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Version: 5.8.95
Latest: 7/4/24
Requires: Mac Universal, Mac OS 10.11-14.1+

iClock – World Clock, Calendar, Alarm, Music, Time, Date, Chimes, Timers, Enhanced Productivity…

Replace the aged Mac clock menu bar app. Step up to iClock for modern time management & enhanced productivity.  Features include instantly viewing Google or Apple calendar/events right from the menubar. A world clock of current time/date for all cities/timezones in the world. Stop watch, countdown clock, moon phase, floating clocks, IP, date difference calculator, application menu, alarms, global teleconference scheduler/timezone converter and ‘Take 5’ a Pomodoro type break timer. Laptop alarm for use at Starbucks or the airport. Customize time & date in any format, font or color. iClock is an essential, resource efficient, modern app for Mac OS. Download the fully working version free. Try it out free and see if you can return to the old Mac menubar clock. ­

“Amazingly versatile, super customizable Mac menu bar clock” – J.R. Bookwalter, MacWorld April, 2020

“This is a fantastic program.”Leo Laporte, MacBreak

Wow, very cool… I’m really having fun with iClock! – David Pogue

For 20 years Apple’s built-in Mac
menubar clock has remained exactly like this.

Iclock for mac


iclock app icon/logo from plum amazing. icon consists of clock with blue face world clock and gray rim world clock calendar timer alarms chimes mac menubar app


It replaces the old Apple clock with modern world time/date management, productivity tools and a laptop motion alarm right from your menubar

Time in Menubar

See the time in any format, color, font, size. Click for much more

World Time Menu

Click on the Time to instantly see the local time in any city or timezone in the world

Take 5/Pomodoro Timer

Take that needed break, with the best pomodoro timer with visual & audio reminders.

Floating Clocks

Shows time & date & clockface for cities you choose, horiz. or vertically on your desktop

Global Scheduler *

Extremely handy tool to help arrange a multi-timezone teleconference

Internal & External IP

See and click on them to copy IP number to the clipboard


Resizable calendar that you can customize to show 1 to 12 months, add photo, float, embed on desktop or as normal window. Also prints nicely.

Automate Dark Mode

Automate appearance of Dark/Light Mode with sunset & sunrise or your custom schedule. Set manually from the menubar too.

Notarized by Apple

Notarized using the latest Apple security services for developers

Date in Menubar

See the date in the menubar in any format. Click to instantly see either Tiny or Big calendar


Click the date in the menubar for this custom calendar works with Google or Apple calendars


Handy quick alarms for any date and time. Save for quick reuse

Moon Phases

Moon phases shown automatically in the menubar


A very accurate stopwatch for timing all kinds of events

Application Menu

Remember how in Mac OS 9 there was this great menu to access apps & sys preferences


Hear Big Ben or other chimes on the 1/4, 1/2 and/or hour (optional)

Resource Efficient

iClock uses a miniscule amount of system resources

Countdown Timer

Count down to a big event like New Years or an anniversary

Laptop Alarm

Power disconnect sets off alarm. Great for Starbucks, Airport

iClock is time, date, alarms, calendars, moon phases, countdown, stopwatch, chimes, floating clocks, pomodoro timers, application menu, BigCal, TinyCal, automation of dark/light mode, global scheduling, world time, laptop alarm and much more.

It’s way easier to use than it is to describe.

Master the flow of time

With iClock essential utilities at your fingertips


✓ Works great in Light andDark Mode in Mac OS 10 to 13+

✓ Have your Apple or Google calendar instantly available from the menubar

✓ 2 types of calendars (tiny or big calendars) accessible from the menubar and draggable different size to help you see and easily edit your schedule and events

✓ From the menubar tap the Time to see the local time and important info for any cities in the world in a handy customizable menu. The best world time or world clock on Mac.

✓ ‘Take 5’ is a break or pomadoro timer to remind office workers to take a few minutes to get up and more around or exercise for health

✓ Have the day, date, and time in different fonts and colors in the menu bar

✓ Global Scheduler: helps you arrange the timing of international meetings to fit everyone’s schedule

✓ Set alarms instantly from the menubar for cooking eggs, making meetings, errands or anniversaries

✓ Countdown timer, stopwatch, and floating clocks on your desktop

✓ Floating clocks can be analog or digital. Analog has dozens of clockfaces

✓ In all these mini-apps customize the time/date in all the ways the Apple clock cannot

✓ Add an Application menu to the menubar (like in OS 9) to allow seeing all running apps and switching to them

✓ Optional laptop alarm. Enable the laptop alarm and get alerted by some powerful alarm sounds when your power cord is disconnected.

