Script Software (scriptsoftware.com) started in 1996 and had a name change in 2007 (the age of iPhone begins) to Plum Amazing (plumamazing.com). Why? Because the new name is more amazing ūüôā

Script Software —> Plum Amazing

Script Software 1 Script Software
Script Software 2 Script Software

Find all our current software here and when you click on the nav items above for Mac, Win, iOS and Android.

Tap here for a historic and hilarious of an early snapshot coutesy of archive.org which gives a look at the early Script Software web site in the before times of 1997. 

If you have any questions go to the Support page for answers or Contact us.

Thanks for supporting shareware.

Script Software created CopyPaste, iKey, TinyCal, TinyAlarm, IDTunes, iView, iView, iView Multimedia, iView Pro, iClock, iWatermark, iWatermark Pro, ChatFX, iSearch, iCount, iType,  Touch-3D, KnowledgeMiner, ID Tunes, iSay, iStar Karaoke, iBeenFramed, Project Timer Pro, NetCheck, PixelStick, MountWatcher and Volume Manager, PropBase, VERD, and many more.

Many apps have been rewritten and are still available also many new ones. Tap the button below for details.

is appreciateD

Thank you!

Plum Amazing, LLC

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