CopyPaste for Mac #1 Copy&Paste MultiClip Manager


Version: 0.9.70
Latest: 5/10/22
Requires: Mac 10.15-12.0+

CopyPaste for Mac – Copy & Paste Multiple Clipboard App – New for 2022!

Most people use Copy & Paste thousands of times a day. The clipboard is essential but just one invisible clipboard that gets deleted with each copy is no longer enough. CopyPaste was the first and most popular multiple clipboard utility to display, archive and edit multiple clipboards. With CopyPaste each copy is remembered in a clip history. It’s like time machine for the clipboard. See and edit any clip. Save multiple clips through restarts. OCR text to the clipboard. Actions to act on clips. Clip sets for boilerplate text & images you use often. Enhances productivity. Incredibly useful. Never lose a clipboard again. A time saver & life saver for all Mac users since the last century (1996).

CopyPaste News

The New CopyPaste Mac

Multiple Copy Paste Clipboard Manager, Now for iOS & Mac


Once upon a time apps were not multi-tasking. You would use one app at a time. Sharing in these ‘before times’ was difficult. To overcome this early limitation Mac OS was the first to use a system clipboard. The system clipboard allowed copying text or graphic into a ‘system clipboard’ in one app, quitting that app, launching another app and pasting from that same ‘system clipboard’. At that time it was a revolutionary invention and productivity enhancer.

About that time we came out with the original CopyPaste which allowed the Mac to use and remember multiple clipboards from within any app. It remembered 10 clips and was the first multi-clipboard utility for any computer. It became very popular. Overtime new features were added, additional clips, more features like actions on clips, additional clipsets were added to the clip history. Decades passed, now in 2021 another complete rewrite of CopyPaste has taken place. The ancient Mac OS clipboard is the same but anyone can upgrade it by adding CopyPaste.

History Of The Clipboard

Copy and Paste History at Xerox Park

From Wikipedia “Inspired by early line and character editors that broke a move or copy operation into two steps—between which the user could invoke a preparatory action such as navigation—Lawrence G. “Larry” Tesler proposed the names “cut” and “copy” for the first step and “paste” for the second step. Beginning in 1974, he and colleagues at Xerox Corporation Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) implemented several text editors that used cut/copy-and-paste commands to move/copy text.[4]”

Apple Clipboard History

On 24th January 1984, Apple introduced the Mac. One of the Mac’s unique abilities was the clipboard, which allowed you to copy info from one application and then paste that info into another application. Prior to the Mac and Lisa (another Apple computer model), operating systems had no inter-application communication. The clipboard was revolutionary in 1984. This was the first popularization of copy, cut & paste and the use of a a clipboard with not just text but many media types.

We asked Bruce Horn (creator of the Mac Finder; see below) for some points about the history of the clipboard in computer science.

“The idea of cut/paste existed in Smalltalk (as did all of the modeless editing concepts), but the visible clipboard was created by Apple. I don’t exactly know who thought of showing the contents of the last thing cut; that came out of the Lisa group, so maybe Larry Tesler would know. Tesler was also the originator of modeless text editing at PARC with his Gypsy editor, which then came to the Smalltalk system. The idea of multiple different but simultaneous types on the clipboard was my idea (e.g., text + pict, for example) and used the four-byte resource type, and was first done on the Mac. I think either Andy H. or Steve Capps actually wrote the code for the clipboard (i.e., the scrap manager) on the Mac”. ~ Bruce Horn 2001.

Bruce Horn is definitely one of the people to ask about the history of the clipboard because he was part of the original team that created the Macintosh. He was responsible for the design and implementation of the Finder, Resource Manager, Dialog Manager, the type/creator mechanism for files and applications, and the multi-type clipboard design, among other architectural innovations built into the Macintosh OS. He worked long hours on computers that had very small amounts of RAM memory to create many of the things that we now all take for granted.