✓ Customize BigCal colors, size, etc. to your liking add your favorite photo and print 1 to 12 month calendar for your wall or friends

✓ All options above can be turned on or off and customized in hundreds of ways to meet your needs

iClock is about productivity but not just about business! Enjoy moon phases, chimes with sound effects like Big Ben or a cuckoo clock. It’s fun to use.Tap here if you have any questions.

iClock Provides World Time Menu Alarms Chimes Calendar Timers Moon Phases Floating Desktop Clocks Global Scheduler Countdown/up Timer Custom Time/Date App Menu Stopwatch Pomodoro Timer Laptop Movement Alarm Much More...

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For the Time of your life
$ 18
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Available on all your Macs
  • 2 Years of updates & support

iClock is the essential replacement for the old Apple

menubar clock with a much more powerful productivity feature set.


It even has a laptop power disconnect alarm for when you are at Starbucks or the Airport.

Iclock for mac

iClock Sherlocks Apple's Menubar Clock


  • - a mac os broke the minical display for 2 thru 6 months. now fixed.
  • - addition to the credits. added contribution by Brian Foster of 3 sounds
    - posting this version also to the app store
  • - changed the source for the getting ip info for display in the menu.
    - compiled for latest xcode
    - works great on monterey, intel and apple's m1 chips
  • - implemented edsa in sparkle
    - fix of floating clocks (stuck on previous day) issue
  • - this version now allows using the time and date menu, just the time menu or (new) just the date menu for those that wanted that choice. now when using just the date menu (time menu turned off) one can switch to the prefs or quit from the pref icon on either bigcal or tinycal. it's not possible to turn off both time and date as this would (and did) cause a rift in the temporal continuum. as user tpol emailed us a inter-dimensional temporal fracture was responsible for many of the issues noted in 2020. that issue was addressed on 1/20/21.
    - Now time menu and date menu color will not change for mac OS 11.0 onwards. Fixed this issue for mac OS 11.0 onwards. However color will change to black from white for macOS below than 11.0 because on below 11.0 macOS menubar background is white and we can’t see white text on white background.
    - other small misc changes to make licensing easier.
    thanks to users who submitted suggestions and other feedback.
  • - first universal version of iclock for both intel and apple silicon. changes made to iclock code so that it can run natively on intel and m1 macs. the resulting app for that is a universal binary. iclock is now universal!
    - new onboarding for new users because of the changes in mac os 11/big sur. the main one is that now apple uses the apple clock in the menu bar open and close notifications. the apple clock can be changed into an icon so there are not 2 dates and 2 times in the menubar. instructions are in the onboarding and at the top of the manual. onboarding open automatically for new users but can be open anytime time from in iclock prefereces:gerneral:advanced and tapping the 'open onboarding screen'
    - many other smaller modifications to the app.

    thanks and happy new year to all iclock users! times are changing.
  • - fixed the option to move to system folder which was broken by mac os 11. now fixed
    - updated a deprecated function (nsbeep)
    - other small improvements for mac os 11 big sur
    - fixed mac os 11 issue where after date menu tapped it stayed selected. (already fixed in 5.7.2)

    if you just installed Mac OS Big Sur (mac os 11) make sure to look at the top of the manual for important installation info.
  • - fix for mac os 11 where after date menu tapped it stayed selected. now fixed.

    for more info about using iclock with mac os 11 please see the top of the iclock manual.
  • - fixed location permission issue which brought error dialog up instead of permission dialog.
  • - added Iceland in cities/countries database.
    - added new plist with city name timezone.
    - sorted the zone list for quick selection
    - ui improvements to tinycal.
    - - apple & google calendar button moved to the top right of tinycal. shows what calendar you are using. click it to open the calendar. more convenient. suggested by user.
    - - new display number of months dropdown menu appears at top right top right of tinycal. more convenient. suggested by user.
    - - new display size of tinycal dropdown menu appears at top right top right of tinycal. more convenient. suggested by user.
    - added a 6 month calendar option for tinycal.
    - updated all previews on tinycal. hold the cursor over a button to see what it does.

    big thanks, to users jon, barry and frank for their feedback.
  • - commas can now be used when creating new custom date or time formats
    - compiled with xcode 11.4
    thanks to users and those at apple for letting others know about iclock. you are na ka oi (you are the best. from hawaiian)
  • - sounds (for alarms) all sorted alphabetically now based on user suggestion. thanks!
  • - added 2 new sizes to tinycal, larger and jumbo.
    - made events 2 lines
    - events now have start and finish time
    - show either 24 or 12 hours(AM/PM) time based on system settings.
  • - [new] added time to Google and Apple events. clicking on an event in tinycal shows the time of events in the small menu calendar.
  • - added a bunch of new clockfaces thanks to a user
  • - [new] custom time/date formatter page in prefs. allows having any kind of time or date format in the time or date menu.
  • - [improved] can now select one or more calendars in "Active Calendar"

    - [fixed] flashing in dark mode Date in Menu Bar disappears and reappears when clicking to retrieve the calendar (TinyCal or BigCal).

