing Software

Love this!

by monamax12 – Jul 4, 2016

Once I learned how to use it, it’s great! I like being able to load a batch of photos and watermark the whole batch, or do them individually. Love it!

Ohhhhh Yes!

by Geekn_4_ipod – Jul 4, 2016

Finally. An all-inclusive app. I love it. It does so much, that I need to spend some time discovering nuggets. I just watermarked a video. Whoa mama!  Thank you!

IWatermark+ 4


by orangutan2011 – Jul 3, 2016

One of the best tools for watermarks your pictures and photo

Nifty app!

by Mishkin-Fishkin – Jun 25, 2016

I use this every day. It’s just great. ‘Nuff said!

Flash back 1


by Appuser2099 – Jun 24, 2016

Worth It

by Anthony104064326 – Jun 24, 2016

If I spend 5 bucks on an app that says a lot lol. I have a small business and being able to watermark my product photos and videos on my phone is a huge timesaver. This app offers endless options from uploading your own .png to pretty much designing one from scratch. It’s a little messy in terms of the interface but once you figure it out you’ll be fine. They do let you organize parts of it so you can prioritize ever… more

Easy to use

by Marygoldjustice – Jun 22, 2016

This is a great app with so much flexibility!

Great App

by Chloe5474 – Jun 15, 2016

I love this app. I’ve downloaded so many other apps & by far this one outshines the rest!

Great App!

by GjSluv2run – Jun 13, 2016

This app is very user friendly.

So easy to use!!

by Georgie02 – Jun 10, 2016

It does exactly what it says it does. Also you can save and file different watermarks. So easy, love it!!


by pDOYLEolson – Jun 8, 2016

Love this watermark. Once you make one and batch perform it is so fast and dependable.  My favorite watermark app!  Using it for three years. Never lets me down!


by Captain Mego – Jun 7, 2016

This app is great! Does exactly what it should, easy to use and more versatile that I thought it would be. 5 stars!

Easy and quick

by skittle0407 – Jun 6, 2016

Excellent Product

by Vibrate-Her.com – Jun 5, 2016

It’s so simple to watermark my photos on my phone and text them to clients that want them text, without the file being so large. The features are wonderful as well as the customization for each individual photo if you prefer that detailed customization. If you want to keep it simple, it’s still a wonderful product!


by This guy’s review 01/03/12 – Jun 2, 2016

Awesome app…use it to hashtag my pics!

Love This App 4


by igloo.gfgb – Jun 1, 2016

Use this app daily. Reliability, versatility, and utility are off the charts on iWatermark+. I do wish the app creators would allow for personal upload of customized .svg files. Then hey’d get my 5 stars. In any event, I highly recommend iWatermark+! Buy it today!


by Janetta86 – May 31, 2016

Even a newbie can do it!!

Wonderful App

by Lgukhfjygv – May 30, 2016

This App gives such a professional look to both photos & videos. I am well pleased.

Excellent app

by holliprince – May 29, 2016

Comes in handy

Great app at least answer the feedback 4


by Abu Majed1424 – May 28, 2016

At least answer the feedback.

Every thing is great, but I can’t get it right with stegomark I did what the instructions tell me but I can’t detect it.please add 10 seconds video of how it is done thanks


by Apple Man Tyler – May 27, 2016

Love using this app is to add my logo to my photos for my business!

Awesome & easy to use!

by ContraryMrsMary – May 27, 2016

I sell LuLaRoe and this app makes it easy for me to watermark mobile so no one steals my pics! (Or at least so I get credit when they do!) Tons of options & I love that I could import my logo. Worth the price and it does batches too!

Great and Simple

by real hippybabe – May 25, 2016

Being able to add a variety of watermarks to my photos has helped keep my blog content exclusive. I can’t recommend this program enough to my blogger friends and family.

Awesome App!

by Eee-yip8 – May 25, 2016

You can watermark many of your art at the same time. This app offers many different ways to add your watermark, put the copy right symbol, and signature on your art. You can add many different copyright symbols on your art at the same time. You are able to move your symbols around to fit your preference.

Making your mark

by GSP’er – May 24, 2016

This is a quick method for securing your copyright to your images before uploading them to the net.  You saw, you made it, you own it.  iWatermark is a simple step in protecting your creations.

Awesome App

by Jamesandyori – May 22, 2016

This app does what it says it does!   I’m very happy!

Awesome app…

by kzb24 – May 22, 2016

Great app for watermarking your photos! Super easy to use and works great for all types of photos & videos.

Idk what the other reviews are talking about 1


by AFan2334 – May 14, 2016

The app crashes, I couldn’t even batch watermark two photos!


by DaddY T. – May 11, 2016

Working great so far!

iWatermark+ IS swEet Like HoneY

by URBANOS News – May 11, 2016

WoW, this iS whAt we haVe neeDed this to add that eXtra Peofessional toUch on mY PhotogrAphy aNd Art Designs! iWatermark+ iS convenient, intuitive, efficient–WoW. All iOs arTisians musT acQuire and uSe iWatermark+.

A great tool, easy to use, professional. A+++++

by NAIS-USA – May 9, 2016

A great tool, easy to use, professional. A+++++

Great App

by KJewell21108 – May 9, 2016

Love this app. Fairly easy to use. I also use it very often for my photos.

Simple and effective

by Run80439 – May 8, 2016

This app met my needs for a simple and effective way to watermark my photos.  I have found it very intuitive and easy to use. Highly recommended.

Just started using…

by SnapsArmstrong – May 6, 2016

Easy to figure out and results are great so far!

Found what I was looking for

by atc-airman – May 6, 2016

As an amateur photographer, I wanted to watermark my best photos to distribute. I also wanted a way to make my photos unique and this this app allows me to do just that. In a very short time I was working its magic on my photos. I highly recommend buying the bundle.

I watermark

by ZippyT76 – May 5, 2016

Love this app. 💕💕

wish I could use this same app on my iMac and my Mac Air😔

Love this!

by ES512 – May 5, 2016

This is a fantastic app for watermarking my photos of my work!  Best ever!!!

Super easy

by daneneelise – May 1, 2016

I searched through a few apps before deciding on this one. I found it to be super easy and I love that I can upload my own custom logo and use that as a watermark on the art photos I upload to Facebook and Instagram.

Awesome !!

by Smthrn – May 1, 2016

Great for Pros and beginners alike! Great interface and well designed app. Well worth the money! Best App for Watermarking bar none.

Great for my uses

by dj IMPROVIZE – Apr 30, 2016

I’m not too well versed on this app but it works for my very simple use (signature on my photography)…

Great app!

by Pic see – Apr 29, 2016

Watermark is fantastic. Quick and easy to use.

Smart purchase

by FIREHORSE 3 – Apr 28, 2016

Love this app ! Makes watermarking /protecting your pics easy !

Simply Awesome! But . . .

by Jamesandyori – Apr 28, 2016

This app is awesome and very easy to use!  I’m watermarking all my pics with ease!

The only thing to complain about is the constant almost daily reminder to rate and write a review!  Ugh, I am not a person to rate or review so I’m doing this just to get the pop up to stop.

But it is a great app!

Get this

by cantuCCFD – Apr 27, 2016

Everything you want in a watermarking app is here: use your signature, change color, change placement, add multiple watermarks… Just get this app and never worry about downloading another watermarking app again.

Excellent 4


by Tntarens – Apr 26, 2016

I did not give 5 stars since it did take me a bit to get use to. I still don’t know that I have it all figured out. I would like to use my own signature on photos but haven’t figured that out yet. Thank you for providing an app so I can mark my photos before posting them on social media.

So glad I tried it.

by Dgerber79 – Apr 25, 2016

Does everything I wanted.  Very intuitive and user friendly.  Love that I can use this from my iPad.


by PPABP – Apr 23, 2016

Lovin it!

Recommend 4


by TPM420 – Apr 22, 2016


Perfect 4


by D1d1tOnEm – Apr 17, 2016

Just wish the batch watermarking was a little faster. I don’t need to watch it switch to each photo as it watermarks. And I wish batch video was available.

Love this app

by Mamma dub – Apr 17, 2016

I use this watermark tool almost on a daily basis. So easy to use and customize my watermark for whatever image I am creating.


by PharmerSan – Apr 15, 2016

Does what I need it to do

by absmit – Apr 13, 2016

It puts a watermark on the picture I select and saves all my watermark info so I don’t have to customize the watermark each time. It saves the watermark location too.

like it

by Jp-noy – Apr 12, 2016

like it

Suitable for a first timer or seasoned Pro

by Mikeathoni – Apr 11, 2016

What ever you are wanting in a watermark is available from metadata to screen fill of the mark/marks.  I love this app and can’t think of something I would want it to do that it doesn’t already.  You can store and save multiple watermarks, you can mark multiple photos at the same time.


by Rogue Mama – Apr 10, 2016

Easy to use. Exactly what you need to watermark your photos. Amazing amount of settings!

Best watermarking app

by Cassyathena – Apr 7, 2016

I’m a professional photographer and there are many times I need to quickly use my custom watermark on the go – I have tried every watermarking app available (free and paid) and this is by far the best interface and most user friendly. I would highly suggest for anyone

iWatermark is easy to use! Protect your photo images.

by pentaxshooter89 – Apr 5, 2016

iWatermark is easy to use! Protect your photo images. Very intuitive & comes with lots of user documentation!


by S2gold – Apr 5, 2016

Highly recommended!


by Alberto s – Apr 3, 2016


Very Satified

by Velocity Pb – Apr 2, 2016

I’ve tried a few watermark apps and this one is definitely worth the money. It works with pics and video and even Instavid. Which is a collage app with pics and vids.


by Lp5472 – Apr 2, 2016

Great App! It’s easy to use and an essential tool for photographers!

New year

by Zolanytes – Apr 1, 2016

I’ve been using this less than a week but love love love it. Rather than downloading everything to Lightroom in order to use a watermark I can apply watermark from iPhone simply easily and quickly. I have not encountered any problems.

Totally great

by bfreed – Mar 31, 2016

A must have for photographers!

Ideal for professional photographers!

by spacegirl_23 – Mar 30, 2016

Amazing App!! 🙌🏼😉👏🏼

by Naturelover_27 – Mar 30, 2016

I have been using this app for over a year and I absolutely LOVE it!! I take nature photography and it is important for me to have my watermark on them when I post. This app makes it so simple and efficient, I simply love it. I recommended to anyone.

📢 Absolutely Amazing App 🏆

by BJ The Truth – Mar 28, 2016


by Drw911 – Mar 27, 2016

This is a great way to quickly watermark photos!

Outstanding product

by 000000000008hjjjgri – Mar 26, 2016

Works great!

My #1 Choice

by Stephjanet – Mar 24, 2016

I have used/tried several options and I keep going back to this one!

Love it

by LaPinner77 – Mar 23, 2016

So easy to use. Great for just about everything 👍🏼👍🏼

Love this app!!!

by Naturallyhappy2 – Mar 21, 2016

Easy to use & easy to customize!! 😊

Easy & Useful

by XtalMac – Mar 19, 2016

Worth the $5 upgrade for +. I have two watermarks saved & they are super easy to put on my pictures.

It does what it says..$5 all together however

by Islandbearphotography.com – Mar 19, 2016

I use this quite frequently for my photos and videos to watermark. It is kind of overwhelming to use at first but once you start messing around with it and actually using it it’s very easy. There are a lot of different settings you can configure. I put it on all my Instagram photos! my user name is islandbearphotography if you want to see it!

Great powerful little App 4


by GameBoyNX – Mar 18, 2016

Does the job quickly with flexibility and ability to customize before posting images to social media sites.

Easy to use

by Happy IGrammer – Mar 16, 2016

exactly what I needed

by Highcsop – Mar 16, 2016

It’s perfect for watermarking all my pictures and videos.

Creating the watermarks were easy enough.


by harryxashton – Mar 16, 2016

I’ve been looking for a good app to use to watermark my concert videos so other accounts don’t try to steal them and post as their own and so far I’m very satisfied with this app and how it allows me to choose between a variety of different fonts and placements of the watermark. Also love how this app doesn’t put their own watermark on the video as well👌🏻 Great app, DEFINITELY worth the money!

User friendly.

by idObs – Mar 15, 2016

Great app for water marking!

Lots of features.

It can even do your own handwriting imprint.

Googolplex A+

Easy to use

by SaJackie – Mar 13, 2016

Very easy to use. Now I just need to remember to use it!

Great app!

by RosemaryG. – Mar 12, 2016

Easy to use- very intuitive!  Recommend it!

Great watermark app

by Kymbola – Mar 10, 2016

If dont have a watermark app yet you need to get this one it is one of the best ones to have easy to work with I love it. You can just mark a whole group of your pictures all at one time or one at a time doesn’t matter even if you just add a frame you can just put your name on it for the fun of it

Definitely worth it!

by equinamity – Mar 10, 2016

Easy and artistic way to sign my photos

It’s simply the BEST!

by lorenafrith – Mar 10, 2016

EVERYTHING WORKS. It’s simply amazing.

Now I am happy camper! Batch Edit is fixed and can choose from my Favorite folder!!! (This folder still starts at the beginning though and the Instagram crop is so inflexible… Hence the -1 star) Now with full frame in Instagram, this is not needed anymore. It is a big start! Thank you so much for the improvements and stability!!! It is one of my MUST HAVE APPS!

========… more

Very resourceful

by ModelKefe – Mar 10, 2016

Takes care of all my watermarking needs for pics, flyers and marketing content!

Perfect for what I needed 4


by Craftyplaydate – Mar 10, 2016

I am sure there are many bells and whistles to this app, and probably many that would be helpful to me, but I haven’t spent the time playing with the extras…  For the basic watermarking that I need, it is perfect.  I have recommended it to all of my crafting team!


by Mandymonsterr – Mar 10, 2016

Love, love this app.

Has a bug 1


by Spurtie – Mar 9, 2016

This app has a bug and is not working

Best Watermarking App

by Ingoday – Mar 8, 2016

Like most people I share a lot of photos. I wanted a watermarking app that was fast, easy and offered customization. This is exactly it. I use it everyday and can’t think of a thing I’d change.

pretty good app 4


by Mtnmbrlj – Mar 8, 2016

Took a while to figure this app out, but I like it. easy to use now.

Fantastic App

by Mooflower – Mar 8, 2016

Best watermark app I’ve found. Don’t bloat your phone with others. This is all you need.

Best Watermarking App

by SavannahLime – Mar 7, 2016


by Bahramnooravar – Mar 6, 2016



by Wangton 23 – Mar 5, 2016

This is a perfect application for business. Watermarking my photos has giving my team the ability to distribute with our logo all our photos on the web.

Just perfect!!!


by Eva 2003 – Mar 3, 2016

Love this app!


by Ohhnoomrbill – Mar 3, 2016

So easy to use! Pay for the upgrade it’s worth every penny.

Can’t upload your own logo/watermark 1


by Saini123 – Mar 3, 2016

This app is only good to add text, you can’t add your own file to brand your logo.

Email support also wasn’t any help, thanks julian

The most essential app

by Potter School of Photography – Mar 3, 2016

iWatermark is the most essential app for photographers using the Internet today I tell all my students. Thank you Plum Amazing for developing and the continued updates.