Bruce was recruited at the age of 14 by Ted Kaehler to do some programming experiments in Smalltalk, at Alan Kay’s Learning Research Group in the mid-seventies at the Learning Research Group at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). By the time he joined the Mac team in late 1981, he was an expert in object-oriented programming and graphical user interfaces. Bruce went on to work at Eloquent, Inc.; was one of the first employees at Adobe Systems, Inc.; Maya Design Group; and still later the Institute for Industrial Research in Oslo, Norway.

We also asked Steve Capps (another of the original team that created the Mac), and this is what he had to say: “We all three, Bruce, Andy and Steve (Bruce Horn, Andy Hertzfeld and Steve Capps) probably dabbled here and there, but Andy wrote the majority of the code in the initial release (all few hundred bytes of it). He also wrote the scrapbook desk accessory which let you simulate an n-deep clipboard. Bruce should indeed get the credit for the multiple representations of the same data idea — that wasn’t in Lisa as far as I know”. ~ Steve Capps 2006.

If anyone has any additional points or clarifications about the history of the clipboard, please write and tell us. We are always interested.

CopyPaste App History

CopyPaste, the first multiple clipboard utility, was created by Peter Hoerster in 1993. CopyPaste for Mac was the first version. The reason he embarked on the programming was simply to generate the current Bahá’í date on his computer (Peter is a Bahá’í). Having enjoyed learning to do this, he continued programming, and the result was the incredibly popular CopyPaste for Mac OS 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

The Latest Version

Macs come with only 1 clipboard and every time you make a copy all previous clip info are lost forever. CopyPaste changes that because it works in the background and remembers all copies and cuts creating a ‘Clip History’. That is the basic info but there is much more…

Absolutely essential. I can’t count the number of times a day I use Copypaste. – James Fitz, Longtime CopyPaste User

CopyPaste is the latest incarnation of the one and only, award winning, easy to use, multiple clipboard editing, display and archive utility. Use the new Clip Browser (horizontal browser) or Clip Palette (vertical browser) to see clips from different points of view. Use the ‘CopyPaste Tools’ to act on clipboard data in an instant. Save all clipboards through restarts. Don’t be limited to one clipboard and never lose a clip again. CopyPaste is a time saver/life saver for all Mac users from beginner thru advanced. Try CopyPaste to expand the potential of your Mac, start doing less and accomplishing more.

CopyPaste is the original multiple clip utility for the Mac. CopyPaste has been massively popular since its first release. What has made it so widely appreciated? Usefulness. CopyPaste magnifies and multiplies the usefulness of the humble clipboard and it does it invisibly in the background.

One of the revolutionary features that came with the Mac in 1984 was the unique ability to select text or pictures, etc, then copy that data into a clipboard, to hold that content temporarily and then paste it in the same application or a different one. The clipboard was used to transfer all kinds of info between programs on the Mac, and later this feature was imitated in many other operating systems.

A few years later CopyPaste was the first to take that single clipboard and expand it to add multiple clipboards. This meant that more data could be moved in less time. CopyPaste also allowed these multiple clipboards to be displayed, edited, archived and saved through restarts. CopyPaste revealed the untapped potential of the Mac clipboard.

CopyPaste Features

 (still in process)

User Raves

Ain’t a Mac without it! – Michael Jay Warren

Absolutely essential. I can’t count the number of times a day I use CopyPaste. – James Fitz

Thanks again for a great and indispensable piece of software! I think it is FANTASTIC! – Dan Sanfilippo

Can’t live without it!!! Great product! It’s indispensable and thank you for developing it! – Roger Euchler

“I use CopyPaste all the time! It’s the single most-important add-on software on my Mac! – Alán Apurim

CopyPaste: once you try it, you wonder how could you live without it! – Prof. Dr. Gabriel Dorado, Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics

  • if 'check for updates' does not install, please download the app from and do a manual install. we changed how check for updates works. once you do that update in place will work in the future.
    - in copypaste, command option c, is used to append selected text to the text currently in clip 0. now, in a small, but important change, that hotkey does double duty. when you first select a file in the finder, it will put the path (path means the location) of that file into clip 0. so, if on your mac, a file called file.txt is selected on the desktop and you do command option c, it will put this path into clip 0 /Users/yourname/Desktop/file.txt
    please try selecting text, command option c, then preview or paste that clip to see it's contents. then select a file on the desktop, do command option c then preview or paste that clip to see it's contents
  • if 'check for updates' does not install, please download the app from and do a manual install. we changed how check for updates works. once you do that update in place will work in future.
    - more improvements to the way we deal with pasteboard extra data. we hide info from password managers like 1password and others that use, 'org.nspasteboard.ConcealedType' that alerts copypaste to conceal passwords and disallow into clip history.
    - the app now will run in compatibility mode when on mac laptops (macs with camera inside the bezel) with 'the notch'. menubar apps like copypaste set this so that they don't get hidden behind 'the notch'. this is apple's solution for, 'the notch' hiding apps. we don't have a 14 or 16" mac powerbook pro so please let us know how it works for you. thanks
  • - added append, command option c will add selected text to clip 0. in the menu you will see ** (1x) Clip Appended **. Or if you do command option c it will append the newly selected text and in the menu will say ** (2x) Clip Appended **. please try it out.
    - added new pasteboard types. mainly if you copy from 1password or other clipboard managers then it will prevent copied passwords from going into the clip history. also there is another pasteboard that knows when you are using a type expansion tool and those uses of the clipboard won't show up in the clip history either. this will be described better in the manual over time in this section.
    - new action. Numbers to Word. changes numbers, like 3, into a word, three.
    - moved 'clip types', which are growing in number, to their own panel in the prefs.
    - updated 'check for updates'. you won't ever have to do the manual check again.
  • - actions have been changed to work this way, they act on the content of clip 0. you do the paste from clip 0 not the action. simpler. actions used to copy from a selection and paste to where the cursor was. this way actions are more consistent, simpler, easier to understand and doesn't surprise people.
    - new action for removing more than 1 sequential space
    - new action to remove numbers and remove non-numeric characters (letters and punctuation)
    - brought back features that were available previously
    - fixed misc issues. open with...
    - fixed issue for some people where pasting a clip always and only pasted clip 0
  • - this version actually drops back to an earlier version. so a bug and the interconnected features added in the last 2 versions are not present while we work on the next version without that bug and with those features. thanks for your patience.
  • - fixes a bug where it always pastes clip 0. this was actually caused by the command v v to bring up a new window that we were testing. it's been removed for now.
    - some new actions have been added.
  • - ATTENTION: coming action attractions!!! these are grayed out till they are implemented (not broken). new action ideas thanks to user suggestions. grayed out, means they don’t work now, but will be coming as we have time to work on them.
    - added folders making the actions menu hierarchical. this will help consolidate and make actions easier to find, both the current crop of actions and all the new actions we have planned (currently grayed out). you’ll find it makes that menu cleaner and more understandable.
    - added, ‘clip 0 actions’ to cp menu. from this new menu item (beneath clip sets) in the copypaste menu you can select an action to act on the contents of clip 0, replacing it with the transformed value. for example, use UPPERCASE action to transform ‘help’ into ‘HELP’ and put it in clip 0. give it a try to see how it works. which is so much easier than all these darned words. this is in addition to holding down control to use the action menu on any clip in the cp menu.
    -fixed another item to look better in dark mode
    changed ‘Clip Manager' to 'Clip Managers' because it allows making multiple clip manager windows and when they are created can all be found in this menu.
    - swift scripts and the prefs and button for prefs were removed. it was a good experiment but had some issues we couldn’t overcome. we’ll work on a way using something else
    - added, ‘reduce data type’. was in the older cp pro. it’s not for 99.9% of people. an explanation is in the manual. this is not the end of our support for other data types.
    - added, ’sort lines’ and ‘date & time' for text. ‘image resize’ has also been added and will be improved and extended with more abilities.