    - [fixed] The event list that shows up when clicking a date in TinyCal showed up in black text on dark gray background in Dark Mode was almost invisible. Now easily visible.
  • - not a major version. you can hold off. mostly for apple store purchasers
    - apple store and other iclock versions which had different version numbers now synched together on version 5.5
    - compiled with xcode 11
    - improves subscription
    - ui improvements
  • - continued improving the laptop power disconnect alarm for use in starbucks, the airport, etc.
    - misc other improvements
  • - improves the laptop power disconnect alarm for use in starbucks, the airport, etc.
    - misc other improvements
  • - Calalina compatible, Mac OS 10.15
    - other misc improvements
  • - added huge list of cites with lat, long and time zone. this allows the sunset and sunrise info to be more accurate for those cities.
    - added an option of 'Hot Key' at the bottom of floating clocks pref panel and take 5 pref panel.
    - many misc improvements to ui
    - when ‘remove from dock’ (in general prefs) is unchecked iclock now shows in dock and should also in the application switcher.
  • - fixed issue that sunset/sunrise is using old lat, lng. added code in app delegate to get latest lat, lng on app launch.
    - app store version changes
  • - congratulations to apple on the latest wwdc and for the new imac pro.
    - improvement to the 'take 5' ui. while we're on that app remember to download 'Take Five' the jazz piece that was played originally by Dave Brubecks group and written by Paul Desmond. It makes a great tune to take a break by. it's the perfect length. You can do push ups, stare out the window to rest your eyes, Surya Namaskars (look on youtube if your not familiar with this mind/body/breathing/spirit exercise), or Burpees (also available on youtube.com), etc. Here's a little article on the health benefits of doing Suryas which easy can be done in your cubicle or whatever space you have.
    - removed the reset buttons on the permissions panel
    - calendar refreshes automatically now when you go to the menubar calendar:tiny cal:calendar:apple this should work fine now for everyone using apple or google calendar with the tinycal.
  • - more improvements to calendar.
    Fixed Issue — when user clicked on a date in tinycal, it only showed event details below for <1 sec. now stays open.
    - these calendar types are all displayed, EKCalendarTypeLocal, EKCalendarTypeCalDAV, EKCalendarTypeExchange, EKCalendarTypeSubscription.
    - additional ui changes to Take 5
  • Fixed the following.
    - [Fixed] First time, apple events are not showing on calendar.
    - [Fixed] Fixed the issue, Calendar not working, if iCloud is enabled.
    - [Fixed] Added TypeCalDAV(icloud), TypeExchange and TypeSubscription option for calendar.
    - improvements to Take 5. more coming...

    If you use Apple Calendar please give it a test to see if you can see your accounts. Please let us know if you have an issue or recommendation.
  • - fixed strange shadow in floating clocks.
    - fixed crashes in laptop alarm reported by crashlytics
    - light/dark mode fixed in app store version.
    - other small fixes.
  • - now compiled in xcode 10.2
    - fixed issue with storekit
    - improved permissions panel and it's items
  • - iclock now notarized! yet another new apple security feature we added before before its essential in mac os 10.15
    - added laptop alarm with new sounds - the alarm detects if the powercable is disconnected then sounds the selected alarm sound. only available for use on mac laptops. we make no guarantee on this alarm will save your laptop. you can test it out yourself. arm the alarm, choose one of the new sounds and pull the cord to see what happens. could be handy for starbucks when you use the restroom :-) or maybe it's safer to take it with you. you decide.
    - new permissions panel. getting permissions automatically brings up the usual dialogs for calendar, location and apple events but this panel will help make sure the correct permissions are available to access features.
  • - fixed apple store version to show the 'always login at Mac startup'
    - fixed month doesn't show in tinycal in dark mode.
    - added new options for BIGCal. first day of the week can be set.
    - BIGCal prefs now split into General and Styling
  • - added to the choices to use Google or Apple calendars a 3rd which is neither
    - fix for floating clocks to column
    - fix for new login items appearing. if you have more than 1 iclock in login items. quit iclock. go to system preferences:users & groups:login items and delete all the iclocks there. then launch iclock and in iclocks preferences:general turn on (checkmark) the 'Always launch iClock at Mac startup'.
    - fix for wrong characters appearing in custom formats.
    - fixed local time in Time menu broken in last version
  • - add none to the choice of calendars. none, apple, google are the choices for a calendar connected to the date in the menubar. if none is chosen then when the menubar date is clicked no calendar appears below.
    - fixed issue with label in custom formats being changed to a number.
  • - now both analog and digital floating clocks can go all the way to the top of the screen just below the menubar.
    - reset all button now will totally reset the app back to the default settings. don't push that button unless you want to lose all the customizations, new time & date formats, etc. you have made to the app. it is for situations where you really do want to reset iclock to it's defaults.
    - the settings for custom date & time now includes more visible ways of using leading 0's to construct new formats.