Watermarking made EASY!

by KillTimeMum – Mar 3, 2016

This is one of my fave apps! It’s clean, detailed, convenient and easy!

Soooo easy!

by SkeezixNH – Mar 2, 2016

I don’t like to take time to figure things out, preferring to just be spontaneous in sharing photos, etc. But sometimes I hate letting go of a great shot without taking credit for it.  This app makes it so easy!  Love it!

Upgrade is worth it

by jSon707 – Feb 29, 2016

An absolute buy!

by IanSeine – Feb 27, 2016

The best app out there for the cost – video marks, multiple photo work, colors, fonts and easy customization for logos to signatures. An awesome app to protect your photos!! An absolute buy!

Terrific app

by rchap508 – Feb 27, 2016

I use this all the time to add a watermark to my pictures, it’s very easy to use once it’s set up to your specifications.

All I Need!

by Black Belt 6844 – Feb 14, 2016

Flexible, powerful, yet simple. I can watermark photos and videos using my custom logo. Love it!!


by Big Stu Films – Feb 14, 2016

I use this app to protect my work while I’m mobile working from my iPad Pro.  Highly recommend it for the mobile photographer who works on the road


by iCORE FITNESS – Feb 13, 2016

Exactly what we needed to create amazing pieces @icore_fitness Instagram

Exactly what I need

by Pstar12244568 – Feb 4, 2016

It does exactly what I need it to do.


by ReddKm – Feb 1, 2016

Great app for marking photos

Great app

by Myers30034 – Jan 31, 2016

Thx been waiting on this!!

It took me a while…

by hughfwolfe – Jan 31, 2016

Do yourself a favor and don’t procrastinate like I did.

Great App

by Sue8988 – Jan 30, 2016

Great App

by PicTakingMama – Jan 30, 2016

I share lots of photos with family and friends and it is always nice to be able to recognize my  work when I see others posting it. This app lets me do this.


by Vivthe1anonly – Jan 25, 2016

Loving it!!

Nice product

by Delutri – Jan 23, 2016

Easy to use


by Peter Sakaniwa – Jan 23, 2016

This is the best watermarking app for my iPhone I’ve ever used!! Don’t waste time with any other apps. GET THIS ONE!!

Love this app!

by Levianarome – Jan 22, 2016

Very easy to use & works great

Great app!

by Mashnost – Jan 20, 2016

Love the preview feature

I love it!

by BudgetGirliegirl – Jan 18, 2016

I really is simple to use but also looks professional

Great Watermark App

by Kteacher1221 – Jan 10, 2016

This is the best Watermark app out there! I highly recommend it!

Great app!

by Mr. Lucas Brice – Jan 10, 2016

This is one of the few apps that I can say has gotten better over time. All the features you need to watermark a photo.


by NpiredAntiquity – Jan 6, 2016

I just got this app today & it is SO easy to use.  Took me less that 30 mins to figure it out.  Very intuitive!  My only regret is that I didn’t find it sooner!

Super App

by PEGRET O – Jan 5, 2016

Super App, Robust, Easy to navigate, Intuitive. Had it downloaded and running easily on 10 minutes.

LOVE IT!!!!!!

by BahaQueen – Jan 4, 2016



by Nickzilla97 – Dec 22, 2015

I Love the fact that when I watermark my photos it doesn’t effect the quality!

Well worth the money

by rimjournal – Dec 14, 2015

I’ve used the free app, but the paid app is much better. Can easily modify your watermarks, add QR codes, embed metadata into the photo, load directly to Instagram, Facebook and so much more. Buy it! (Read the short manual to get full value.)

Has everything that I need 4


by walkiria1947 – Dec 9, 2015

Especially the creation and saving of watermarks on different formats. Lovely App, too expensive, though. The better an App the more people buy it, so the less it should cost. I still have some features to explore….

Awesome and Easy

by Mrs. Triner – Dec 8, 2015

Love this app! Super easy to watermark all your photos!

I Use it all the time. Love it.

by Sofee99 – Dec 5, 2015

Worth it

Simplify protecting your photos! 4


by Sujiop – Nov 18, 2015

This app makes a watermark quick, stylish and so easy. What used to take several steps in Photoshop now takes seconds. Creating a new stamp takes about 20 seconds and applying it to a photo and saving it takes less time than it does to navigate to your photo in the first place. It’s fully adjustable as to size, opacity and location on your photo. Very user friendly.

Using it for business

by PSuenami – Nov 17, 2015

It’s been fun and productive to use IWatermark on my photos of my quilts that I need to protect.


by Candimart – Nov 15, 2015

So far a pretty straightforward app that is user friendly! A different app I installed on my laptop had me so frustrated! This one is great!

Best watermarking tool ever

by Busteruterus – Nov 11, 2015

I have used other watermarking tools. This one is the easiest and best.

Love it

by JohnsonViki – Nov 3, 2015

Easy to use


by Faith abut – Nov 2, 2015

Great app.. Once I got the hang of it!  I use it in all my pics now!

Lovely app!

by Dr. THT – Nov 1, 2015

I was searching all over the AppStore for something like this but i couldnt find any. So i decided to download many different apps and still dont get what i want! I love this app because u dont wast ur time and u do  what ever u want in less and short time.

Thank u again!

Love it!

by Valdonjud – Oct 31, 2015

Great resource for a small social networking business. Easy to use.

It just works.

by RoyboyProds – Oct 28, 2015

What I love about the app is that it just works. It remembers my last watermark and preloads it so it’s quick and easy to use. After having tons of my images stolen and spread around the internet I decided that if I could add at least a small watermark these instances could be turned into advertising for my website. This app makes it dead simple to do.


by Kiko and Scruffi – Oct 27, 2015

Very easy to use and customize the watermarks to each photo.

The best Watermark app

by AliciaToral – Oct 20, 2015

If you need to copyright your photos and videos- this is the app you want to choose.

Very easy to use and offers many different selections of font and designs to choose from.

Buy this app you won’t be disappointed.

Excellent App 4


by Artist’s mom – Oct 20, 2015

Very easy to figure out and use.  The only improvement I would like to see is the ability to import photos from Dropbox or iCloud.  The only flaw I found lay in the copyright symbols; they tend to get stuck in a spot, and I can’t always figure out how to reposition them; what worked one time doesn’t always work the next time.  Maybe it’s just me, though, and I’ll figure it out as I become more familiar with the app.

Just keeps getting better

by Kalea1215 – Oct 17, 2015

I’ve been using watermark for about a year. Watermark+ is SO easy to use and I love this app. Well worth the couple of dollars. I cant fathom  trying to do a watermark in Photoshop or similar. For an iPhone shot or even my Nikon photos, this app is perfect!

Love it!

by eyelikeart – Oct 17, 2015

Love this app, especially it’s ease of use with Instagram’s new non-square feature.

Oct. 11, 2015

by Luckyginger17 – Oct 11, 2015

Love love love this app!!!

Great App

by Silliegirrl – Oct 4, 2015

Luv this app!!

Love it!

by Kits1018 – Oct 3, 2015

I’ve been using it now for my website kitskorner for quite a while and it’s so easy to load up my images and batch process them without having to go through individually. There is plenty of options for customizing the watermark or label you want on your image and it’s super easy to use, change, and tweak!

Always works and I use it often!

by Trixiebelle1997 – Oct 3, 2015

I use this app for all my photos that I post on social media. It’s never buggy and always works. It’s very flexible and editing watermarks is easy.

Great app, well worth the money

by RosieO813 – Oct 2, 2015

This is a great app and well worth the money! There is a very short learning curve, and it is easy to learn and easier to use. This is a great time saver, too! Highly recommended.

Great App! Very intuitive and easy to work with!

by Neophyte-too – Sep 29, 2015

This app is very easy to work with! Definitely recommend it.

My goto watermark app

by BenRobi.Photog – Sep 28, 2015

This is my goto watermark app. It’s highly customizable and works like a charm every time.

Love it

by Docbar803 – Sep 27, 2015

I love this app. The only thing I’m having a hard time with is making my signature watermark and that is more my fault than the app’s.

Interior Desiger

by Vintage Market – Sep 27, 2015

So simple to use and able to create really nice watermarks for posting photos on social media and my website.

Great app

by Alisprite – Sep 24, 2015

I’m enjoying using this app very much. It’s easy once you have your image figured out.


by mshaaheen – Sep 22, 2015

good app

LOVE this app

by Sueellenqb – Sep 20, 2015

I wanted to design watermarks with graphics and this was the trick!  Thanks

Simple & Versatile

by Emma K C – Sep 20, 2015

This app is super simple and quite versatile. Excellent for watermarking files on mobile devices. Click, watermark, share.


by topphotog – Sep 20, 2015

Simple, quick and versatile way to wsyermark your photos!

Crashes every time I save 1


by Myshell2626 – Sep 19, 2015

I purchased this app years ago. After a recent update each time I save a photo the app crashes of hangs.I deleted it and reinstalled but still will not work properly. Very disappointed to have wasted money on an app that doesn’t work.

Love this app

by Jessie aka Pooh – Sep 18, 2015

I love this app!

Great App

by XV08 – Sep 18, 2015

Very Pleased!

by Neej – Sep 17, 2015

This app is really quick and easy to use. Does everything I need.

A great way to protect your pictures!

by ReenyAP – Sep 15, 2015

A super easy way to protect pictures from being stolen or used improperly.

Great App

by irishgirl56 – Sep 14, 2015

Use this every time I take new

Photos! Love it!

Awesome App

by Littlou – Aug 31, 2015

This is everything it says it is and so much more! It’s easy to use and works great!

Great app!

by Rogue_Two – Aug 31, 2015

Easy to use. No hassle. I use it quite a bit for my personal work.

Amazing app!

by AggieNYC2013 – Aug 30, 2015

If I only could, I would give this top notch app a million stars! Outstanding quality; ridiculously easy to use.


by QueenBavalos – Aug 30, 2015

An app that allows true watermarking in all different forms. No longer have to go to the computer to mark my work before posting .. Genius!

Missing signature 4

Edit Response

by Pitwin – Aug 29, 2015

I love this app. However, only 4 stars because for $3.99 you should be able to “sign” and not scan your signature.

Developer Response – Sep 19, 2017

Actually, you can sign your signature. Have a look it the user interface for signature or email us for help. Thanks.

I use it all the time

by Leslie Anneliese – Aug 26, 2015

It’s great to have this on my iPad. I used to have to get to my computer to put my URL on photos.

I like that it stores previously used watermarks, it’s easy and quick to use them again.

Definitely recommend.

Awesome App

by Tennisbum113 – Aug 26, 2015

I started my own jewelry shop on Etsy in January and a friend told me about this app!  I love it!  You have so many options that reflects YOU and your business!!  Makes such a professional look!

Big Love

by 77slade – Aug 23, 2015

Good app

by PROD.ANiMAL – Aug 22, 2015

Does what it says. If you take the time to make a good creation on your watermarks it can make your photos very unique and appealing. One thing I would add is a quick save shortcut rather than having to hunt it down.


by William Hatton – Aug 19, 2015


Simple & Amazing

by HECZAR – Aug 18, 2015

So easy to use to watermark my companies pics & videos!


by bmacmagic – Aug 17, 2015

Even an old man can do this. So many options that are so simple, even a Democrat can do it, just saying.😎


by Drev73 – Aug 17, 2015

I have been searching for an app that would allow me to watermark my pics. I am beyond technically challenged,,,, and I can operate this app with ease. Great work guys!!

Great app!

by hthrhayes – Aug 15, 2015

By far the most functional and to the point watermarking app out there! Once your watermarks are set up, it’s very simple to add them on the go. Very customizable and easy to personalize to suit your needs.

Great watermarking app!

by Anonymous 2108 – Aug 14, 2015

I’ve used this app frequently and have been very pleased with each use. Very intuitive, easy to use and works well consistently.

Finally a watermark app that works!

by Angie51266 – Aug 14, 2015

I have been searching for an app like this! I can upload my own logo and use it as a watermark! Perfection! I highly recommend this! Totally worth the $4!! Every business needs this.

Great app!

by pjcor – Aug 14, 2015

A huge improvement on Watermark (which I liked a lot) You can now easily edit a saved watermark while you are applying it and there  a lot more options for changing it. This is a really useful app and super easy to use.


by Lindylooks – Aug 14, 2015

I’m still learning, but it is super so far

iwatermark+ 1


by AaSHebaa22 – Aug 14, 2015

Just paid $3.99 and when I try to save it to my files, it doesn’t save. It locks up. It won’t allow to send to anything except for iMessage and Twitter. What is the going on?! I paid $3.99 and give this app a 1 star rating until this glitch or bug is fixed. Don’t purchase unless it says they have fixed the saving issue!!!!!

Not a Good Update 2

Edit Response

by Stryker Five Seven – Aug 13, 2015

The update (today) is not a good one.  Scrolling is jerky and rough.  Most thubnail watermark pictures are in black and white, only a few in color.  Overall this app works, but it’s jerky, rough and hard on the eyes.  Please fix these issues and I’ll update my review.

Developer Response – Sep 19, 2017

Amazing App

by JDizzle0103 – Jul 28, 2015

The best best watermarking app ever. Been using it for a couple of months now and just love it.


by Stampinbythesea – Jul 27, 2015

Love how I can watermark photos (especially my own graphics) quickly and easily right from my phone! ❤️


by Brisingr1026 – Jul 26, 2015

I’ve tried other watermarking apps but this is by far the best every other app I’ve used charged extra for fonts and stickers and other various features… This app with a one time fee has everything I need +250 fonts, stickers, and the ability to upload my own custom images for watermarking.. This is the only app I’ll ever use

Works great!

by Rev. Heng Sure – Jul 24, 2015


Love it. 4


by jo.sh – Jul 24, 2015

Works great! Lots of options. Very flexible

Best of them all

by Not Greg Komporlis – Jul 18, 2015

Perfect watermark app for all media. Download with confidence


by fmccamant – Jul 18, 2015

I have tried some other photo watermarking apps, both iOS & Mac, and iWatermark is the only one that does all that I need. I like the simple interface and the fact that I can create and save multiple watermarks that I can then pick and choose which ones to use.


by Mrs. Vicki – Jul 16, 2015

I love this app!  So easy to use to watermark my photos!  Fun too!

What’s My Name?

by MR OUI – Jul 13, 2015

This app let’s everyone know. It just keeps improving.


by 49er madness – Jul 9, 2015

This app is so easy and quick to use. Perfect before posting to ensure ownership

Useful and easy

by FLparker – Jul 8, 2015

I’m a beginner, but it is easy for me to use. I can see a lot left to learn as I want to expand the uses for this app.

I don’t write reviews

by iRideBetty – Jul 8, 2015

I don’t think I’ve ever written a review for an app but this one deserves all 5 stars. A friend recommended this app and it definitely delivered. Very happy! No complaints.

Very useful app!

by Dogzrawk – Jul 7, 2015

Watermarking photos with our logo is a huge boost to us. As a non-profit with limited time, the speed and ease of this app is a big reason I love it.


by 2mak – Jul 7, 2015

It’s great. It works. It watermarks your images in a variety of ways.

Great ap for designers

by adv2k169 – Jul 7, 2015

It’s easy to use , full of features , and doesn’t take up much space . It’s great to add my logo to pictures or make memes and is very quick .