    if you have friends that know the mac and you think would enjoy copypaste (considering it still not 1.0), feel free to invite them to try it out.
  • IMPORTANT - please read about the changes
    - the contents of command v and clip 0 are now the same in every situation.
    - clip append now works! to append text to what is in clip 0, do command option c on a selection of text and it will then append an empty line after the item already in clip 0 and then append the text the selected text. you can repeat this as many times as you want. be aware, this feature is sensitive to set prefs. for example, 'always paste plain text' pref will remove all styling from all text appended. if people like this append text feature and use it a lot we could add in the prefs other options as a demarcation between each concatenated (finally we get to use that fancy word) clips to replace the empty line, the separators could be incrementing numbers, date time, etc. this won't happen soon (more foundational changes still) but let us know what you think and what you would find useful.
    - the pref to paste plain text now works. command option v now pastes what is in clip 0 as plain text consistently.
    - 'always paste plain text' works consistently now.
    - fixed a bunch of dark mode issues.
    - in actions. many changes. many script action are now compiled so generally 10x faster, will be more consistent and less breakable.
    --- 'open text' now compiled & works for textedit and other apps.
    --- 'shorten url' now compiled instead of a script
    --- 'open text' now compiled instead of a script
    --- 'extract urls' now compiled instead of a script
    --- all the 'case' actions now compiled instead of scripts
    --- 'extract emails' now compiled instead of a script
    --- 'word count and frequency' now compiled instead of a script
    - many misc. modifications and updates to the manual.

    please test for awhile then give your feedback. thank you!

    we have still been keeping the project generally under wraps but feel free to mention copypaste to friends and those that might be interested. now that more bugs have been fixed we can handle supporting some more people.
  • - added a new translate action. hold down control in the cp menu over text clips to see the action hierarchical menu that shows, 'Translate'. chose a source and goal language to translate that clip. tap translate button or return or enter to put translation in clip 0. try and let us know how it works for you and how it might be better.
    - hid the, 'edit and save' action because it is replaced by clip manager.
    - 'Always paste plain text' now works.
    - Paste plain text on command option shift v' now works.
    - Clip Append added to prefs. but not functional yet.
    - when app starts then what is on the sys clip is removed in favor of what was in copypaste clip 0 the last time it ran. what happens in vegas stays in vegas.
    - fixed a number of crashes
    - fixed empty clips appearance
    - when using arrow up or down in menu to select a clip, return and enter work to paste once again.
    - many other miscellaneous modifications.
  • - fixes crash when going to exclude in the prefs
    - fixes space bug that appeared occasionally in the cp menu
    - misc. items
  • - new numbering system for all clips. also pasting by the number for history and all clip sets. for example, in clip set 4, to paste number 3 clip would be control 4.3 also you can paste sequences. take the last example and pasting all the way to clip 9 would be control 4.3-9
    - fixed opening clip manager crash that occurred for some people
    - fixed - deleting clip 0 and then pasting clip 0 pasted the deleted data.
    - select New from clip set menu pasted nothing now fixed.
    - other misc. changes.

    please test out the numbering system for all clips. it will lead to other features. we appreciate all comments, suggestions and bugs.
  • - crash in favorites fixed. thanks to the user that reported this.
    - number increment issue in favorites fixed. thanks to the user that reported this.
  • - control h is the hotkey that opens and can now close the history menu
    - fixed search in cp menu
    - added new actions
    - fixes for Share To, Paste as Plain Text, Clean and Unwrap Text, Edit and Save Clip
    - fixed clip manager and cp menu for dark mode
    - added different color background for each clip set clip menu. hoping to do this in clip manager too. so users can easily know what clip set they are in
    - misc many background improvements and bug fixes.
  • - fixed crash for some configurations when using exclude in prefs.
    - fixed issue when there is no clip in main menu and we searched any clip then search field width got shrunk.
    yes, fixing search field, which currently misses the first char, will be fixed soon. it is a different issue.
  • - fixed crash on startup for some people
    - fixed the recurring sync dialog when icloud is turned off in the prefs
  • - hotkeys now have better contrast to display the actual command, control, option or shift and regular chars keys.
    - fixed crash that occurred for someone importing their archives from the old copypaste pro. if you had a problem before please try again.
    - changed wording in some dialogs to make it clearer
    - new clip sets now named Clip Sets 1, Clip Set 2...