    big thanks as always for all the great feedback! iclock just get's better & better.
  • - ip's & internet info refresh more consistently and quickly.
    - reset all item updated to include all new features.
    - fixed intermittent dupe of floating clocks menu item in time menu
    - floating clocks fix for correct format
    - added flags back for flags floating clocks
    - app menu can now be sorted alphabetically
    - spacing after date and before time made more consistent with other menubar items
    - now all time and date formats can be deleted without causing a crash.
    - day options removed from the time formats drop down menu.
    - lots of other misc. improvements made.
    thanks to ludo for those last few. thanks for letting others know about iclock it helps us to keep improving it.
  • - added time and date format requested by eric mandel
    - improved permissions for accessing apple and google calendar
    - fixed showing of data at large sizes of calendar in tinycal
  • - solved the unidentified developer signing issue. app will open without extra dialogs.
  • - month nav buttons and a current month button added to bigcal
    - tap 'c' in bigcal to go to current month, both of these requests thanks to user scott sacker
    - new prev to show/hide am/pm in floating clocks. that request thanks to tom quakenbush. yes, that is his real name. he wanted to have on floating clock float on top without anything else. now you can have 1 analog clock on your desktop floating above all apps. it a good addition to iclock.
    - added swift version number to satisfy apple app store.
    * you may want to let your friends know if they are just using the apple clock they are kinda missing out.
  • - light/dark ui changes solidified. check it out
    - changes to allow adding commas for custom date and time.
    - more consistent symetric space between time and date in custom formatter. thanks to ludo for reporting these last 2.
    - new onboarding for beginners. let's them know how to turn off apple clock. how to move iclock via command drag.
    - installing info also updated in the manual.
    - other misc changes.
  • - added an onboarding screen that only appears once to inform beginners that they might see two clocks in the menubar when they start iclock. the 2'nd is the apple clock and how they turn it off.
    - final changes to the light/dark mode pref panel. now you can turn that totally off, manual (which you can switch there or in the Time Menu). Or in the two automatic modes, sunset/sunrise or scheduled.
    - floating clocks can now be used on 2nd, etc monitors.

    big thanks to all the users for suggestions and bug reports. you are plum amazing!
  • - added sound notificatons to the countdown alarm
  • - final adjustments to light/dark mode
  • - now set light/dark mode manually or automatically. manually can be set via pref or in menu option. automatically allows changing via local sunset/sunrise or users custom schedule.
    - more user interface added for switching light/dark mode manually and automatically. manual switching is now on by default.
    - changes to compiling
  • - [new] use the great dark/light mode of mac os 10.14 more fully with this iclock feature. change to dark/light mode manually, to a particular time or to sync with sunset/sunrise. try it out and give us your feedback.

    keep the ideas coming. thanks to all users.
  • - added sunset/sunrise and more astronomical times in the time menu when selecting a city and then sunset/sunrise. this brings up a dialog. this may change to a panel for astro info in the pref area in future.
    - fixed the license dialog text for mojave dark mode
    - iclock can ask for access to the calendar now on mojave and the user can grant access.
    - other fixes.
    thanks to users for the great feedback, suggestions and support.
  • - chimes fixed
    - ui improved for showing sounds
    - if you are liking iclock and you like the continual improvements, please put up a brief review on macupdate (requires logging in) here:
    - big thanks to users for the suggestions and comments
  • - small update with misc fixes
  • - alarm time in menu now updates.
    - now custom date formats can be deleted in the same way as custom time formats can by using the red x.
    - in custom date format day of week would mess up whole custom date, now fixed.
    - Fixed the issue when selecting the menu option in custom date format field then it shows the selected menu item like a token not text.
  • - enabled second hand on floating clocks
    - in floating clocks, digital mode now shows even when there are few columns
    - sometimes, floating clocks disappeared while changing space between floating clocks.
    - reset to default also resets floating clocks.
    - fixed: time in time menubar was not shown after reset in dark mode.
    - more improvements to dark mode in mac os 10.13 and the new 10.14
  • - improved dark mode on mac os 10.13 and 10.14
    - floating clocks fix for time in certain locations.
    - more ui changes.
    - new user created time formats are now added to the time menu for the menubar and for use in items in the menu.
    - added new iClock S app to the app store. it is the same as the shareware iClock but is a subscription version. for people who want to get it from the app store, try free 14 days and then subscribe for 0.99/month. apple gets 30% of this.
    - added iClock to the app store it is the same features and price but apple get's 30% of the total cost on this one too. so, if you can buy direct please do.