Love, love, love it!

by DesignerDeb – Jul 7, 2015

Amazing, awesome product. Easy to use. Works perfectly. The ability to batch is great.

I love this app

by Helokittylovr – Jul 6, 2015

I really love this app it does everything I wanted to and so much more very easy to use I highly recommend it.

Functional and Easy to Use

by jimdev – Jul 5, 2015

Does what it promises and is easy to figure out and navigate.

Great tool for photographers!

by Magnolia32680 – Jul 4, 2015

Easy and enjoyable to use.

All my support!

by Drawtheline – Jul 2, 2015

Exactly what I was looking for

by Slynch_l – Jul 2, 2015

Easy to use. Worth every penny

Worth every penny and them some!

by Jdmglass – Jul 2, 2015

Outstanding app!


by Sewn Threads and Things – Jul 1, 2015

No issues as of yet and I it frequently to watermark photos.  Love that I can use my own image to watermark.

Love it!

by Exentric Babe – Jun 30, 2015

One of my favorite apps ever. I use it almost everyday for my biz!

Now even better! 4


by Laughin’hard – Jun 29, 2015


by Spicy Gin – Jun 29, 2015

Easy to use with lots of watermark options. I love that you can import images and graphics to create watermarks. Worth the cost.

My favorite way to watermark

by alislaytor – Jun 29, 2015

Love love love this app! Best watermarking app I have found!


by Mynenni – Jun 28, 2015

I love that I can make my own watermark, can save it, and change it as I need. Very easy to create and use! And, you can save more than one watermark so you can choose what is most suitable for the occasion. The best part? Batch processing. That is so helpful!

Yes, last update there was a glitch that limited the batch process, but a simple email to the developer and I got immediate feedback and a fix until the next u… more

A few things broke with latest release 2

Edit Response

by gwickes – Jun 26, 2015

1. Camera roll opens to beginning of time vs. last photo taken – yuk. Too much scrolling to get to most recent photos

2. Selecting images doesn’t work consistently. Most times won’t select the image I want.

Stopped using until next update repairs what used to work and has been broken with recent update.

Developer Response – Sep 19, 2017

Let others know who you are

by Phaseyf – Jun 26, 2015

Best app for watermarking your photos!

Love this APP

by Lady Selene – Jun 24, 2015

I have been using this APP for Years, it’s all I need. I love it, very easy to use. Thank you

Love! But… 4


by themotleyturtle – Jun 23, 2015

I love this app & use it quite often. However, since the most recent update I am unable to select a batch/series of photos. Tapped 14 and it only imported 3. The rest I had to do individually; one at a time. Otherwise I love it to copyright photos with my logo.

So far so good.

by LAcargirl – Jun 22, 2015

Just upgraded so I can watermark videos and have more fonts and text options to choose from. Very easy to use.

Great app for on-the-go photographers 4


by RandomAg – Jun 22, 2015

Clients always want instant gratification, so this app allows me to give it to them. During or immediately after photo shoots, I quickly pull and process a photo from my Canon 70D to my iPad, and then I’m able to throw a watermark on there and text the photo to the client or post it on social media. The only thing that would make it better is if you could set up a standard copyright setting for metadata that would be… more

Pretty cool

by KPA – Jun 22, 2015

So far I’m pretty satisfied with this app. It was recommended to me to watermark photos that I would like to enter into contests. You have to play around with the type you like but it offers a big range (as far as I know) of watermarks. I wonder if it can do documents?

Best Watermarking App

by Siwehbebjsij – Jun 22, 2015

It’s great 4


by Alyssia S – Jun 20, 2015

I love using the app but I don’t like how it won’t let me watermark from my camera roll. Some days it will , most days it won’t. But other than that, it’s awesome to use so no one steal my awesome tie dye work ✌🏾️😊.

Invaluable tool!

by LWTrumpet – Jun 17, 2015

Love this app. It’s great for watermarking my art!

Great App

by Brendanjame626 – Jun 16, 2015

Love the new way it works!

Languages 2


by الأهم منهم – Jun 15, 2015

Why the application does not support the Arabic language, and are you thinking of in this thing, and if you think about how long this thing will be supported on the application? And when they will be supporting the Arab lines and other lines such as font awesome. Thanks 😃

Works well… 4


by iJillB – Jun 14, 2015

A great tool for personalized work 4


by fragbe – Jun 13, 2015

I really love it. It helps personalize my work and projects. especially the video logo feature is a life saver.

Truly Plum Amazing!

by プライム07 – Jun 13, 2015

iW+ does “exactly” what it says it does and more! I’ve been jumping through loops (and apps) trying to get what I get done on iW+. Kudos to the developers!

Keep those updates coming.

Love it

by J-Hy Jet$on – Jun 11, 2015

I just said I love it sheesh


by xelaRn71 – Jun 10, 2015

This is the only watermarking app you will need. Super easy interface. Lots of different fonts & designs available. You can make as much different watermarks as you want. You can even do batch watermarking! This is soooooo awesome!

You have to remember, this is a watermarking app – not a photo or video editor. Edit your photos or videos the way you like them first, then use this app to watermark them.

Just what I wanted!

by Jâck Skelingtôn – Jun 10, 2015

This app does everything I hoped it would. I’m very happy with it!

This app is everything I need as a mobile marketing professional

by iamnotarapper – Jun 9, 2015



by franklin.pro – Jun 9, 2015



by Lola’s Beer Garden – Jun 9, 2015

100% recomendable, muy fácil de utilizar.

Love this app

by DigitalPR – Jun 8, 2015

I do graphic art and photography keeps people from stealing my art!!! Enough said!

Easy to use! 4


by The French Pearl – Jun 7, 2015

Well priced – I purchased an app bundle. I’m using them on an iPhone 6. I really like how easy it is to create specific text watermarks and the invisible watermarks. The app, however, does not allow me to export to other apps – when I tap the option, it doesn’t open the next app. Also, being able to import font types and input RGB numbers for specific colors would be nice.

Exactly the basics you’ll need for everything

by Phoenix Burning – Jun 5, 2015

This app is wonderful for watermarking or just putting your personal stamp and claiming your pictures and videos. So easy to use. Create your own design from the fonts available in app or scan your own signature. It adds a little professional flair to your projects. Great for video bloggers and forum photos! Wonderful customer support as well.

Best app

by LadyPJB – Jun 3, 2015

Love it, easy yo use!

Half works… 2

Edit Response

by Gattman#1 – Jun 3, 2015

Well, this is a shame but I can only give it 2 stars as only half the app seems to work. The options are great (and there are many of them), it’s pretty easy and intuitive to use, but…

It works perfectly (as far as I can tell) for photos. When exporting watermarked videos, it exports them in a horizontally mirrored format. No idea why. This isn’t an option. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, no change. I ha e trie… more

Developer Response – Sep 19, 2017

Developers can now respond to reviews. We couldn’t in 2015. Did you solve this problem? If not please contact us info@plumamazing.com. Thanks!

Elliott Jackson

by Elliott Jackson – Jun 2, 2015

Well worth the investment, the more I use the app and learn more about it the more I like it

Definitely well worth purchasing

I recommend it highly

Love this app!

by NMI IPhone User – Jun 1, 2015

This app saves so much time. I love the fonts and designs! I’m still learning how to use the other features but I love it!! I’m thankful to the developers for adding new features as well!! Great app!

Like it

by danielsen57 – Jun 1, 2015

Really fun..


by Dipman72 – Jun 1, 2015

The use of this app is very user friendly and I recommend this app for watermarking everything. CHEERS

Worth the money for a small business

by thomasonperformance – May 31, 2015

Works just the way they advertise. As a small business trying to protect our intellectual property online, this will be a great resource for us.


by Garen.SH – May 26, 2015

Amazing app, the one that I was looking for long time

Great app

by alexandria616 – May 21, 2015

Best of its kind that I have tried!

Great App but Extension availability is misleading. 4


by appwielder – May 20, 2015

First, this app is awesome! Unfortunately, I bought it thinking the extension functioned in conjunction  with  a variety of other apps. For some reason the developers are only allowing the extension to work from Photos and even then, you have to shrink the photos down for it to work (even on my 128GB 6+). Developers, if you can make the extension accessible on the share sheet from other apps (photogene, snapseed, etc… more

App Crashes when trying to load Photo from Album 1


by AtariV – May 6, 2015

Exactly what the subject says. Every time I try to load an image from my photo album, the app crashes. I’m disappointed because this didn’t happen before the update, I paid for this app and this is affecting my job.

Solid overall, but spendy

by @_FRANKENSTEIN_ – May 5, 2015

I use this app multiple times a day, so for me it’s worth the money. For someone who doesn’t plan on heavily using the app, it may be too expensive for what you get

What happened???? 1


by TruVitality – May 4, 2015

This app worked really well before. Now my logo imports as a blank white square!!!! This is really bad. Please update so you can accept cut out logos again. Real bummer, now I have to use computer to add logo to all my photos.

Easy and Quick!!!

by SweetPea_3383 – May 2, 2015

My favorite way to watermark my photos! It’s so easy and quick!

Like them all!

by SweetSueRocks – Apr 30, 2015

I liked the first one, just started fooling around with this one. Could use some creative ideas on using app to best advantage.

I use it daily

by SibylWhite – Apr 29, 2015

Working within iPhoto means serious ease of use with iWatermark+. It’s easy and user friendly. A couple of times, it’s bumped up against serious use of memory and hangs up, like with a panoramic image. Overall, it’s my most used app.

Not working anymore 1


by The Credit Lady – Apr 28, 2015


by Iamafirefighter – Apr 27, 2015

Exactly what I needed


by JNL1368 – Apr 23, 2015

Easy to use it.

Simple and efficient

by jenbooh – Apr 22, 2015

Easy to use, surprisingly sophisticated. It’s particularly helpful to be able to adjust the opacity.

Worth the money

by Mr Ounce – Apr 20, 2015


by PierresMom – Apr 10, 2015

What more can I say? I absolutely love this app.

Works Great

by Subbiepops – Apr 8, 2015

Watermark customization, easy to use interface. Great app.

Best watermarking app out there

by lovinit79 – Apr 6, 2015

Best watermarking app out there, perfect for adding logos, signatures or copyright to photos. Easy to use, resize logos and save settings for multiple logos or watermarks.

Love this app!

by Emilyjeanom – Apr 5, 2015

I started with the regular iWatermark free app and loved it. But I needed more options, so glad I upgraded to the iwatermark+ app. It is well worth the extra money. I use it everyday!  So easy to use and my photos now look great!

What an awesome app.

by donperreault – Apr 4, 2015

I love this app!

by SeaSarah – Apr 3, 2015

I watermark+ allows me to use my signature as a watermark on my photos and also include encrypted metadata – it’s perfect for my use.

crucial v2.0 upgrade!

by tiki2006 – Apr 2, 2015

Super upgrade! It fixed all the issues I was having, and for this I am grateful.

Awesome App!

by LookSeeMe – Apr 2, 2015

Use it all the time.

One of the brain

by Shaarkie_too – Mar 23, 2015

One of the best apps available for photographers!  The only hung missing is a “Open In…” feature.

Totally worth it

by PhotoBabe1 – Feb 27, 2015

Must’ve tried 10 apps nothing came close to the features in this one. It gets my stamp of approval.

What? It doesn’t work 1


by GahMoro – Feb 25, 2015

I only bought it for the video functionality and it simply doesn’t work. Videos comes out cropped and without half of its sound. I want a refund!! Please

Great App

by Alrust – Feb 15, 2015

Lots of choices, easy to use. I use it regularly

Easy to use. 3

Edit Response

by Jamaica Blue – Feb 4, 2015

Several choices for watermarks, which you edit.

None really something I would use this way in Photoshop where I usually add my watermarks, but once you have a few you like – they drop in easy enough. This saves you the trouble of going to a desktop to Photoshop.

The watermarks aren’t as crisp when enlarged to cover more of the image.

Developer Response – Sep 19, 2017

If you expand a graphic watermark then it won’t be crisp because it is a bitmap. It means you need to use a higher resolution bitmap graphic. 2000×2000 is kind of the minimum these days.

awesome app, excellent devs

by kleerkoat – Jan 31, 2015

I grade apps on two criteria, functionality and how responsive a dev is to support inquiries.

The functionality o… more

Incredible App!

by GregHorn27 – Jan 26, 2015

I was blown away at how easy it was to use iWatermark+. It. Just. Works. The design is brilliant and intuitive, which makes it fit nicely into the Apple suite of highly intuitive products and services. Highly recommended!


by Drago Petrovich – Jan 14, 2015

Well-designed and useful program.


by ChucksWearer – Jan 13, 2015

Thank you so much for adding the ability to watermark videos!  This truly is the ONLY watermarking app you’ll need.  100 stars to you if I could!

So useful

by Meneley – Jan 12, 2015

CRASH !!!! 1


by Riddick305 – Dec 26, 2014

Whenever i try to scan a signature it keep crashing, can you PLEASE FIX!!!??

Disappointment and wasted money 1


by DivergOwner – Dec 21, 2014

I loved the free iWatermark app so I bought the new one so that I could make

More elaborate ones for my business photos. I was only able to make ONE logo watermark and nothing else!  IT KEEPS CRASHING!  Fix it or give me my money back!

iWatermark+ works for Artists!

by Clara Berta – Dec 16, 2014

I am an artist.  I wish to spend my time on creating art not tech! iWatermark+ is a tool that helps me brand my work on social media efficiently, easily and beautifully.

I highly recommend this app for artists and other professionals to protect their work!

Crasher 1


by PhotojournalistMW – Dec 16, 2014

Keeps crashing every time I try to make a new text!

Waste of money!

Very bad! 3

Edit Response

by Vively – Dec 10, 2014

I tryed to batch only 2 pictures, didn’t work.

The sized letters changed a lot again.

Now I’m trying for 4 times to watermark just one of the 2 and it is not done, it looks like it is ready and done, when I check it on camera row it is not.

Sorry to say, but has being desgusting to work with the new app.

If it will be possible I will work with the old one, but I can’t also, because it doesn’t open completely in th… more

Developer Response – Sep 19, 2017

Expected More 3

Edit Response

by Trmalee – Nov 23, 2014

Also my BIGGEST disappointment was that the overall text quality did not imp… more

Developer Response – Sep 19, 2017

I hate it! 1


by Kathy_53 – Nov 20, 2014

Loved the old one,  it doesn’t work for me anymore.  Bought this one…hate it. Not easy to use at all.

Unpredictable results 2

Edit Response

by Funkymcfunk – Nov 17, 2014

Normally a fan of the app, after setting a handful of text watermark presets, they no longer work. Attempted several work arounds with no luck.

Developer Response – Sep 19, 2017

Way beyond expectations!

by Photophile-me – Nov 14, 2014

Truly Amazing

by thanks2014 – Nov 14, 2014

All I can say is THANK YOU! So easy. And it makes so much sense in today’s time…


by shoalsgirl – Nov 13, 2014

It does exactly what it promises. Glitch-free. Thank you!

Press Releases

iWatermark+ Help

For Machine Translation of Manual into 80 Languages


2/28/19 For iPhone 6 and iPad Air users there is a problem launching the app. For everyone else the latest app works fine.