    if you want to have a palette use the clip manager and adjust it by hiding the right and left side and just showing the clips in the center. then stretch it down to the size you want and put it on one side of the monitor. then you can tap a clip to paste or drag the clip to Mail or whatever app you want.

    if you have a crash. send us as details you remember and screenshot(s), crashlogs help too. use the console app to find those after a crash.
  • - 'save to icloud' new action to save selected clip to icloud and put a url in clip 0. try it with text (images and all other resource types will be added soon)! this is a start on offering sharing of clips and other objects to colleagues. clips shared to icloud last 30 days then are deleted by apple. so, this sharing is temporary. if you want to delete it earlier then go to the icloud folder on your mac and look in the 'CopyPaste' folder. more to come...
    - the color of the modifiable hotkeys in cp prefs are now a darker blue to (hopefully) help those who are color blind. please let us know if the contrast is not enough.
    - one crash fixed.
    if anyone has a crash please send us a console log. as usual, all feedback is very welcome. bugs, suggestions, comments, corrections for the manual, etc. will all help make it a better app.
  • - clip size data is now exact
    - clip data of many urls now correctly labeled as text
    - improved the main menu to prevent beachballing with large files
    - default setting set to paste at cursor position when you tap on a clip in the cp menu. we recommend keeping like that as it is. tap a clip and it pastes where the cursor is.
    - we tried for, quite a while, to make the search/filter menu more like a regular search field but it is the way it is for a reason (gabriel).
    - history now always at the top of the clip set menu
    - many other misc. improvements and fixes
  • - in the action menu for a clip, the 'Copy Clip To' is changed to 'Move Clip To...' and moves any clip to any clip set. handy for populating all clip sets. another way is open a clip manager or 3 to drag clips between history and other clip sets.
    - when filtering from the cp menu, clip sets and clip manager are no longer hidden from the menu
    - backing up now includes options to auto backup
    - changed 'Clip Manager' hierarchical menu to say, 'Add/Edit' instead of just add to emphasize both that you can add more than one clip manager. which can be used to drag clips to other clip sets. also to display that the clip manager is also a place you can edit text and url clips. hopefully we will be able to edit graphics in the future but that is much more involved but would be really nice.
    - now if you edit in the clip manager when you quit the clip manager or move to another clip, all changes are automatically saved. clip 0 and higher can all be used for minor text edits.
    what will happen next?
  • - now you can edit and save text in clip manager. save is automatic when you switch to another clip.
    - when backing up now all clip sets are backed up. can be used from advanced tab of prefs.
    - new backup panel in general prefs does nothing and is not active.
    - holding down down right button of mouse is now the same as holding down control. for use in cp menu
  • - now imports all archives from old copypaste pro and creates clip sets for each archive. so all clip sets and all user clips are now imported into clip sets with the same names.
    - new pref from old cp added. 'move last pasted clip to clip 0'
    - other misc. improvements
  • - synching to icloud (big) issue now fixed
    - 'paste text clips plain without styles' pref can be checked on so that all pastes are without styles.
    - 'max number of clip in clip history' applies to both cp menu and to the clip manager
    - other misc. improvements
  • - to open urls/links in a clip in copypaste menu, hold down the shift key then tap the clip. this makes it easier to remember since holding down the shift key and holding the cursor over a clip allows previewing all clips text, spreadsheet, graphics and including urls/links. try it.
    - duplicates now removed. pref in the prefs:clips panel, 'Delete duplicate clips.'
    - pref 'Maximum number of clips in clip history' now working properly.
    - misc. other fixes
  • - fixed issue when clip sets removed but leaves some clips
    - fixed issue of removed duplicate clip sets still showing.
    - fixed the hash value not updating in Clip Manager.
    - modified the Exclude preferences page to fix a crash.
    - improved code at application start when Main Menu sometimes stuck.
    - improved MainMenu items drawing to fix scroll wheel issue.