    if you like iClock please let your friends know. it does not make us rich but it does all us to keep working on these projects. thanks for the support, bug reports and suggestions.
  • - floating clocks fix for time in certain locations.
    - more ui changes.
  • - works great in the new mac os 10.14 (mojave) especially in dark mode.
    - updated floating clocks to have access to the same date and time formats that the time and date menu have.
    - creation of a separate iclock that is free to test and then available for inexpensive subscription instead of one time price.
    - thanks to users for all the feedback and suggestions. if you get a chance please put up a review on macupdate.com there is a link to do this in the app prefs. thanks.
  • - UI changes in the Global Scheduler
    - Added subscription version of iClock for Apple Store (it will be released there as soon as it's approved.
  • - now the location settings for floating clocks is remembered on multiple monitors.
    - transparency/opacity control for font color in the big calendar settings
  • - allows moving floating clocks between different monitors.
    - fixes for app store submission
  • - remember calendar size
    - changed ui for dialog asking about problems and suggestions to have a 'Don't ask again' checkbox.
    - added iclock to fabric analytics
    - other small changes.
  • - now you can delete the photo in bigcal in addition to selecting a new photo.
    - bigcal size setting is remembered. this means when you change the size of the bigcal calendar and close it then reopening it will return to the last size.
    - floating digital clocks now shows correct time in 24 hour mode.
    - can now set the color for name of the month in bigcal prefs.

    as usual big thanks to all users for the great feedback and suggestions.
  • - in the iclock:general preferences you can set 'check for updates' to be daily, weekly or monthly.
    - new file path for locations file was at com.scriptsoftware now in library:application support at com.plumamazing.iClock
    - user interface improvements and choice of days for alarms.
    - start at login removed from menu and only in the iclock:general preference now
    - now day number set more exactly in big calendar can be set any of the 4 corners or center of the day square.
    - now can choose full or abbrev. month name in big cal
  • - advanced pref page replaced general page which has the 'start at login' and 'check for updates'
    - if 24 hour time is selected in system preferences:language®ion it now shows correctly in the digital floating clocks.
    - url schemes fixed
    - day numbers location can be set. (still needs a fix for top ones)
    - ui changes in registration area,
    - removed the extra google and apple calendar selection buttons.
    - name added to front of registration field
    - crash switching between apple and google calendar on some systems fixed.
    - 24 hour time is chosen via the system pref:language®ion
    - start at login" now in iclock prefs as well as in the time menu
    - version number on each page of prefs and is clickable to reveal
    the change log page.
    - other misc. changes

    please keep the feedback coming.
  • - now works in guest accounts
  • - changed color conversion for color picker
    - start at login issue for some users
    - place selector ui improved
    - added default colors and background image for bigcal
  • - fixed setting color of background in bigcal
  • - drag and drop photo into bigcal calendar to add photo to the top. photo can also be selected and calendar formated in the preferences.
    - audio output via sound preferences goes to internal speakers first.
    - other misc. changes to ui.
    - default colors set in bigcal
    - frame now sets the correct color
  • - add draggable divider on bigcal to adjust photo size, yay!
    - many new and better clockfaces added in floating clocks, yay!
    - now custom time formats appear not just in the time menu but also in the time format for locations/cities
    - added delete option for custom time format
    - fixed frame color on bigcal
    - add year checkbox for digital clock in floating clocks
    - floating clocks showed wrong date when left open, fixed
    - fixed crash on Os 10.12 when selecting menu items frequently
    - fixed issue external ip did not updated when network changed.
    - moved date to be same vertical line as date
    - multiple login items fixed
    - set default colors for bigcal
    - improving the display and accuracy of ip addresses in time menu
    - many other changes, improvements, ui and bugs fixed.
    big thanks for all the feedback! keep it coming.
  • if you can't install this automatically, go to plumamazing.com and install this update manually.
    - numerous ui changes.
    - some people had crash opening preferences, now fixed.
    - fixed the error that occurred while copying 'cities and countries' plists.
    prefs and display to bigcal
    - appcast changed to https.
    - sparkle (check for updates) improved.
    - login items appearing multiple times fixed.
    - many other miscellaneous fixes and improvements.
    thanks for all the feedback. please keep it coming.
  • - do a manual download and install to get this version.
    - many ui changes in locations and alarms
    - alarms show in menubar
    - take 5 ui improved
    - changes in manual
    - refresh of locations after editing
    - time menu can no longer be turned off. it caused a problem for users trying to get to preferences in time menu :-)
    - icon now in tinycal to launch apple calendar just like the one to launch google calendar.