For users with those devices there is now a beta app that works it is actually the version from a month ago. If you have an iPhone 6 or iPad Air you can join the beta here.

Everyone else, those not using the iPhone 6 and iPad Air, should continue with version 5.0.6 the current release version.

We will have a new version with a fix for that issue available in the near future. Thanks for your patience.

The latest iClock for Mac is now available from plumamazing.com or iWatermark Pro for Mac or Win direct from our site. This link will give you 20% off in your cart for any app on our plumamazing.com site.


The new Instagram iOS app is out. Update the app then you can watermark photos in iWatermark+ and share directly to Instagram. Very convenient and a good way to accelerate your secure use of social media. Subtle watermarks are best. Remember to add #iWatermark to your post.

We want you to know that we REALLY appreciate the 5 star reviews, there are almost 960 now. Thank You! Unlike a lot of apps we are constantly updating iWatermark+. Remember we love hearing your suggestions.

If you like the continuing improvements and want it to continue, please submit an App store review and/or let your friends (especially photographers) know about the app. A simple mention by you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Pinterest, website, etc. might help someone decide to download it which helps us to keep improving it for you. Big Thanks!

NEWS On the list of the 100 best apps of the year iWatermark+ is Number 4. Here’s a great overview/tutorial iWatermark+ Tutorial by Linda Sherman. More reviews on Pinetrest.

We want to help all you creative people get your work seen. Follow iWatermark (@Twitter, @Facebook, @Instagram, @Pinterest, etc.) and tag your best artworks #iWatermark to be featured!

Problem? Email us. A 1 star review on iTunes when you can’t find a setting does nothing for you or for us. Contact us and we can ask you questions and fix it or explain what you need to do. We love hearing from you so Email (details and screenshots help) if you have a question or problem that’s not covered by this manual. Thanks.

Click here for the log of changes in iOS version.

Or here for the log of changes in the Android version.

Videos Tutorials

Here is a playlist of tutorial videos to give you a leg up on iWatermark+. This player will play a series of videos which you can stop at anytime. Individual videos are also found in their section below. Touch the top left of the player to see a list of tutorials. They include narration, if you can’t hear the tutorial make sure your volume is up and the silent mode switch is on.


Thanks for downloading iWatermark+ the newest and most advanced member of the iWatermark family. iWatermark is the most popular multi-platform tool available on Mac & Windows as iWatermark Pro. 30% off for owners of iWatermark+. iPhone/iPad & Android (as both iWatermark and iWatermark+) . iWatermark lets you add your personal or business watermarks to any photo or video. Once added this watermark displays your creation and ownership of this photograph or artwork.

What is iWatermark? iWatermark is software that allows a new kind of watermarking. It uses a variety of visible & invisible digital watermarks to connect the photo with it’s creator.
Who is iWatermark for? Every person who takes photos & videos. We’ve been told it is essential for photojournalists, pro photographers, and people who use Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites.
Why is it essential? Because it allows photographers to promote their photos to the max while preventing losing control and connection as the photos author. Now when a photo is shared the author/photographer can continue to be known and credited.

iWatermark is Unique in Many Ways:

✓ Available on all 4 platforms iOS, Mac, Windows and Android.
✓ It is both a regular app and an photo editing extension that can watermark directly within Apple’s Photos and other apps.
✓ Use one or multiple watermarks simultaneously on a photo or photos.
✓ Watermark videos with any of the 7 visible and 1 invisible = 8 total watermark types.
✓ Watermark photos with any of the 9 visible and 2 invisible = 11 total watermark types.
✓ Watermark 1 or multiple photos in a batch.
✓ Live interactive adjusting of effects like tint, shadow, font, size, opacity, rotation, etc.
✓ Live preview of watermark(s) on a photo before processing.
✓ 242 custom and 50 Apple fonts = 292 great fonts built in and ready to use for text watermarks.
✓ Over 5000 professional vector graphics especially for phototographers.
✓ Save all created watermarks to turn on/off, reuse, export and share.
✓ 11 kinds of watermarks. 6 watermarks are unique & exclusive to iWatermark (see below).
✓ iW•Cloud the only cloud backup of all your watermarks. Use them on Mac, Win, Android and iOS.

We consider everything you do to customize a photo, to make it your own, a watermark. In the past watermarks were invented and used to ID items like stamps, currency, banknotes, passports and other official documents. Nowadays, in the same way, digital watermarks infuse your identity and style into your photos and videos. The photographer Ansel Adams had a distinctive style that marks his photos, just as the unique painting style of Monetmarks his paintings. Ansel Adams used black and white, clarity, contrast, huge, unpopulated, and majestic landscapes as his signature even though he also signed his work. Like the great photographers and artists you can style your work so that it is not only beautiful and recognizable but also helps protect your creations. This is why we see each of the items below even metadata, stegomark, resize and filters as watermarks because they can imbue a photo with your particular style.

The iWatermark+ 11 Unique Types of Watermarks

TypeIconVisibilityApply onDescription
Any text including metadata with settings to change font, size, color, rotation, etc.
Text ArcVisiblePhoto&
Text on a curved path.
Bitmap GraphicVisiblePhoto&
A graphic is usually a transparent .png file like your logo, brand, copyright symbol, etc. To import.
Vector Graphic (Coming for Android)VisiblePhoto&
Use over 5000 built-in vector (SVG’s) to display perfect graphics at any size.
Border Graphic (Coming on Android)VisiblePhoto&
A vector border that can be stretched around an image and customized using a variety of settings.
QR CodeVisiblePhoto&
A kind of barcode with information like email or url in it’s coding.
Sign, import or scan your signature into a watermark to sign your creations.
Adding information (like your email or url) to the IPTC or XMP part of the photo file.
StegoMark is our proprietary steganographic method of embedding information like your email or url into the picture data itself.
Resize (Coming for Android)VisiblePhotoChange the size of a photo. Particularly useful for Instagram
Custom Filters (Coming for Android)VisiblePhotoMany filters that can be used to stylize a photos look.

Below is a video that explains this further.

Why iWatermark?

Photos from cameras are anonymous. When you take a photo and share it, your friends share it, then their friends, then total strangers. Each time it has less and less and eventually no connection to you. To the rest of the world your photo is ‘creator unknown’. Many a great photo has gone viral (become wildly popular) that lacked any clue to the owner’s identity. That means, without any way for others to give acknowledgment, thanks or payment to the owner. The solution to this problem is iWatermark, whose purpose is to infuse your photos with your identity in a variety of ways, visible and invisible. The technologies in iWatermark and the 11 watermark tools help you to sign, personalize, stylize, secure and protect your photos.

iWatermark on the surface may seem somewhat similar to graphic apps like PhotoShop but iWatermark takes a significantly different angle. iWatermark is designed to process one or many photos with a variety of watermarking tools, all constructed for a unique purpose, to suffuse each of your photos with your identity as a photographer.

– Digitally sign your photos/artwork with iWatermark to claim, secure and maintain your intellectual property and reputation.
– Build your company brand, by having your company logo on all your images.
– Avoid the surprise of seeing your photos and/or artwork elsewhere on the web or in an ad.
– Avoid the conflicts and headaches with plagiarists who claim they didn’t know that you created it.
– Avoid the costly litigation that can be involved in these cases of misuse of ip.
– Avoid intellectual property squabbles.

Using iWatermark and one or more of the 11 different watermarks types can help protect photos and get photographers the credit they deserve.

Important Points

There are two apps on iOS and Android:

iWatermark+ Free

Many people try the free one first to try out the app and features. It has an icon with Free on a green banner. It has no ads and lets you use all features but also adds our watermark to every photo that says, ‘Created with iWatermark+ Free’. You are welcome to continue using it or upgrade to the paid app which does not have our additional watermark.


This paid version supports the evolution of iWatermark+. Every time someone buys a copy it supports more programming to improve the app which benefits everyone. Yay! The paid app does not add our watermark on your photo only yours. After getting the paid version remember to delete the free version as you no longer need it.

The apps share preferences so any watermarks you created in iWatermark+ Free will be available in iWatermark+ when you purchase it.

There are many other versions for Mac, Win and Android you can find on our site.

IMPORTANT: iWatermark+ only watermarks a copy of your photos. It never changes the original photo. For safety do not delete your original photos and always remember to back them up.

iWatermark+ comes with 2 libraries of additional graphics.
5000 SVG (renders perfectly at all sizes) graphics of all kinds of objects and symbols and
50 bitmap graphics (can be pixelated on high res photos) signatures of famous people, logos, etc.

iWatermark+ makes it incredibly easy to create watermarks and soon you’ll want to create your own. Save your watermarks for instant reuse to cover a variety of needs and types of photos.

iWatermark is not just an app but also an ‘Extension‘ which can be used within the iOS Photos app as well as other apps. This means you can now quickly have access to the watermarking abilities not just in iWartermark+ but also within other apps, this can be very useful.

As an extension used within Apple’s Photo app, iWatermark watermarks but the saving is handled by the Apple Photos app. The Photos app saves all changes to a photo in that photo, so the watermark and other changes are saved as layers. If you want to remove it you hit Edit again and hit Revert to go back to the original photo.

How to Watermark (Quick Start)


1. Select media (photo, photos or video).
2. Then select (highlight or checkmark) a watermark or watermarks. Or, optionally, create a new one by importing or from the 11 watermark types, hit ‘Done’
3. Save or share your watermarked photo to the Camera Album (this puts it in the Camera Album and also the iWatermark+ Album), Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinetrest, Buffer, or Evernote, etc.


At the bottom of the main screen is this navigation bar.

Select Media | Info | Watermarks | Settings | Sharing | Help

The icons in order:

Select Media – Options: Select photo, ‘Select Photos’, ‘Select Video’, ‘Paste a Photo’ or ‘Import Files’
– In ‘Select Photos’ to select multiple images: tap and image then go to the last photo and double tap to select all the photos from the first single tapped to the double-tapped one. ‘Select Photo’s and ‘Select Video’ come from the camera album. ‘Paste a Photo’ comes from what you copied previously. ‘Import Files’ opens the Apple ‘Files’ App to allow choosing from cloud services like iCloud, DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

Info – View photo info, metadata and StegoMark in a photo.

Watermarks – Select, create, delete and organize watermarks. Above the badge 2 indicates the number of watermarks selected for use.

Settings – Change watermark settings for last selected watermark.

Share – Via email, save to, Facebook, Flickr, etc. A badge here means the number of photos ready to share.

Help/About – Leads to this manual, app info and preferences for this app.

Quick Start

Open iWatermark+. This what we call the Canvas Page. Where you create and preview your art work.

1. First, touch the ‘Select Media‘ icon at bottom left of the above screenshot to select a photo, photos, video or [sta_anchor id=”selectmedia”]import file (from cloud service)[/sta_anchor].

2. Touch the ‘Watermarks’ icon at the bottom of the above Canvas Page (above) to see list of watermarks on what we call the Watermarks Page (below). You can also select ‘Create Watermark’ here but we go into that elsewhere in the manual.

3. Next tap on the left side of the watermark ‘Copyright’ (above). At a tap the watermark goes from grey/inactive to blue/active/highlighted/ with a blue checkmark in front to indicate the watermark is now in use. Touch the ‘Done’ button to return to the main screen (below) and now you will see that Copyright watermark on the Canvas Page.

4. Adjust it by touch and gestures (above). Or go to the settings via double click to the watermark or touching the settings icon (above).

IMPORTANT: The example above uses 1 watermark but iWatermark+ allows not just 1 but selecting 2, 3, 4… or more watermarks simultaneously.

5. On the main screen click the share button in the nav bar to share your first watermarked photo. Yay! You just watermarked your first photo, simple. But wait! There’s more…

Gestures Available on the Canvas Page

– Touch the watermark and drag to move. When you drag close to a corner it will snap to that corner.
– Use pinch and/or zoom to change the size of the watermark.
– To rotate the watermark put thumb and forefinger on the watermark and twist.
– Double touch a watermark to go direct to the settings for that watermark.
– Magnify a small square area of the canvas with touch and press (also called 3d touch).

Gestures Available on the Watermarks Page

– Single tap on a watermark or watermarks to select/deselect.
– Tap and hold a watermark to select it, deselecting all others (except for “locked” ones), and reveal it on the Canvas Page.
– Double-tap a watermark to select just it simultaneously deselecting all others (but not the “locked” ones.)
– Triple-tap a watermark to “lock”/“unlock” it: “Locked” watermarks don’t get deselected, ever. To deselect one, triple-tap on it first to remove its “locked” state.
– “Lock/Unlock” buttons appear when left-swiping a watermark (in addition to “Duplicate” and “Delete” buttons).
– Right-swipe a watermark to enter its Settings panel.
– “Deselect All Watermarks”/“Reselect Watermarks Back” — a quick way to deselect all watermarks. And to select them back in one touch. These actions are listed on the very top of the Watermarks Page, and also on the toolbar.

Gestures Available on the Photo Selection Page

– In ‘Select Photos’ to select multiple images: tap and image then go to the last photo and double tap to select all the photos from the first single tapped to the double-tapped one.

Duplicate, delete or lock a watermark

Q: How do I duplicate a watermark?
A: There are two ways:
1) Changing the name of any watermark will duplicate it. To test put a 2 after the name, hit done, you now have a new watermark exactly like the old one.
2) On the Watermarks page slide a watermark left to reveal lock, duplicate and delete buttons.
Lock – locks the watermark on all the time. Selecting it again does not turn it off. This is for watermarks you want on all the time and don’t want to turn off by accident.
Duplicate – takes a watermark you like and clones it. You can then use as a starting point for a new watermark.
Delete – deletes that watermark entirely. No getting it back.

Notice that landscape orientation (below) removes status (carrier, time, battery) at top, providing more room.

The quick video below shows how it’s done.

Types of Watermarks

iWatermark has 11 major types of watermarks, text, arc text, bitmap, vector, border, signature, QR, metadata, StegoMark, resize and custom filter. We’ll start with the Text Watermark.


Text watermarks are easy to create. Text is sharp at any size and depends on the available fonts. iWatermark+ gives access to 292 beautiful fonts.

Create Text Watermark!

To start, on the main page, touch the left most icon and select a photo as a background to help create and view your watermark. After you create a watermark then you can use it to watermark photos.

1. Touch the Text… item on this page of all the watermark types.

2. This will lead to the Text Watermark page. Here fill in a name and the text.

3. The settings are grayed out till you hit ‘Done’ just once. That will make the settings below active and then you can adjust scale, opacity, etc. If you hit ‘Done’ twice you will go back to the main screen where you can select the settings icon for that watermark to return.

Adjust the settings like in this video.

Adjust settings via realtime preview.

IMPORTANT: All in the settings are interactive as shown in the video above. That means when you slide the size slider the view switches to the photo so you can drag back and forth to see and choose the exact size you want. Touch slide and hold down moving back and forth till you see the effect you want then let go. This is to allow you to set the size, opacity, etc and immediately see the results of your adjustment on the photo.

The settings in the screenshot above are described below.

Name: Type a name for the watermark.

Text: Type your text content. To have multi-line text hit the ‘New Line’ button seen below at the top right of the keyboard. A new setting called ‘Alignment’ appears. Choose from Natural, Left, Center and Right and it will be aligned like that when viewed on a photo on the main screen. To delete all the text click on the x icon to the right of the text field. Insert Tag is important click here to learn more.

