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Easy access and view of Google or Apple Calendar, straight from the menubar. Add events, reminders, lots of options. It can show multiple months, use custom calendars, show holidays from many countries and multiple personal/business calendars.

TinyCal has many useful features.

  • Google or Apple Calendar view & access from the menubar
  • Support for Google Calendar Gadgets
  • Configurable month display
  • Configurable event display
  • Custom calendars
  • Tear-away menu
  • Growl reminders
  • Create and delete events
  • Hot keys
  • ISO 8601 week numbers
  • Secondary calendar overlay


TinyCal requires Mac OS X 10.9 or later. Google Calendar integration is provided by the Google.

Showing Multiple Months

TinyCal can be customized to show 1, 2, 3 or 12 months at one time. The display can be arranged as tall or wide.

TinyCal Description/Manual Page 1

Google Calendar

TinyCal can display public Google Calendars for holidays for 40 different countries, from Australia to Vietnam. It can also display events from your personal Google Calendar. The following screenshot shows holidays from the USA in blue and a personal calendar in red.

TinyCal Description/Manual Page 2

Custom Calendars

TinyCal can be customized to show other calendars, such as Buddhist, Hebrew, Islamic, and Japanese. The following screenshot show the Hebrew calendar with Jewish holidays.

TinyCal Description/Manual Page 3


The TinyCal window is a tear-away menu that can be repositioned anywhere on the screen.

TinyCal Description/Manual Page 4

Today’s Events

In the TinyCal window, today’s date is circled. In addition, if there are any events occurring today, they are reflected in the menubar icon. In the following screenshot, the blue triangle in the lower right indicates that there is an event today.

TinyCal Description/Manual Page 5


The basic controls are illustrated in the screenshot below.

TinyCal Description/Manual Page 6

Close windowClose the TinyCal window.
PrefsDisplay the preferences panel.
ReloadReload events from Google personal calendars. Only available when there are enabled personal calendars.
Next monthMove to the next month.
Today/SnapbackMove to the current month, if you have moved to a different month. Snapback to prior month if you are on the current month.
Previous monthMove to the previous month.
Google calendarGo to Google Calendar. Only available when there are enabled personal calendars.
Close day detailClose the day detail display (the lower pane).

Create Event

TinyCal Description/Manual Page 7

General Prefs

TinyCal Description/Manual Page 8

TinyCal Description/Manual Page 9To get to the general prefs (below) click the prefs (gear) icon 2nd from top right in drop down calendar.

In the General preferences pane you can hit the quit button to quit the application.

In the General preferences pane, you can change the number of months displayed in the Display menu. You can choose from 1, 2, 3, or 12 months, in a tall or wide configuration.

Using the Size menu, the display size can be set to small, medium, or large.

To pick a calendar different from the Mac OS X International preference setting, use the Custom Calendar menu

Events Prefs

In the Events preferences pane, you can choose which Google Calendar events you’d like to display. To change the color of the events, click the bubble on the right. Selecting national holidays (below left) shows in the calendar (bottom right).

TinyCal Description/Manual Page 10TinyCal Description/Manual Page 11

In the trial version, you can only use one event calendar at a time, and you can not change event colors.

Personal Calendar Prefs

In the Personal preferences pane, you can configure your personal Google Calendar settings. Enter your google.com username and password in the appropriate text boxes. To load or reload your calendars, use the Load button. Click on the bubble on the right to chane the color that shows in the calendar.

TinyCal Description/Manual Page 12


Purchase in our store or the Mac App Store. Purchasing in our store gets you faster updates.
The shareware version of TinyCal can be tried out for 30 days. After that, take your time and please consider purchasing the program. If you like TinyCal then your purchase helps push forward development to make the program even more useful. Purchasing quantities reduces the price in our store automatically.
In addition to TinyCal features registered users receive 4 important additions:
  • A key to remove the reminder dialog and the startup screen.
  • The knowledge that you are participating in the evolution of TinyCal.
  • Free upgrades throughout the year.
  • Email Tech Support (if ever necessary).

After purchasing you will use your email and a registration key to register. If you use Apple mail there is a link in the email you are sent that will register you automatically. To register manually copy and paste the info we send you into registration dialog that is found in the TinyCal Preferences.


TinyCal is shareware. Try it out for 30 days then register to get:

  • Personal Google Calendar instant access from the menubar.
  • Library of public Google Calendars
  • Apple Calendar instant access from the menubar.
  • Customized event colors






Q: Where are the preference files found?
A: Both are in the Library.


Library:Application Support:com.plumamazing.tinycal:com.crashlytics

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