    thanks for all the feedback. please let us know if you have some good suggestion for iclock.
  • - sparkle fixes
    - many ui changes in locations and alarms
    - alarms show in menubar
    - take 5 ui improved
    - changes in manual
    - refresh of locations after editing
    - time menu can no longer be turned off. it caused a problem for users trying to get to preferences in time menu :-)
    - icon now in tinycal to launch apple calendar just like the one to launch google calendar.

    thanks for all the feedback. please let us know if you have some good suggestion for iclock.
  • - improvements to onboarding tutorial
    - take 5 improved.
  • - fixed the updating of times for all cities in time menu
    - other misc changes
  • - fixed jumping of tinycal
    - many logins created problem, reported by joel parker, fixed.
    - active alarms now appear in menubar all the time they are active.
    - a variety of possible crashes fixed.
    - appearance of calendar now based on left edge of calendar or moon if that option is selected.
    - default date menu now black instead of dark gray.
    - other misc. changes.

    iclock is once again solid. feel free to let others know about it.
  • - fixed the issue alarm menu was not updated after activating alarm.
    - fixed Take5 issue.
    - time menu code rewritten to fix not highlighting bottom menu items and crash on some macs.
    - switching between tinycal and bigcal, calendar no longer squashed.
    - alarm ui improved.
  • iClock users, no need to update every day and everytime we produce a new version. A few people had a crash on opening the preferences. If you did have that issue and this version fixes that then please let us know.

    If you see a problem or have a suggestion now is the time to let us know.

    - fixed calendar zoom problem when dock is on right or left side
    - merged in TimeMenuFix. Update timemenu on every menu item insertion.
  • - fixed issue in the app menu. app menu used to go to the running version but does not now. reported by user
    - in floating clocks add setting for analog clock to show/hide day and date. reported by user
    - fixed issue, didn't change font size and color of menu items in dark mode reported by user.
  • - fixed the issue app icon is not showing in dock.
    - added a solution to prevent crash after sleep on some macs.
    - fixed the month 13 out of bounds line appearing in console log by replacing the deprecated method.
  • - added 'Edit location' to bottom of hierarchical menus for locations/cities.
    - added more info on timezones on the 'set timezone' pref page
    - added help link on each page of prefs by tapping the ? icon
  • - floating clocks when checked remember setting and appear on restart.
    - changes in the time menu
    - replaced the "Menu Calendar" name with "Menubar Calendar".
    - fixed hot keys.
  • - fixed the crash on choosing apple calendars, when apple calendar access is not granted. iClock has to be added to the Calendar area of the System Preferences:Security & Privacy panel. more in the manual.
    - show error message, if user hasn't granted apple calendar access.
  • - fixed date menu background appearing white for some people
    - added code to allow finding errors thru analytics
    - fixed the crash reported on crashlytics.
    - fixed the locations menu color and font issue to make it symmetric.

    there is a crash (application quits) that happens for some people (not us unfortunately) that may be fixed. if you get this and have a moment, please send us a report, read this:
    and send us some details and the crash log. thanks.
  • - show error message, if user hasn't granted apple calendar access.
    - fixed hot keys
    - fixed the crash when selecting the voice from alarm preferences and immediately move to other views.
    - improved the formatting in GlobalSchedular when sending the email.
    - still working on an issue that cuts off the bottom of the time menu
  • - improved ui for take5. new menus. does not start automatically with each new version.
    - minor changes.
  • - tinycal appears under the calendar now.
    - fix for a crash connected with global scheduler.
    - solidify the ui

    please give us your feedback (bugs and suggestions). thanks!
  • - fixes for global scheduler
    - fixes for tinycal in menu calendar.