Font: Select one of the many fonts available in iWatermark. Text and the font are displayed in the actual font face, wysiwig (what you see is what you get). Preview the font on your photo by touch and holding down on the little eye Eye@2x copy.png at bottom left. Fonts & colors you use all the time can be favorited for quick access. Click on a font you like hit the heart to turn the icon solid blue and it switches to a new sheet and adds the font there. Tap the heart anytime to see your favorites.
TIP: Use the search field at the top to search by name (easier then scrolling thru 300 fonts) or for font types like “mono” or ‘”script” and font language types like “Indian”, “Russian”, “Japanese”, “Korean”, “Thai” and “Arabic”.
TIP: Touch and hold on the eye icon, at bottom left, to preview the font on your photo as you adjust any setting.

Size – touch and drag the slider back and forth to get just the right size. Pinch and zoom of the watermark on the photo can also be used when you are actually on the main page.
TIP: Typing a size into the field next to the slider can give a size from 0 to 150% . Whereas the slider only allows dragging between 0 to 100%. If using Absolute Positioning (read here) the font size changes to pixels 6-255 pixels. It’s also possible to type in decimals like 75.5 for exact sizes.

Angle – drag the slider to rotate the watermark. Or type in the field a whole (e.g. 14) or decimal (e.g. 14.5) number into the field. It is also possible to rotate a watermark from the main page. Put 2 fingers on the watermark and twist to rotate.

Opacity – set the opacity/transparency of the watermark. Transparent left and opaque right.

Color – set the color of a watermark easily by tapping a color.
Settigns – Tap edit at top right or the settings icon at the bottom to edit a color. RGB or HSL values as 0..255 integers, or as 00..FF hexadecimals. (below).
Favorites – At the bottom tap the heart icon to go to the favorites page. Tap a cell to assign that color to that cell.
Eye Dropper – Tap his icon to go to the Canvas Page and use the center of the magnifying glass to select a color on your photo. This is a great way to get a color for your watermark to have it blend in subtly on your photo.

Here is a video of some of those details.

Effect – None – allows choosing a text color
Engrave and Emboss – effects with optional transparency. Both make for an excellent and subtle watermarks.

If transparency is off best results are achieved when text color is white or light colored. When text is dark or black, very little if any difference is seen between engrave, emboss and none.

Shadow – set the color and opacity of the shadow of the watermark.

Text Effect – Off, Engrave or Emboss effects. Only available for Text and Arc Text watermarks. Best results are achieved when text color is white or light colored. When text is dark or black, very little if any difference is seen when fx is on or off.

Backdrop – select the color and opacity for the square background just around the watermark.

Position – If you are a beginning user touch and drag a watermark to change it’s location is more then adequate in most cases but the Position or Tiling setting allow more precision.

Position of a watermark can be set in 2 ways:
1. By dragging on the Canvas Page.
2. By touching via the highlighted text opposite the word ‘Position’. (Left-Bottom, Right-Top, etc. text. See screenshot below) or double touching the pin icon.
3. For even more control over watermark location tap on Nudge at the bottom.

Then on the Canvas Page you will see this:

which you can then use to nudge the watermark around in small increments.

When you move a watermark to a position you are pinning it there. A Pinned watermark is referenced to left, center or right and top, center and bottom. In the screenshot below the watermark is at ‘Left’ and ‘Top’.

Auto Switch: This is on by default and the recommended setting. When Auto is on (green) and you drag the watermark around with your finger or use the slider you will feel some ‘stickiness’ when the watermark gets close to the corners. This is the pinned corner and you will see a little pin icon there. It maintains its position by the percentage left, top corner. iWatermark decides what corner it is pinned to The opposite is ‘Manual’.

Manual (not green) allows the user to pick the pinned corner. Click on the Left, Center, or Right and Top, Center or Bottom. Example for using ‘Manual’ setting might be where you have a batch of photos which are both low resolution and high resolution. If you want a long piece of text to be in the same top left location on each photo then set the position to top and left and turn off Auto.

TIP: The position of a watermark is shown by the blue white pin icons on the preview photo page (see below). Try moving the watermark around with your finger and see the pin icon move to the other corners as you approach them. Double touch the pin to go to the position settings.

Tiling – is for special cases where you want to put a watermark across a whole photo multiple times making it difficult for people to copy or use your photos by cropping. Turn on by flipping the first switch in Position displayed in the screenshot above. Turn switch to green for tiling.

The settings for tiling are pretty obvious. Move the sliders and instantly preview the changes.
Size – reducing/enlarging the size displays more/fewer copies of that watermark on a photo.
Gap – gap between each copy.
Horizontal Offset – moves all the copies right or left
Vertical Offset – moves the copies up or down.
Angle – changes the angle of all the copies.
Opacity – changes the transparency of the watermark of all copies.

Experiment with tiling using preview. Typically tiling is done with 1 watermark is used to add extra protection to a photo. But, for fun you can turn on 2 or more tiled watermarks simultaneously for a special effect.

The tiling above is using 1 Text Watermark but it is also possible to use Text Arcs, Graphics and other watermark types. They can be more subtle then the above but we wanted to make the tiling obvious even at a small size for the manual.

Metrics – This final setting is only visible if turned on in preferences. We recommend you DON”t turn it on because 99.99% of people do not need it. The choice can be very confusing. If you turned it on and understand totally the difference between Relative (%) and Absolute (pixels) then here is more info.

Relative (%) – the default setting, simplest to understand and use. Does exactly what most people want. In relative mode position is set by % from edges. No matter size of photo you will get the visually same results. Watermark size/position are affected by photo dimensions. On the photo page you can drag a watermark to any position on the main screen this setting allows you to set the relative position of the watermark (by %) irrespective of the size and orientation of each photo in a batch. Example: in a batch of 2 photos, one low and the other high resolution, a border watermark set to be approx 10 pixels wide on one low resolution photo might when measured be 20 pixels wide on the high resolution photo. In the past we only had a “Relative” mode, but some users requested an “Absolute” one.

Absolute (pixels) – set everything, position, fonts, borders, graphics and everything is in changed to work in pixels. “Absolute” metrics mode makes sizes/positions of everything independent of photo size. Watermark size and position will remain the same (in pixels) for all photos. Example: in a batch of 2 photos, one low and the other high resolution, a border watermark set to 10 pixels wide would on both photos be exactly 10 pixels wide.

Insert Special Characters

At the top of the keyboard in ‘Text Watermark’ settings is this:

The first 3 are pretty obvious tap those to insert those characters (copyright, registered trademark and trademark symbols).

Insert Tag – Tags are incredibly useful!

Use ‘Insert Tag’ at the top of the keyboard (seen above) to put Metadata (like camera model, creation date, sequential numbering, file name, location, etc.) from that photo or video into a visible watermark on that photo or video. There are some example watermarks that come with the app but you can use these to create your own customized watermark to display a variety of info on your photos that will be different depending on the metadata in that photo.

To use Tags touch the ‘Insert Tag’ button you are taken to this page:

Each tag has a format, it always starts with a % so that the program can identify that it is a tag. Under the tag is the info from the metadata in the selected photo. If no photo is selected (the photo that shows on the Canvas page) the example info is generic.

Each variable that stores a particular piece of metadata from a photo. Here you can touch one of the metadata variables (tags) to insert that photo info as a text watermark. That text watermark can be formatted and other text added to help describe and explain the tag.

To see this in action, touch one of the above tags and then you have a text watermark like this.

In the above example the %CAM1 is a variable that holds the camera model info that is pulled out of each photo. ‘Camera:’ is just a description/label for the info that will follow it. In a batch of photos from different cameras that watermark might print Camera: Nikon on the first, Camera: Canon on the second and Camera: iPhone 6 Plus on the 3rd.

See the fainter watermark at the bottom of this photo which shows the Camera used and other info.

It is amazing what adding 3 watermarks and a tag can do for a photo.

One particularly useful tag is %WCNT. Use this with a batch of photos to put a steadily incremented number on a photo. So, if you have 300 photos in a batch and you have a text watermark with this tag like this:
Number %WCNT of 300
Then each photo would have a watermark saying something like Number 17 of 300.

We are constantly adding to the tags. To learn more about tags go to Text Watermark click Insert Tag and look thru the info on each tag.

TIP: It’s not possible to have different fonts and font sizes within one text watermark so if you want to do that make two separate text watermarks.

Arc Text

An Arc Text Watermark produces a watermark of text on a curved path. Below are all it’s settings, more settings then any other watermark. The best way to understand these is to experiment and test them out. It has more settings then just a ‘Text’ watermark. Those additional settings are described below.

See explanation of the first text settings Name, Text and Size in Text watermark above.

Spacing – adjusting the space between letters. Similar to kerning but kerning adjusts the space between 2 particular letters whereas ‘Spacing’ adds or subtracts space between all letters equally.

Radius – adjust the radius size in % up to the maximum horizontal or vertical length whichever is smaller.

Size to Fit – automatically resizes the circle based on word length and font size.

A to ∀ – flip the text.

Angle – drag the slider to rotate the text around the ring. Or type in the field a whole (e.g. 14) or decimal (e.g. 14.5) number into the field.

Inner Circle – controls the color and opacity of the inside of the circle.

Bitmap/Logo Graphic


Graphic Watermarks are good for logos, art and signatures. Use your logo or any graphic but they need to be a special graphic format called .png with transparent background. The sample signatures, symbols and other graphics we include have transparent backgrounds and are .png files. That means that even though the graphic is square only the signature itself shows and that which is not the signature is transparent allowing the background photo to show through. The file format to do this is called .png with transparency and it allows the background of the watermark to be transparent (a .jpg does not allow this transparency, .png must be used). For info on how to import a png go here. For info on how to create a png file go here.

Q: Why use .png with transparency for a logo watermark on a photo?

1. CORRECT .png with transparency

White background is caused by using either:

a) .png without transparency or
b) .jpg

A: Both graphics of the stamp above are square.

  1. Our stamp logo, is a PNG with transparency. This PNG has areas that are transparent so only the stamp is seen surrounded by the blue background.
  2. It is the same graphic but either a jpg or a .png without transparency so the white box shows around the second stamp.

Check out the FAQ (below) or Google ‘png’ and ‘transparency’ to learn more about making .png files with transparency.
The ‘Signature Scanner‘ produces a .png file with transparency for you if you have a dark subject (like a signature) and a clean, bright white background.

Creating a Graphic/Logo Watermark is just like creating a Text Watermark. The only 2 differences is we import some graphics and some of the settings.

Create Bitmap/Logo Watermark

  1. Go to the Watermarks Page, choose ‘Create New Watermark’ then choose ‘Bitmap Graphic’. Now in the settings for ‘Bitmap Graphic’ there are 2 buttons:
  2. ‘Pick’ which allows you to choose your logo from your camera album or
  3. ‘Paste’ which allows you to paste items you have copied.
  4. Go to the Settings Page for this watermark and change to your taste.

You can use any graphic or photo but 99% of the time a .png graphic with transparency will be what you want for a watermark. All the example graphics in iWatermark are .png’s with transparency.

Q: How do I create a graphic (transparent .png format) to be a watermark?
A: Go here.

Q: How do I then import my logo graphic into iWatermark+?
A: Go here for more detail.

Q: Why do I get a white box around my logo?
A: Go here for more detail.

Pick – allows selecting a graphic from the Camera Album on your device. A .png formatted image is best because it has a transparent area. Pick shows all the items in your camera album. How to import your logo or graphic to the camera album.

Paste – a .png image if you have it in the clipboard. You can copy in another app (like from Email or Photos) and paste here.

Size – 100% means the width or height whichever is the minimum of those two.
TIP – Dragging goes from 1 to 100% as described above but you can type 1 to 300. It’s also possible to type in decimals like 105.5 for exact sizes.

Mirror – mirror horizontally and/or mirror vertically. Touch and hold to see a preview.

Tint – change the color of content of a graphic, like your logo, from whatever color it is to whatever color you want. This can be extremely handy to making a graphic match the colors in a photo.

Opacity and Shadow work as described above in Text Watermark.

Once you hit ‘Done’ all the other controls are available and explained above in Create Text Watermark.


A Vector Watermark is based on a mathematical representation of an image. A vector uses points, lines, curves and other graphic primatives in a graphic. This means that unlike a bitmap graphic which can look blocky at different sizes a vector looks perfect at all sizes.

iWatermark+ has a huge built-in library of SVG vectors. SVG is a particular format for vectors.

The above is an example of using simultaneously an SVG vector graphic (the fox), metadata (invisible) and 2 text watermarks (No rain…Fox Photography).
IMPORTANT: Subtle watermarks are usually best. But in this tiny image it was essential to use high contrast watermarks to make it visible for small sized screenshots in this manual. In a large version of this photo if the Fox and Logo instead of white was one of the colors in the photo, like green or brown, then it would blend into the photo and yet still be discernible. The decision to watermark with strong or subtle contrast all depends on your intent.


Another useful type is the Border Watermark. It also uses SVG (perfect rendition at all sizes) art to draw borders around a whole photo and also scrollwork at the corners. Use the Pick seen below to select a graphic in the border library. Borders has a special setting called:

Inset – which insets the border at distances you set.

You can use borders to highlight that special someone. 🙂


A QR Code (it stands for “Quick Response”) is a cell phone readable bar code that can store website URL’s, plain text, phone numbers, email addresses and pretty much any other alphanumeric data up to 4296 characters. A QR can make a great watermark.

The QR example image below holds our website url, https://plumamazing.com. Both the camera apps on iOS (in iOS 11) and the pure Android Camera app can scan and act on the info in a QR codes. Chrome also can read QR codes on both Android and iOS. There are also many other QR scanner apps available in the app stores. Scan the QR code below and you get the choice to go to our site automatically. You can make one for your site or to any page with any info you want to display.

Usage examples. QR’s can be handy as a watermark on photos and other graphics that can hold name, email, url to take people to your site or other info depending on your creativity.

1. Someone might have QR watermarks for a bunch of photos and each QR could lead to it’s own web page with information on location, conditions, pricing, etc.

2. Watermark your photos with a QR that contains your url, email, copyright and other info. Good for maintaining your connection with a photo for Facebook, Twitter and other social media. When you upload a photo to a social media sites they often remove metadata. Social sites do not remove visible watermarks like text, signature, graphics or QRs.

3. Make an instructional video to Vimeo, YouTube, etc. or your site. Put the direct link to your video into a QR. Get some of the paper for printing out stickers and print out a bunch of these QR codes. Now slap this QR code onto a manual. When the user needs more visual help they can scan the QR to go directly to the video.

Create QR-Code Watermark!

From the ‘New Watermark’ page select ‘QR-Code…’. Give it a name and adjust to your taste. Keep in mind if you reduce the size and opacity it may get difficult for the scanner to read all the info. Experiment and read more about QR’s on the web for more info.

TIP: Click here for more info on QR Code and readability


A signature (from Latin: signare, “to sign”) is a handwritten (and often stylized) depiction of someone’s name that a person writes on documents as a proof of identity and intent. A signature is symbolic of the works creator. Many famous artists (Claude Monet, Albrecht Durer, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Salvador Dalí, Johannes Vermeer, Wassily Kandinsky, Joan Miró, Henri Matisse, Henri Rousseau, Maxfield Parrish and many others) signed their work. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, a signature can make a classic watermark.

