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The license keys are always automatically and immediately sent to your email. If you don’t get it then it’s in your spam folder, you may have misspelled it or you may have used another email address.

In any case, log back into the store to see your orders, license keys and to change your email and other settings or use the Recover License page to have all your previous license keys emailed to you.

Q: If I deleted your app or got a new phone, how can I get the app again?

A:  Re-download it using the same ID or email that you originally bought the app with. Tap on the links to learn how to re-download an app you bought from Apple iTunes App Store or from the Google Play Store. If you wonder if you bought the app you can check your receipts on Apple App Store or Google Play. 

Q: I bought your app. How do I get the receipt, check the charge, ask a sales questions?

A: Contact Apple App Store or Google Play, wherever you bought from. We can’t help with sales but we can help you with tech support for our apps.

Q: If I just switched from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android how do i switch the app free?

A:  Apple and Google control all sales and they provide no way to do that.

Our store automatically gives quantity pricing for up to 100 copies. Click here to go to our store to purchase in quantity. For other sales and pricing questions please contact us.