    please if you spot any issue, have a suggestion or issue let us know. take a screenshot. write down some details and send it in. info@plumamazing.com thanks!
  • - happy thanksgiving!
    - if you are happy with a previous version and don't want to test a new version (that has a couple beta features) then hold off for a week for the new version. otherwise enjoy
    - iclock in this version is beta testing 1 new calendar, called tinycal that supports both Apple Calendar & Google Calendar!
    - [beta] in iclock tinycal support for Apple Calendar
    - [beta] in iclock tinycal support for Google Calendar + extra calendars.
    - [beta] - global scheduler, a way to arrange a teleconference at times appropriate for everyone in the world.
    - other fixes and improvements.
    the betas may be missing some functionality (not finished) but you can try them out.
  • - updated ui on take 5. take 5 reminds people to take a break while working at a desk and is customizable for time between breaks, break time and number of times to repeat.
    - take 5 has sounds for break start and break stop. system, user recordings, take 5 special sounds and user library. it can include mp3's
    - date menubar item now works with dark mode like time menubar item already does.
    - other misc. improvements.
    - if there is any feature you want to see, now is the time to ask.
  • - color for time in time menu is maintained even in dark mode.
  • - improvements to the time format generator.
  • - more sounds available and sorted for chimes, take 5 and alarms.
    - 3 new sounds added thanks to Brian Foster
    - The Drop Shadow for the menubar shadow was changed from going up to going down from the text.
  • - date format generator. drag blue pills to customize area. touch the dropdown menu of each to set to one of the many formats for month, day, etc.
    - time format generator. not perfect yet.
    - more sounds and imovie sounds added to take 5 and alarms
    - in time menu, city has hierarchical menu to open/search for that city in wikipedia, weather, wolframalpha, google or maps.google
    - take 5 works better. once set in prefs can turn on and off from time menu. still not perfect. we would like to hear your suggestions.
    - many other tweaks
    - still no color for text in dark mode. that is coming.
    - countdown timer added. enhanced with ability to turn red within x hours of event.
    - calendar now can be set to open small with one month, 6 months or 12 months. then stretched as big as your monitor or perhaps monitors. can be set on desktop or to always frontmost window or regular window.
    - more to come.
  • - issue with 3.5.7 moved back to 3.5.6 for now.
    - more preferences in calendar pref
    - more features in calendar
    - countdown is now found in the countdown preferences.
    - we appreciate all your suggestions and bug reports.
    - new manual. has new info on countdown timer and the calendar. details about getting more sounds into iclock. check it out.
  • - custom dates
    - start on countdown clock
    - more flexibility and prefs in calendar
    - new manual
    - added a new date format
    - check for updates downloads, extracts but does not install. a manual install of new versions is still needed.
  • - iclock items now shows in the menubar dark mode
    - check for updates is now in the about page of the prefs and in the iclock menu.
  • - take 5, the feature that acts like a pomodoro or break timer, is improved. ui better and bugs fixed.
    - for users who get the app and when opened it is not in the app folder, it asks if you want to move the app to the app folder saving users a step and keeping your mac better organized.
    - alarms, from our tinyalarm app, is now in iclock.
    - the minicalendar had it's ui improved and some fixes.
    - other misc. changes.
    thanks for your feedback. let us know if you have suggestions.
  • - calendar can now grow from 1 month to 12 months by expanding the window.
    - other small fixes.
  • - more changes in ui and defaults
  • - changing the ui.
    - beginning to add a new feature called 'take 5'.
  • - fixed check on ip address in time menu
    - all running apps show in app menu. also the recent folder which shows recently opened apps and system prefs folder.
3.4.2 2016-11-18
  • - new version now reads old registration info.
  • - even though this is a rewrite and new version of iclock we are going to call it 3.0 to differentiate it from the previous version.
    - make a new pref that allows hiding the app icon in the dock.
    - ui for pref panel improved
    - continue to extend the asm menu IN PROGRESS
    - time in menubar has a leading 0
    - ip number works
    - tinyalarm now in iclock
    - tinycal into iclock IN PROGRESS
    - SPARKLE (check for updates) upgraded in aop. will work in next version.
    - iclock picks up changes in timezone.
    - UI changes
    - calendar will be replaced by tinycal in next version.
    - many other small fixes.
    - more coming soon.

Manuals can also be found in the Help menu or ? icons within every app.

If you prefer buying on the Mac App Store, iClock has 2 Versions Available.

Try Free for 2 weeks then subscribe – free for 14 days then 0.99/month subscription

Buy Paid Version – same $18.00 price as buying from our store.

Both are exactly functionally the same as the version available here on Plum Amazing. 30% of the price goes to Apple. Sometimes it takes us a few days longer to get a version released by Apple.




If you are looking for iClock for older Macs with older OS’s ere are links to all old versions. You may need to look at the changelot to help figure out which one might work best for you. The change log is here:



4.5 mice rating iClock Review on MacWorld

4.5 mice out of 5, MacWorld, April 2020

“iClock review: Amazingly versatile, super customizable Mac menu bar clock. Replaces the standard macOS menu bar day and time with a more customizable, full-featured experience.” J.R. Bookwalter, MacworldApril 13, 2020

iClock for Mac: an extremely powerful replacement for Apple’s basic menu bar clock. iClock, one of the oldest Mac apps, has been completely rewritten from the ground up and updated for macOS Mojave 10.14.4. With its modern, productivity-boosting time management tools, iClock is more than a suitable replacement for Apple’s spartan clock in macOS.” – Christian Zibreg, iDownloadblog, April 25, 2019

 “iClock zeigt sich als vielseitiger Ersatz für die von Apple seit rund 35 Jahren kaum veränderte Standard-Uhr in der Menüleiste von macOS.”
Chris, iFun.de, 25 Apr 2019

TRANSLATION: “iClock proves to be a versatile replacement for the standard clock that has been barely changed by Apple for about 35 years in the menu bar of macOS.”  Chris, iFun.de (German Mac Magazine), Thursday, 25 Apr 2019