A ‘Signature Watermark’ can be create by the ‘Signature Scan’ or by graphics (a transparent .png file) that you input. Graphics with high contrast like a signature where the ink from the pen is black or at least dark and a background of white works well.

Create Signature Watermark!

The 3 ways to input your signature and use it as a watermark.

1. Scan

Take a sheet of unwrinkled bright white paper, a dark ink pen or sharpie and write your signature in the center. Have this sheet evenly lit with no shadows.

From the ‘New Watermark’ page click ‘Signature Scan’ to see this page.

Click the ‘Scan Signature’ button, it will take you to the camera where you can take a scan/photo of your signature. This may take a few tries to get the hang of it.

Scan Contrast – Be a Jedi master adjust the forces of light and dark in the universe. This is the most important setting for adjusting to get just your signature and removing shadows or wrinkles on the paper. The white will be removed and only the dark ink bits will remain in the .png file it creates of your signature.

2. Pick

Get your signature from the Photos Album. You may have a scan made on another scanner or some other means that you can import to your Photos Album and then info iWatermark+.

3. Draw

Click the ‘Draw’ button above to handwrite in your signature using your finger. Press and hold the “checkered signature canvas” for a fraction of a second, until the canvas shows a blue outline around it, only then start signing your signature with your finger or with an Apple’s pencil.

All the other settings are explained in ‘Text Watermark’ above.

Now you can easily sign smartphone photos and other art images before putting sharing them on facebook, twitter and instagram, etc.

Putting a subtle signature on a photo is one good way to alert future viewers that you created it and thus maintain a connection to your photo especially if it goes viral.


IMPORTANT: Limit of 1 Metadata watemark per photo.

There’s more than meets the eye inside a digital photo image file. Photo files can store not only image data but also information about the images and that is called ‘Metadata’. Photo files can include technical, descriptive and administrative classes of metadata of several types with names like EXIF, TIFF, IPTC, etc. You can google for more info. The important thing is that iWatermark+ supports metadata as a watermark type. This means you can create a watermark that adds your name, title, copyright, etc inside a photo file as metadata. It is another layer of security and a way to validate that a photo is yours.

In iWatermark you can do 3 important things with metadata:

1. Add invisible metadata to a photo with a watermark.
2. Add a visible watermark which displays your choice of metadata imprinted on a photo.
3. View the metadata of a photo.

Create Metadata Watermark!
1. To add an invisible metadata watermark starting from the ‘New Watermark’ page select ‘Metadata…’ and you will see this page:

Here you can add the creator of the photo and who owns the copyright. Enter keywords to help locate that photo in the future if you use Lightroom or Picasa. The comments field is for whatever you wish to add.


IMPORTANT: Only 1 StegoMark allowed per photo is possible.

StegoMark is the first ever implementation of a steganographic watermark for photography and is only available in iWatermark. Steganography refers to any process of embedding some data invisibly into the actual photo image data.

StegoMark because it combines Steganography, often called Stego for short and Mark from the word Watermark. StegoMarks use a special algorithm designed at Plum Amazing. This specialized encoding makes that data almost impossible to decipher without iWatermark. If there is no password then any copy of iWatermark can reveal the hidden text. If there is a password then only a person with the password and iWatermark can reveal the hidden text.

One way to use StegoMark is to embed your email or business url into a photo. This along with a Metadata and a visible watermark gives different layers of protection to your credentials in and attached to a photo. Each separate watermark layer will resist in different ways things that can be done to a photo like cropping, resaving, renaming, etc. to maintain your ownership information.

Create A StegoMark

To begin go to the ‘New Watermark’ page and select ‘StegoMark…’ and you will see this page:

For ‘Name’ put a good descriptive name for this StegoMark

In ‘Hidden Message’ put the text you want to embed in the image data.

Using no password anyone with iWatermark+ can read the message but no one else.

Enter a password for more privacy which means only someone with the password and iWatermark+ can read that text message.

Once this is done, export the StegoMark’ed photo. Check out the next section ‘Reading A StegoMark’ to see how to see your hidden info.

Reading A StegoMark

To read a StegoMark first open the exported StegoMark watermarked photo from the ‘Open Photo’ button in iWatermark+.

Then go to the i with a circle around it icon in the nav bar. Tap on that to see the info on this photo, click the ‘StegoMark’ tab as seen highlighted below. Enter the password if you have one and hit the detect button to see the hidden message appear in the box to it’s right.

IMPORTANT: Only 1 StegoMark per photo.
25 characters or less (recommended) in a StegoMark allows it be most resilient when resaving/recompressing a watermarked .JPG photo. Up to 80 can be used but it will impact the resilience of the message. Remember you can use a URL shortener to make a URL smaller for embedding.

To Read StegoMark Click Here


IMPORTANT: When a Resize watermark is active, the “dashed outline” around a photo is displayed in green (not blue as usual) to remind you Resize is in operation. Also only 1 resize watermark allowed at a time. If you select a new one the old one is turned off.

We consider Resize a watermark because everything you do to customize a photo makes it more your own. Your artistic choices infuse the photo with your identity. Instagram photos are not the first to be square but Instagram has, very effectively, made square photos and videos their style. It may be, in the future, that other sizes and shapes will be made famous by other artists.

Resize as a watermark allows Instagrammers to instantly checkmark and output the ‘Instagram’ size to Instagram and other social networks. That is why many feel that iWatermark+ is an essential app for Instagram.

Below is a photo which is altered in a series of screenshots, with each screenshot showing the resize settings that for that photo.

Original Image Not Resized

We combined the Aspect Fit and Aspect Fill previously separate items in the interface to one item called zoom. All the controls now including zoom allow you to use the live preview to get a ‘feel’ for what you want to see for output.

Notice when dragging that the Zoom control locks to and displays Aspect Fit at 0% Zoom and Aspect Fill at 100% Zoom. This was done to simplify.

Custom Filters

Another way to watermark a is to give the whole photo a style. Customized Filters leads to MANY filters with MANY options. Unfortunately we can’t explain them all here. We recommend experimenting (playing around) with one filter like ‘Pixelate’ to get a feeling for how they work. Once you have a filter with particular settings that you like save it as a watermark with a descriptive name so you can find and use it in the future. You might name filters for the artists that inspire them. A ‘Van Gogh’ filter might make the colors more vibrant and add a swirl. A ‘Ansel Adams’ filter might make a photo black and white, increase the contrast and add sharpness. Apt names will help you get back to the combinations of settings you find and save.

The filters in iWatermark are based on Core Image a technology created by Apple. This link has both a technical description, details of the setting and photos showing the changes they can produce. Click here for the definitive reference.


At the bottom of the main screen is this navigation bar. Each of the icons on the navbar takes you to a page that oversees one component of watermarking.

Photo(s) | Info | Watermarks | Settings | Sharing | Help

The badge 2 on the stamp icon shows the number of watermarks presently selected.

The share icon will also show a badge of the number of photos ready to be shared.

Select Media

When you touch the ‘Select Media’ icon this dialog for importing a photo, photos, video, pasting photo or importing files (cloud) is shown below.

Here is where you can choose to open a photo, a batch of photos, video, take a photo, paste a photo or import a file.

‘Select Photo’s and ‘Select Video’ come from the camera album.
‘Paste a Photo’ comes from what you copied previously.
‘Import File’ (on iOS) opens the Apple ‘Files’ App to allow choosing from cloud services like iCloud, DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. You need to have those individual files on your device to download from those services.

TIP: – In ‘Select Photos’ to select multiple images: tap and image then go to the last photo and double tap to select all the photos from the first single tapped to the double-tapped one.

TIP – Create new folder: By default iWatermark+ creates its own folder «iWatermark+». It’s name which can be changed in Preferences (we recommend leaving it as is).

Photo Info

With a photo selected touch the , 2nd icon from the left in the nav bar, to view photo info. Here you will see the tabs for File, Image, Credits, StegoMark and a button for Metadata.

File – name, created, size, description and keywords from IPTC data if available. GPS data if present resolves into a map.

Image – shows EXIF info from the camera.

Credits – which contains user added data if ebedded there by PhotoShop, Lightroom or iWatermark.

StegoMark – to read embedded StegoMark. First open the photo with the StegoMark. If you or someone else has used a StegoMark on a photo then to read the message it contains go to this panel and enter the password or no password (if it was created without a password) to reveal the message text. No password means any iWatermark+ user can decipher the message. Once you enter the password if there is one click the ‘Detect’ button to reveal the text message.

Metadata – button at top left for EXIF, IPTC, etc.

Technical information about an image (EXIF) is created by the camera. Content information (IPTC/XMP) is created and added by you, the photographer. EXIF, IPTC, TIFF, XMP are all different formats for saving info into photos. They have evolved over time. To learn more you can use your browsers to find more info.

Video Info

Videos also have info. Once a video is on the main screen click the icon to get info about a video.

The ‘Video’ tab shows technical info on that video.

If a metadata watermark is created (below) and it is used to watermark the video with that info.

Then when that video is imported it will appear under the ‘Credits’ tab of Video Info like this:


This page lists all the example and custom watermarks you create.

Things you can do from the Watermarks page.

– Hit the + icon at the bottom or at the top tap ‘Create new watermark’.
– Turn on/check/highlight blue or off/uncheck/grey a watermark by a touch on the left side.
– Select only one watermark by touching the name which will select and turn off all other selected watermarks.
– Tap the settings icon of a selected watermark to go to it’s settings.
– Hit the + icon or the ‘Create New Watermark’ to create a new watermark.
– Tap and slide a watermark to the left to display the lock, duplicate and delete and buttons.
– Tap ‘Organize’ at top left then drag this icon on the right up or down to rearrange the order. Or delete watermarks by touching the red ball on the left side.
– Tap the magnifying glass to search watermarks by name.
– Tap the cloud icon to go to iW•Cloud.
– Tap the next icon to move quickly to the next highlighted watermark.
– Tap the ? icon at bottom right to:

a. Go to these Help pages.
b. Go the ‘About’ page.
c. Touch ‘Settings’ to go to the ‘Settings’ page which allows changing parameters.


Change watermark settings for last selected watermark. Touch setting icon on the main page to go to the settings page for the presently selected watermark. You can also double tap a watermark on the main page to go to settings for that watermark too.


IMPORTANT: Apple allows multiple items to be shared to the Camera Album but only 1 item at a time to a Sharing extenion.

Share allows exporting your watermarked photo(s) and video thru sharing extensions via email, save to camera album, airdrop, print, copy, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also if you have their app installed on your device share to GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Tumblr, Pinterest, Evernote, Buffer, LinkedIn etc. using iOS 8 sharing extension feature. Sharing extensions are put into apps and allows sharing files to that service. For example download Pineterest to your phone and you will now find that you can share from the iWatermark+ or Photos app directly to your Pinetrest account. Same for Tumblr, Evernote and other services that have their made their own app with built in sharing extension.

In the screenshot above notice that there are a number of 3rd party sharing options, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Evernote, Hootsuite, Buffer and a growing number of sharing apps support this exchange of info. Scroll right to see more. So, the sharing extensions available depend on what apps you have installed.

IMPORTANT: Missing export extension? If you have an export extension like Instagram, Tumblr, Evernote, Buffer, etc and you don’t see it in the list then scroll all the way to the right and hit the ‘More…’ icon there you can turn on the ones you use, turn off the ones you don’t and rearrange the list.

Instagram – download the Instagram app and iWatermark+ will show it in the above sharing/export area. Take a square photo in Apple’s camera app. Watermark in iWatermark+ then select Instagram in the sharing area (above) and it will take the watermarked photo straight into Instagram where you can apply filters and upload to Instagram. iWatermark+ is the simplest way to watermark a photo destined for Instagram.

Facebook sharing is built into iOS. For Flickr, Twitter, Evernote, Tumblr, Buffer download those apps to have them show up for use in the sharing area.

The ‘Share Extension” allows other apps to offer new export options in iWatermark+

Whereas the previous ‘Photo Editing Extension’ allows apps that edit photos to watermark photos using iWatermark+.


On the main page touch the ? icon at bottom right to get to this navbar at the bottom:

  • About – company, programmers, version info, send to friend and rate this app.
  • Help – this manual
  • Support – how to contact us with suggestions, bugs and questions not already answered in this manual.
  • Preferences – These are best left as they are unless you understand them completely. That means reading the area below. If you want to change them back to the original settings then hit the Defaults button at top left.

0. Defaults – Touch this to return to the original default settings
1. Retina Preview Quality – iWatermark+ uses lower resolution substitute images for display for greater speed. Turning this setting on will give crisper images on screen that support it but takes more memory. Neither setting, on or off, alters export quality which is always highest quality.
2. Remove GPS Location – removes the GPS location data attached to a photo. The GPS metadata is what allows putting photos on a map in many applications. It also means that if you share a photo then people could read that info to see where you were. This is sometimes a security concern. For example a photo you share online has GPS metadata that shows your in Europe yesterday, that means you are not at your house in Iowa today and so to a burglar this might be useful information. If this is a concern then setting this preference to on will remove all GPS data from all photos exported from iWatermark+
3. Compression vs Quality setting – Higher number will export higher quality and larger size. Lower number exports lower quality and smaller file size. The default number gives the best of both. iWatermark+ uses the same tools/api for .jpg compression as Photoshop and other apps. If you decide to change this make sure to understand jpg compression, quality vs size and the tradeoffs involved by researching online.
4. Shrinkr – this our proprietary code for shrinking photos while maintaining highest quality visually. It works well but it is quite slow, maybe twice as slow.
5. Exported File Date – this sets the file date on exported file by default to the same as the original file. This maintains the sort order.
6. Export Camera Album Name – set the name of the folder/album that iWatermark+ exports to in the Camera Album. Also seen in Apple’s Photos app.
7. Exported Video Format – set the exported video format either, MOV, MP4 or M4V.
8. Checkers Brightness – set the brightness of the background checkers pattern on the Canvas Page.
9. Magnifying Glass Zoom Level – set the zoom level for the magnifying glass on the Canvas Page.
10. Signature Scan Contrast – this changes the default median for what pixel color is regarded as black or white for newly created Signature watermarks.To reset defaults touch the button at top left titled ‘Defaults’.
11. Play Feedback Sounds – play sounds in response to events.
12. Enable Watermark Absolute Metrics – IMPORTANT: read if you value your sanity. In the earlier version of iWatermark+ in a watermarks settings you could choose between Relative and Absolute metrics for watermark position. Relative determines watermark location on a photo via % of horizontal or vertical. Relative is useful to keep a watermark in the same visible position in batches of photos. Absolute is measured by pixels. A few people wanted Absolute so we included it in previous versions but some people used Absolute Positioning without understanding the implications and got results that confused them. Sadly, they ended up in metal asylums. Since 99.9% of people ONLY need Relative positioning we have now hidden the ability to turn on both Relative and Absolute Positioning here. If you understand and you need both then this setting is for you 🙂 But, please understand it completely and absolutely (pun) since we don’t want you to come to us wondering why iWatermark+ are not where you think they should be. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Batch Processing

To batch process choose Select Photos, select 2 or more photos, select a watermark(s) and export to the Camera Roll. After the first photo is finished you will get this dialog.