  • - some dark mode work done
    - misc. changes
  • - Fixed crash reported by a user when opening main menu and scrolling.
  • - IMPORTANT: some good news and bad news. bad news: because of a datebase change when you quit 0.9.15 you may lose all clip sets and clips moving to 0.9.16 good news: you can back up from 0.9.15 first by going to the copypaste preferences:advanced:export/backup clips and hit that button to backup any important clips and clip sets. so, backup before you quit the 0.9.15 version.
    - Clicking on version & build at bottom left of system:preference panel copies both of those items to the clipboard (thanks to Gabriel) and takes you in the browser to the changelog page for copypaste on the site.
    - Initial commit for fixing scroll wheel issue in menu.
  • - fix for those where copypaste would not launch
    - change in cp menu menu both the cloud icon and app name 'copypaste are colored based on icloud connection. cloud icon green shows that you are signed into icloud. name green indicates you have icloud turned on in the preferences.
  • - fixed issue sparkle check for updates dialogue not showing front most.
    - fixed the crash when selecting clip from menu using option+click for showing in Clip Manager.
  • - select clip + control + delete will delete a clip in the cp menu but there must be a better easier more obvious way.
    - when selecting Clip Set in ClipManager the text not updating in text editor. now fixed
  • - lots of time spent on networking and testing. synching can be tested between macs.
    - clip sets added to the top of the main cp menu
    - clip manager added to the top of the main cp menu
    - command and tap once on a clip pastes it as plain text/no styles
    - updated a lot of dialogs
    - updated the manual and added a handy table of hotkeys
    - importing and exporting clip sets perfected
    - importing archives and history from the old copypast pro now creates clip sets for them in this new copypaste.
    - changed from command key to using option key and tap clip to open in clip manager.
    - clip sets can be renamed
    - clip sets can be deleted except for history and favorites. all clips sets can have their contents cleared from the advanced tab in prefs
    - many other misc changes and improvements
    thanks for all suggestions and feedback. please keep it coming.
    every comment, from your point of view, helps us understand how to make cp better for everyone.
  • - command and tapping on a clip in the copypaste menu opens the clip in the clip manager
    - the manual is updated
    - now using new sparkle which uses edsa.
  • - added push notifications
    - small fix in check for updates
  • - grab text/ocr puts results into clipmanager clip 0 which can be pasted. or control 0 used to paste results.
    - changes in delete duplicates
    - fixed selection issue
    - added tool tips
    - in preferences:system new 'automatically check for updates' needs to be turned on. it can be set to check regularly (daily, weekly, monthly) in the drop down menu. we suggest daily for beta testers
    - other minor fixes.
  • - delete duplicates on by default
    - using new 'loginitems'
    - text changes in dialog
    - fixed pasting to use range on other keyboards
  • - saving now works for free trial (seriously) but you have to check the checkbox in preferences. prefefences:general:clips then checkbox 'save clips when quitting'
    - now works other keyboards than 'qwerty' like 'dvorak'
    - fixed ability to copy within the clip manager
    - misc. changes. improved text in dialogs and improved manual.
  • - misc. changes including adding the 1 month free.
    - update to latest sparkle
    - new dialogs
    - works on intel and m1
    - compiled with xcode 12.5
  • - first beta
  • - emoji manager
  • - copy protection added
    - other improvements
  • - added notarization.
    - on site
    - menu size adjustable
    - hotkey prefs improved

Manuals can also be found in the Help menu or ? icons within every app.

Users Rave

Customer’s reviews

I am just writing to say how pleased I am with CopyPaste 2022! I have used CopyPaste for a lot of years, and while it has always been handy, this new version substantially upped the game! My new fave is the copy to OCR - it has saved me hours with out resorting to endless work-arounds. iCloud Storage and expanded clip sets have sealed the deal. CopyPaste was always worth the money. Now it is an absolute bargain!!
Dr. Robert A. Johnson Jr.
Copypaste is a fantastic program and I use it everyday a lot…really handy tool, and I congratulate you for it!✌️ Best to you and the team. Many many thanks!!

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