“If you’re a Mac geek like me and need a clock that does everything then Apple won’t help you. iClock can. This may be the most customizable menu bar clock with calendar, alarms, chimes and alerts, and even timezones for world clock capability…Get your Mac geek on with iClock’s robust settings and options.” – Terra Thomas O’Brien, TeraTalks,1/21/19

“iClock is simply a more useful and powerful menubar clock. Try it and you will quickly learn why this is one of my favourite apps.” – Marcel Dufresne, Excerpt from Mac Users of Southern Ontario Newsletter, Nov 2017

Clock Pro is truly ‘the Essential Mac Menubar Clock’. It is described as ‘A time hub which replaces the Mac OS X clock with many more useful menus, options and applications that everyone can use in day to day life.’ That really is a very significant understatement. It is truly amazing all of the features included in the program, many of which I didn’t even know that I needed, but now won’t live without! My daily Mac use is now much improved, well worth this small investment in productivity.”
Tom Piper, AppleJac – 3/25/15


“This is a fantastic program.”

Leo Laporte on MacBreak 261

iClock saves time! Once again I’ve snagged an invaluable tool from Plum Amazing. iClock elegantly offers just the right balance of functionality and features. No digging – no bloat; just a wonderfully simple tool to help manage my clock, my time, my Mac.
– Rand Miller, Co-creator of Myst and Riven

“I tried iclock because I was annoyed with not being able to see the date in the bar. When I went to pay for it, I noticed copypaste and decided to try it because I frequently want to do a little fancier copying. I probably won’t use the more advanced options, but I want the simple things to work well. Thanks Ed.” – Dr. Edward Catmull, one of the co-founders of Pixar. He was President and CTO of Pixar and now is President of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios.

“With my line of work, I never know what distant corner of the world my job will take me. iClock’s simple, intuitive interface never lets me down. With a quick glance at the pull-down menu, I can see what time it is where I am….where I’m going…and where I’ve been. With another click, I can check the weather at my next destination. Its so much more than a digital timepiece for the Mac.” – Kevin Rafferty, visual effects supervisor “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”, “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace”, “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” and many other movies.

“It’s hard to imagine that so much functionality could be packed into a ‘clock’!” – Guy Kawasaki, Author, Blogger, Evangelist, and Entrepreneur.

“Many thanks. Great app!” –David Bogart, Executive VP & COO, Ontario Innovation Trust

“The new iClock is excellent and it is very stable. I also like all those links to various sites. I really love being able to easily glance at the bar and see the day and date plus I find the drop down calendar super useful in that it lists calendar items that are coming up. Excellent!” – Kerry Dawson

“Best time I ever had!!!!” – Charles Henry, PanTech Inc.

“I love iClock. It’s not only attractively designed, it’s really useful, too. Besides all its time features, I was delighted when I saw that it restored the drop down menu for open applications.” – James Henry Rubin, Professor and Chair, Department of Art, State University of New York

“The feature that attracted me to iClock was the location time menu. As you know software sales is world wide because of the Internet. When I need to make a service call overseas I need to know what time it is in that country. I have used other products that require running a program to see the times, or software that clutters the desktop with clocks. iClock is simple, non-obtrusive and FAST. Thank you for a very useful yet simple to use program.” – David Parrish

“iClock is AWESOME! You should really try to get Apple to include it with all their machines! I’m glad I found it. Thanks!” – John Kingdon

“I couldn’t live without iClock now. I love it because it is so simple, but has so many powerful features. I am constantly amazed at what it can do.” – Anil K Solanki

“I am a ham radio operator and I just want others to know that iClock 2 offers useful nw features for hams. The new 2.0 version supports handy web links along with many other useful features making it a very nice tool for HAM operators. I use iClock for time conversions, a handy quick calendar for looking up date (launches iCal when you want to enter something), Alarms, Stocks and more. An important note is Mark Fleming the author is interested in other links hams might find useful.” – Steve Hellyer

“iClock is more like a rose than a Swiss Army Knife: every time I admired a feature, there was another underneath.” – Graham K. Rogers, review in eXtensions, 2004

“For those with increasing communication with relatives, friends, and business partners located in various time zones, you will like seeing their local times with a simple mouse click. Simply put, this is one of the nicest add-on utilities I’ve used, and I highly recommend it.” MacGuild, 2005, Overall Rating 4 1/2 out of 5 Mice

“This product has a number of great uses, many of which would be worth the $20 by themselves. Anyone who uses a Mac throughout the day should check this product out, as they are likely to find several items in this “everything but the kitchen sink” utility that makes it a worthwhile purchase.” MacTech – 2006

“It’s worth every penny of the shareware fee.”David Weeks, 2006

is appreciateD

Thank you!

Plum Amazing, LLC

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