TIP: In ‘Select Photos’ to select multiple images: tap and image then go to the last photo and double tap to select all the photos from the first single tapped to the double-tapped one.

Selecting “Batch Process All” allows iWatermark+ to take over, watermark, and export all the photos without user intervention.

IMPORTANT: Due to Apple API limitations, batch processing, without intervention, is only possible to Apple’s Camera Roll. Exporting multiple photos to Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, etc. can only be done sequentially, one by one.

Photo Editing Extension

In iOS 8 a new feature called ‘Extensions’ was added. Extensions offers a whole new level of application communication in iOS. iWatermark is a standalone app and it can watermark a photo from within another app as what Apple calls a ‘Photo Editing Extension’. For example you can go into Apple’s Photos app, select a photo, hit the ‘Edit’ button at top right, a dialog may appear saying ‘This photo is not editable. Do you want to duplicate it?’ Touch ‘Duplicate and Edit’. On the bottom of this new Edit Photo page is the navbar below.

Click the 3 dots in the white circle to see your choices for extensions. This row of apps that you can scroll to the left, is composed of some that Apple provides and also other apps you have loaded on your device that also have extension abilities built into them. At the end of the row is a square icon with … in it. Tap this to see all the apps that provide photo editing. Here you can show/hide and organize the order they are in:

Once you have moved iWatermark all the way to the left then tap it’s icon (stamp icon). It will open and display a page with the selected photo and the last selected watermark in iWatermark. Touch ‘Done’ at top right to watermark.

Some points on extensions.

° To use the extension iWatermark can be open or closed it doesn’t matter.
° The extension has limited abilities compared to working in the full iWatermark+ app.
° Whatever watermark or watermarks last selected in iWatermark is what will be seen and used.
° To change the watermark used by the extension go to iWatermark and select watermark(s).
° Pinch/zoom, rotation, change location of watermark can all be used.
° In the extension panel seen above you can rearrange by dragging the icons into new positions based on usage. Also the last icon to the right in that list is called ‘More’ it has an icon of 3 dots, click that icon to see a new page that shows all the extensions available. Here you can rearrange the extensions to your priorities and turn off ones you don’t use.

TIP: As an app iWatermark duplicates the original photo, watermarks the duplicate and saves it in the Camera Album and conveniently in the iWatermark Album. iWatermark never changes the original.
 As an extension used within Apple’s Photo app, iWatermark watermarks but the saving is handled by the Apple Photos app. The Photos app saves all changes to a photo in that photo, so the watermark and other changes are saved as layers. If you want to remove it you hit Edit again and hit Revert to go back to the original photo.

Action Extension

iWatermark+ also acts as an Action Extension that means it acts like a Photo Editing Extension (see above) but the only difference s that instead of working in Apple Photos it works in other apps like Apple Mail and photo editing apps by other developers. Also it does not keep watermarked photos in the camera album but only in the iWatermark+ Album.

iW•Cloud (removed in version 4.5 2/16/19)

Being replaced by something better


iW•Cloud is the one and only watermark cloud service. iW•Cloud is for backup and sharing of watermarks created with iWatermark. Why was iW•Cloud created? Because iWatermark+ users are creating more and more useful custom watermarks that they want to use on other iPhones and iPads they own and also to share with their family, company and/or colleagues.

In addition to private watermarks iW•Cloud allows for public/shared watermarks too. Your watermarks are protected even if you delete the app or change to a new iOS device or have multiple iOS devices.

Each user is gifted space to store 3 watermarks in the cloud. Additional space for more watermarks is available via iW•Cloud subscriptions for 100 or 5000 watermarks. The subscriptions help support the cost of Amazon Web Services (AWS) services we use each month.

Register for iW•Cloud

To begin, locate the cloud icon at the bottom of the Watermark List Page (see below) in the center of the navigation area. Click that cloud button to enter the iW•Cloud area to start.

Once you click the cloud (above) you will see the iW•Cloud Login Page (below). Tap ‘Create Account’ or ‘Log in with Facebook”.

Account Page

Once you create an account you will see this Account Page (below).

The first time you hit the Create Account button the Account Page won’t have any info. Add your name, a password twice and pick a picture or take a picture of yourself then hit the Create button at top right and you will be logged in and see the iW•Cloud Home page (below).

iW•Cloud Home Page

In iW•Cloud Home from the top:
1. a) Account Settings, b) Statistics, c) Usage Plan, d) Advanced.
2. Search iW•Cloud
3. Browse iW•Cloud
4. iW•Cloud Assets
5. Upload
6. Refresh

1. Account Settings

1a. Account – the place to change your name, your picture, login and password.

1b. Statistics – the place to check out how many watermarks of various types you have in iW•Cloud.

1c. Usage Plan – here you can see and change your subscription within iW•Cloud

1d. Advanced – this has a couple settings most people won’t need to change. Here you can turn on/off access to watermarks made on other platforms like Mac, Win, and Android.

The other setting allows setting the timeout. This is the time that the app will wait for a response for iW•Cloud. With a very slow internet connection it might help to increase the number.

2. Search

– selecting this from iW•Home takes you to this search page which lets you set the parameters for a search of all publicly available watermarks. This is how you can find useful watermarks made by others that you can download free.

3. Browse

– allows you to browse the albums of publicly available watermarks in iW•Cloud

4. Assets

– assets are watermarks you have uploaded. Below in the second half of the iW•Cloud Home page you can see the Assets available.

IMPORTANT: Assets can be reside loosely in the Asset area or in Albums that you create. All loose (in the root) watermarks are private, they cannot be made public. Watermarks in Albums you create can be either private by default or set to be public and therefore visible to other iW•Cloud users using Search or Browse.

Create Album – just gives you a album (folder) to name and which can hold a group of watermarks that you want to keep private or make public.

It is not essential to make any Albums, it is still possible to upload your watermarks, they will be in the root and not in any album.

Albums are Private (by default) or Public by changing the setting (see below). If you upload watermarks and have not created any Albums those watermarks will be at the root or loose at the same level as Albums.

5. Upload

– if you have created watermarks of your own (this does not include sample watermarks) then when you hit Upload it will display those (like in the screenshot below). Select watermarks, you’ve created, that you want on iW•Cloud and hit the Upload button at top right.

Above a watermark is selected and highlighted in blue to it’s right is an i icon. Clicking the i reveals the upload info page for the watermark (below). Here you will see a preview of the watermark, description that you can add, who the author is and size (see below).

6. Refresh

– the Refresh button reloads the directory (albums and watermarks) from iW•Cloud. Typically you should not have to press this but if something is out of order or missing then hit the Synch button. It is non-destructive and can’t hurt anything. The button is 6 in the bottom nav (below).

If you select a watermark like My Photo Filter (above on iW•Cloud Page) that is loose or in an Album you will see a preview of the watermark, description that you can add, who the author is, whether it is private or public, date uploaded, size and star rating (see below).

Star Rating – how the public rates a watermark.

You can cancel an iWCloud subscription yourself at any time by following these steps.

If you have questions not covered in this addendum to the manual write to julian@plumamamazing.com. Suggestions also welcome.


To upgrade from the free to paid version of iWatermark+ click the button on the main page. This will take you to the iTunes App store and iWatermark+. Or search for iWatermark+ in the iTunes app store.
Thanks for upgrading! There is an amazing amount of time and energy that has gone into creating this highly sophisticated app. By purchasing, you and your friends are directly supporting the continuing evolution of this app. Thanks from the crew at Plum Amazing!


Other Versions of iWatermark Questions

Q: What is the difference between iWatermark+ Free and iWatermark+ both for iPhone/iPad?
A: They are exactly the same except that iWatermark+ Free puts a small watermark that says ‘iWatermark+ Free’ at the top of every exported watermarked photo. Many will find this meets their watermarking needs or at least allows testing the app fully. Otherwise upgrade to the regular version which eliminates that watermark. In the Free version a button to upgrade to the regular version is on the main page. Upgrading supports the evolution of iWatermark+, a small price for such a sophisticated program.

Q: What is the difference between iWatermark+ for the iPhone/iPad and Android and the desktop versions for Mac/Win?
A: Desktop computers have faster processors and more memory, so they can handle photos that are much higher resolution. The desktop versions are easier to use on large batches of photos. The desktop version is another link in the chain of a photographers workflow. The iPhone/iPad version are designed to allow you to use touch to change the various parameters. Both are designed to fit their hardware. For more info tap here iWatermark for Mac and iWatermark for Win. With this link you get 30% off on either of those or you can get any of our Mac software like iClock (highly recommended productivity replacement for the Apple menubar clock). This is a link that will put a 30% off coupon in your cart. Contact us if you have any question. Our site is Plum Amazing.


Q: Is there a version of iWatermark+ for Android?
A: Yes, iWatermark+ for Android is here. Please let your Android using friends know about it:

The older iWatermark for Android is here:

Q: How do I add my custom fonts on Android?
A: To load your custom fonts, copy the ttf file into the folder ‘iWatermark+ Fonts’ to your device storage/SD Card

Q: Why did iWatermark+ open in a different language?
A: This is an Android OS question and covered at this link.

Graphic and Quality Questions

Q: How do i create the special type of graphic, a logo that has transparent areas that can be used as a watermark?
A: That type of graphic is called a .png with transparency.

If your graphic designer created it then ask for a high resolution PNG file from them.

To do it yourself use Photoshop, GIMP (free on Mac and Win) or similar app then follow these steps.

1) create a layer and paste your graphic object.
2) magic wand all the whiteness, then hit delete. You are left with the checkerboard background which is
3) hide the background layer
4) save as PNG. A transparency cannot be created with .jpg it must be a .png with transparency file.

The Preview app on Mac OS can also be used to make a .png with transparency. More here.

For details search the web for a tutorial on creating a PNG graphic with transparent background.

Q: How do I import a logo/graphic from a Mac, Win PC or the web onto my iPhone/iPad.
A: There are a number of ways.

  • Email (easiest) – email logo or graphic to yourself. Then go to that email on your mobile device and click and hold on the attached file to save it to your devices Camera Album. Next Create a Graphic Watermark.
  • Apple’s Airdrop – if you are familiar with it Airdrop can be used to import logo/graphics onto an iPhone/iPad. Info on Airdrop on the Mac. Info on using Airdrop on iPhone/iPad. To share a png logo from Mac to iOS, hold the control key and tap the logo file and in the finder on the Mac and a dropdown menu appears. On this menu choose Share and in the next dropdown menu choose Airdrop. When Airdrop appears after a moment or two it should show your iOS device, click once on that and it will show progress of sending the file and a beep at the end. If no iOS device appears then make sure Airplay is turned on for your iOS device. Next Create a Graphic Watermark.
  • From the iPhone/iPad or Mac you can Copy & Paste a graphic direct into the Graphic Watermark.
  • Scan Signature Watermark – can be used to import a signature or scan in an image. It uses the camera to scan a logo on paper and produce a PNG file. Using the original artwork will be higher resolution. Go here to learn more.

Q: Why do I see a white box around my companies logo?
A: This means the logo you are trying to use is a jpg and not a transparent png. PNG’s can have transparency JPEG’s do not. IMPORTANT: Follow the steps above to import, then use a png format logo file.

WARNING: If you put a .png in your Camera Album and ‘Optimize Photo Storage’ is checkmarked on that .png is changed to a .jpg and compressed. This can be confusing the .png you uploaded is changed to a .jpg without telling you. If you import you logo (changed to a .jpg) into iWatermark+ you will get the white box around the logo (because .jpg does not support transparency).

PROBLEM: In iOS Settings Photo:iCloud. If the setting ‘Optimize iPhone Storage’ is checked that causes the problem.

SOLUTION: Checkmark the ‘Download and Keep Originals” (see screenshot). That setting is better anyway because it keeps your original photo and it’s format. Thanks to Lori for discovering this.

Also do not use iTunes to import logo/graphics. Do not open your logo in the photo picker. These both turn the png into a jpg which will show your logo in a white box.

Q: I have the logo/graphic on my device, how do I import it into iWatermark+
A: Details are in Create a Graphic Watermark above.

Q: Does iWatermark Pro save a photo in highest resolution to the photo album?

A: Yes, iWatermark+ saves in the highest resolution to the photo album. It may show you a reduced resolution for your display to improve speed but the final output is equivalent to the input. You can also email watermarked photos straight from the app at your choice of resolutions including the highest resolution. It may be that if you are trying to email from the photo album itself and you are on 3g (not wifi) Apple is choosing to lower the resolution of photos. That has nothing to do with iWatermark. It does have something to do with choices by Apple, ATT and maximizing the 3G bandwidth.

Q: Why is my logo pixilated, blurry and look low quality?
A: If the resolution of the area of the photo covered is higher then the resolution of the watermark, then it will cause the watermark to look blurry or blocky. Always make sure to have your logo/bitmap graphic be equal or higher resolution than the area of the photo it covers.

Your logo is a bitmap. What you put it on (your photo) and how much you scale it influences how it looks. If your logo is 50×50 and you put it on a 3000×2000 photo then the watermark is either going to be very small or look very pixelated.
SOLUTION: Before import make sure your bitmap logo is a resolution appropriate for the size of photo you will be applying the watermark to. For photos taken with iPhone cicca 2016 or later, 2000 pixels or higher on either side is fine. But as photo sizes increase over time so will the need for bitmap graphic resolution for a watermark to increase.

To sum it up iwatermark uses the api/tools supplied by Apple which are what Photoshop and other apps use. While resaving jpg’s changes photos the actual the visible difference is controlled by the jpg algorithm, not the apps, and is basically imperceptible.

Q: Why doesn’t my photo and or watermark look highest resolution?
A: We reduce the quality of the onscreen representation to save memory and cpu. It is hardly noticeable except maybe on retina screens. This does not affect the exported quality which will be exactly the same as the original. If you want there is a preference which you can turn on to show ‘Retina Preview Quality’.

Q: Does watermarking reduce the resolution of the original photo?
A: It doesn’t change the resolution at all.

Q: Does iWatermark change the quality?
A: As you know all apps duplicate the photo they are editing. Then when they resave it, it becomes a new file. Because jpg is a compression format, which means it’s algorithm works to reduce the size of the photo and keep the humanly visible quality the same. That means it will be slightly but not visibly different. Every time you save a photo there will be slightly different pixels. The pixels are not always identical but jpg does the best it can to make them look exactly the same. This is true of photoshop and every other photo editing app. Each of them use the very same tools to re-save jpg’s. Our apps allow control over quality vs size the same way photoshop and a few other apps do. You can change that in the prefs but we don’t recommend it because it’s impossible to see any difference and harder still to tell which is better. You may want to google and read about ‘size vs quality’ if you are not familiar.

Settings Questions

Q: How do I move iWatermark+ and all its data (settings and watermarks) to a new iPhone or iPad?
A: Apple controls this not us. Here is what they say.

There are 2 parts to move the app and the data. Both need to be there to have all the previous settings. Here is another good explanation.
Q: How do I keep my settings (all my watermarks) when I delete my App?
A: This is a good explanation of that arcane knowledge.
Issues Questions

Q: I had a crash or freeze what do I do.
A: Its rare but a crash could happen for the reasons below. Use the solution to each of the 5 problems to fix it.

