Recover License Key

Please tell us the email address used during the purchase. Your license along with the order receipt will be sent by email.

If your email address has changed, please contact us.

You can also get your license key, order information and receipts by logging into your account on the site. Tap the ‘Account‘ item in the menubar at above right.

If your email address has changed, please contact us.

How To Apply The License Key

Once you receive your license key by email, either:

  • Copy the License URL and paste it into the URL field of your browser. Tap the enter key. When it asks if you want to open iWatermark then tap ‘Agree’. It will open a dialog asking you to apply the license or that you are registered.
  • Or manually copy and paste the license key into the app you purchased and hit the ‘Apply Registration’ button.


If you have any problem make sure to:

  • Find and carefully read the email we sent automatically after your purchase.
  • Use the URL in the license info to apply the license info or manually enter the license info
  • If you manually enter the license and have an issue, make sure to: 
    • Copy and paste to avoid mistakes
    • Use the info in the license not some other email, etc. That won’t work
    • Be careful not to add extra characters or change any info 

License Details And Expiration

A license to any of our software allows the purchaser full access to the app, updates, tech support and is valid for 2 years. During that time a user has full tech support. 

After 2 years users can purchase at a reduced cost a continuing license. If you have bought an app in the past and are in our database feel free to contact us for details.

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Thank you!

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