1. Problem: Something is wrong with the phones OS.
Solution: Restart the phone to restore to its default state. Also make sure you have the latest version of iWatermark+ and latest iOS.
2. Problem: The app is corrupt due to a bad download.
Solution: Delete the app on your iPhone/iPad then redownload. Make sure you have at least a Gig of memory available on your device.
3. Problem: High resolution photos are using more memory than is available.
S Solution: To test use regular iPhone/iPad photos first. SLR photos under 10 megs should work, SLR photos 10 megs or higher may not work. What iWatermark+ can do depends on both iOS software and iPhone/iPad hardware. SLR photos may be pushing the limit depending on the photo size and your iOS hardware. iWatermark+ works on bigger photos then ever before but keep in mind the limitations of memory in your iOS devices, iPad Pro is different than iPhone 4s, etc. Experiment.
4. Problem: Not enough memory left on the device.
Solution: Simply delete a podcast, video or other temporary content. Having a gig free is a good idea.
5. Problem: Watermarks are using too much memory.
Solution: Turn all watermarks off. Then turn them back on one at a time. Use fewer watermarks and use watermarks that require less memory. The ‘Custom Filters’ and ‘Borders’ in that order are memory hogs, be careful using these.

If you have tried all of the solutions above and can’t fix the problem then we want to know. Email us the details to reproduce it. If we can reproduce it then we can fix it.


Q: I just bought the app, why does the ‘Created with iWatermark’ still appear on my exported photos?
A: You are still opening and using iWatermark+ Free not the paid version of iWatermark+.
Solution: Delete iWatermark+ Free which has Free in a green banner on the icon. Use the paid version instead.

Q: What do I do if I have a sales question?
A: We don’t control iOS app sales at all. Apple controls sales totally for iOS apps. Apple does not share the names/emails or any info on who buys the apps. We can not add or delete a duplicate order. For all sales questions please contact Apple.

Q: I lost my phone and need to redownload the iPhone/iPad (or Android) version. Do I have to pay again?
A: No. Both the Apple iTunes store and Google Play let you redownload apps you already bought and their policies are at those links.

Q: How do I cancel a subscription to iWCloud?
A: You can do this in your iTunes account anytime. Steps are here.

Q: If I want to use iWatermark for both iPad and iPhone, do I need to pay for two apps or just one?
A: iWatermark+ is a universal app, it works great on iPad/iPhone, so, no need to pay twice. The same iWatermark works fine on iPhone and iPad. Legally you are the owner of both and you can have your software on both. Also Apple has a family program. This program allows you to buy an app once and everyone in the family lease gets to use the app on their iphone/ipad.

Q: Don’t all app makers make millions of dollars?
A: Pokemon and some games might make that but a utility for the minor niche of watermarking, unfortunately for us, does not. iWatermark+ is actually an remarkably complex and powerful piece of software. A decade ago no one would have believed it possible. Even now people don’t realize the amount of work in the programming, documentation, tech support, graphics, admin and constant updating involved and what an incredible deal buying iWatermark for a few dollars is. Apple has always seriously benefitted from 3rd party app developers making software for their hardware. In the app store Apple takes 30% of an apps total earnings. That means from the $3.99 of iWatermark Apple keeps $1.20. There are millions of app developers and Apple gets 30% of all sales which is one reason they are a billion dollar company. From one sale we get 2.79 to pay for hardware, programming, tech support, advertising, graphics, admin, etc., so, the answer is, we are not rich. If you like iWatermark+ and realize how unique and advanced it is compared to other watermarking apps and you want to see it get more powerful features, then please tell others about it. Thanks!

Q: How come iWatermark+ is not #1 in the Apple App store when i search under watermark? Someone told me about your app but it took an hour to find it.
A: That is a very good question. That has to do with SEO (search engine optimization) which are algorithms that control what comes up first when searching for a keyword or phrase on Google, Apple’s App store or in other search engines. Apple’s App store search does not put the best apps first but displays apps first that have a particular name, keywords, is by a famous company, etc. Unfortunately, those things don’t always translate into finding the best app for you. It often finds apps by established big companies and apps that game the SEO. To summarize search is a challenging and continuing problem for Apple. It forces developers to either spend more time gaming the SEO then to focus on making great apps. We prefer working on improving apps and adding useful features.

Font Questions

Q: How do I use the fonts from the iPhone/iPad or Android version in the Mac or Win Version or even in another desktop app?
A: To get the fonts out of the iWatermark+ iPhone app you need to find where the iPhone app is stored on the Mac.
In iTunes, applications pane, control+click an app, and choose “Show in Finder”.
It will reveal a file located here:
Macintosh HD > Users > *User Name* > Music > iTunes > Mobile Applications
and will highlight the file called iWatermark.ipa When transferred to the Mac or Win is the iWatermark application.
Copy this file. option key and drag this file to the desktop to copy it there. it should now still be in the original folder and a copy on your desktop.
Change the name of the desktop one’s extension to .zip. so it should now be named iWatermark.zip
Double click to unstuff. you will now have a folder, inside are these items:
Click on the Payload folder then control click on the iWatermark file and you will get the dropdown menu above.
Click on ‘Show Package contents’ and inside there you will find all the fonts.
Double click a font to install it on the Mac.

Q: The font size setting only allows selecting font size from 12 to 255. Can we make it bigger?
A: Typing a size into the field next to the slider can give a size from 6 to 512 pts. Whereas the slider only allows dragging between 12 to 255 pts.

Q: How do I have different fonts and font sizes in one text watermark?
A: It’s not possible in one text watermark. The solution is make two separate text watermarks.

Misc. Questions

Q: I have my watermarked photo but accidentally deleted my original photo without the watermark. Can I remove the watermark from this photo?
A: Not easily and not in iWatermark. Watermarking is designed to protect your photo and prevent others from removing the watermark as much as possible. It is purposely difficult and in some cases impossible to remove a watermark. One can try using a photo editor like Photoshop to do it. But that will be challenging and is not going to return the photo to the exact original.

IMPORTANT: iWatermark always works on copies of the original and never on the original. Your originals are always safe unless you delete them. Don’t delete your originals and always back up your photos.
If you delete your original photo it may still be found in iCloud, in Albums in the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder, the photo could also be on your Mac, Dropbox, Google Photos and/or other services you use to backup photos.
IMPORTANT: Please read the next Q&A because it also contains info important to understanding this.

Q: How many originals/copies of a photo are there with watermarking.
A: There are 3 different scenarios:
1. If you take a photo with Apples (or some other) camera app then that is the original, iWatermark+ then duplicates and watermarks that duplicate.
2. If you take a photo from within iWatermark+ that photo gets watermarked so there is only 1.
3. If you watermark using the iWatermark+ within Apple Photos as an Editing Extension then it’s different because the Apple Photos app does not duplicate the original, it edits in layers and you can revert those edits. iWatermarks watermarks are put on as a layer in the Apple Photos app. Choose ‘Edit’ and hit ‘Revert’ to remove a watermark put on within Apple’s Photos app.

Q: I choose ‘Do not allow iWatermark+ access to photos’ by accident. How do I turn that on for iWatermark?
A: Go to settings:privacy:photos, find iWatermark+ in the list of apps and turn on the ‘access to photos’ switch for iWatermark+.

Q: Is there a size limitation on photos?
A: Yes. Every year it gets a little bit larger. This makes it easier for developers like ourselves to support opening and manipulating larger images. It is quite amazing that a phone can open SLR photos but there are limits. Newer SLR’s create higher res photos each year and new iPhones can open higher res photos each year. It’s a race.

Q: How do I move the watermark?
A: To move the watermark just touch it with your finger and drag it wherever you want. You can also change the font size, scale (using pinch/zoom) and change the angle (two finger twist) directly by touch. When you rotate the angle with two fingers you will notice that the watermark locks in at the cardinal points 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees. The watermark location can also be changed from the item called ‘Position’ located at the bottom of the settings in most watermarks.

Q: Does iWatermark pass on the EXIF info from the original photo?
A: Yes, any watermarked photo you save to the Photo Album or send via email has all the original EXIF info including GPS info. If you want GPS always removed then there is a setting for that in the preferences. You can view EXIF and other here.

Q: I speak Dutch but the app is showing to me in Swedish, how do I fix this?
A: This can happen in rare cases, it has to do with iOS. You can set a primary and secondary language in the system prefs. since there is no other localized languages yet for iWatermark+ only English the app is trying to go to the secondary language and at some points you must have that set to Swedish. Close the app, go to the system prefs and reset to just Dutch, restart. Now the system will just open in English.

Q: How does Photo Stream work? Do I add a photo to Photo Stream instead of the Camera Roll?
A: This is controlled by Apple not by us. More info is here.

Q: How do I delete the example signatures and logos that are provided?
A: In the Watermarks page touch the watermark and drag left, this will show a red delete button on the right side, touch that to delete that watermark. Or go to organize at the top left of the page where you can also delete watermarks or drag them around to change their order.

Q: How do I upload to Flickr?
A: Download the Flickr app from the app store. It’s free and it has an iOS sharing extension built in. That means when you export from in iWatermark+ it can go straight to “Flickr. Just remember to fill in your user info in General:Settings:Flickr on your iOS device for first time set up for logging in.

Video Questions

Q: I noticed after transferring video to my Mac that the video was compressed?
A: That is not iWatermark+ but may be the process you use to transfer the video to the Mac or PC. This article has more info:

iWatermarks present limits are any photo over 100 MB uncompressed may cause a memory error. The uncompressed size is different then the file size. You may be able to open a file like the pano in the screenshot below but to watermark it takes at least twice as much memory. This number we are sure will continue to get better every year.

Having said all that, feel free to try if you get the warning below, it won’t hurt anything and we’ve found it quite often works and depends on the device you have. We promise as more is possible in the hardware of iPhones and iPads we will expand what is then possible in software.

Why Watermark

Q: Why should I watermark the photos I put on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.
A: Excellent question! Because most of those services remove the invisible metadata in your photo, so there is nothing tying that photo to you unless you put a visible watermark on it. Anyone can drag your Facebook picture to their desktop and use or share to others with no connection between you and your photo and no info in the file that says you created or own it. A watermark makes sure that everyone is clear on the fact that the photo is your IP (intellectual property). A photo you take could go viral. Be prepared. The owner of a watermarked photo is much more likely to be acknowledged, credited and perhaps even paid. To see what metadata is removed by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc look here.

Q: Do any of these watermarks prevent people from stealing the art I post online and using it for their own purposes?
A: A watermark warns most people off and by it’s presence, lets people know the owner cares about their intellectual property. A watermark does not stop people who are determined. Along with the Copyright Act, a watermark definitely helps defend your photo.

We are not lawyers and we are not offering advice. Below is our take on this. Consult your lawyer for legal details.

It’s important to understand the US Copyright Act for photos. The law says the photographer owns the copyright on each photo they take. An exception is when the image falls into the “work-made-for-hire” category.

Copyright for photographers means owning the photo as property. With ownership, come exclusive rights to that property. For photographic copyrights, the ownership rights include:
(1) to reproduce the photo;
(2) to create derivative works based upon the photo;
(3) to distribute copies of the photograph to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease, or lending;
(4) to display the photograph publicly;

Found in the U.S. Copyright Act at 17 U.S.C. 106 (http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap1.html#106)

Your signature or another visible watermark with your logo may increase the damages. From what i have seen of the law online, an image with watermark may increase the damages up to $150,000 instead of just $30,000. It does make sense to put an visible watermark on a photo to: 1) let people know it is your intellectual property and 2) increase the damages if they they are caught willfully disregarding or removing your watermark and using your photo.

If the photographer did not register the image before the infringement started, the photographer can seek “actual damages.” If the photographer registered before the infringement started, the photographer can seek either actual damages or statutory damages. Watermarks only matter when it comes to statutory damages, and then only when it comes to proving willfulness. The watermark itself does not increase available damages. Photographers who do not register their copyrights before infringements start will have little legal benefit from using watermarks.

If there was copyright management information in the embedded metadata stored in the file, OR if there was a watermark that included copyright management information, and if the infringer removed or altered the metadata or the watermark, and if the photographer can prove that the purpose of the removal of the metadata or watermark was to conceal, induce or facilitate copyright infringement, then special damages may be available to the photographer under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). However if the watermark was not “copyright management information,” there is no penalty for its removal or alteration, there is no benefit for the presence of the watermark, legal or otherwise. For example, if the watermark is just a word or phrase or symbol or icon, there is no benefit of the watermark, unless it communicates (1) the identity of the copyright owner (such as name, logo, contact info) or (2) identifying information about the image, or (3) rights information (copyright notice, registration number, rights statement, etc)

If the photographer registered the photograph before the infringement started, then the watermark might benefit the photographer. Or not.

(1) A watermark can block a claim of “innocent infringement.” If a watermark is legible and includes a valid copyright notice, then the infringer is barred by law from claiming “innocent infringement” in an effort to reduce statutory damages to as low as $200. A “valid” copyright notice has 3 elements: (a) name of copyright owner, (b) copyright symbol, and (3) year of first publication of the image. If any one of these 3 elements is missing (missing year, missing name, missing copyright symbol) the copyright notice is invalid and can’t be used to prevent the infringer from claiming innocent infringement. The copyright owner can replace the circle c with the word “copyright” or the abbreviation “Copyr” but neither of these words are recognized by law in other countries. None of the above applies to a situation in which the photographer failed to register the photograph before the infringement started.

(2) The act of removing a watermark can indicate willfulness. Statutory damages (available only if the photographer registered the photograph before the infringement started) are between $750 and $30,000 per image infringed. This means that the court has the discretion to award as little as $750 or as much as $30,000. If the photographer is able to prove to the court that the registration was “willful” then the range of damages increases to $30,000 to $150,000. Courts rarely award the maximum. It is quite difficult to prove the infringement was willful. Willful means that the infringer knew that the usage was illegal, and then proceeded to intentionally infringe. It is a mindset. If the infringer removed or altered a visible or steganographic watermark, this can possibly indicate willfulness, unless the watermark was accidentally cropped, or if it was cropped without the intent to conceal the infringement. Again, if the photographer failed to register the image before the infringement started, willfulness is not considered by the court, and the presence/removal of the watermark has little if any bearing.

IMPORTANT: The signatures of John Hancock, Ben Franklin, Galileo are just examples of graphic watermarks. They are the authentic signatures of these individuals. Each was scanned in, digitized, the background removed and saved as .png files. The are included for fun and to show what is possible. We recommend you create your own signature or use your logo for your photos. See the info in the Q&A above about how to create and put your own signature or logo into iWatermark. If you don’t want to create your own graphic watermark you can always create text watermarks as you need them.

Other Apps

We make other apps like SpeechMaker which is a fun, educational and practical app for children thru adults to help keep stage fright at bay. It is a mobile podium and teleprompter and helps anyone organize and give better speeches, learn lyrics, enjoy rap, quote poetry, understand grammar and appreciate history.

Do you or your company want a custom app? Contact us to discuss your ideas.


Please send us your suggestions, bugs and just to tell us how you like it here. Email us a good quote and a link to your site. If you have a great photo with watermark feel free to send it along. We would enjoy hearing from you.

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