Remove Older Versions of iClock Pro (1, 2.0.1 up to 3.0)

Q: Why is it necessary to uninstall? A: If you used the old iClock it is important to remove it and the associated files. If the ‘Open at startup’ is not working for you in the new iClock then delete these old files.. The old Mac OS required control panels and a number of files put in different places whereas the new version is just one application. Changes in Mac OS meant that the previous version would not launch, Apple security changes caused the installer/uninstaller to cease working. That leaves files around. There are 2 ways to uninstall. The first one is easiest.

2 ways to uninstall early version of iClock

1. Are you still running an older version of the Mac OS before Mac 10.10?
Solution: Click this link to download and use the uninstaller which is built into the installer.  This installer/uninstaller will not launch on Mac 10.11, 10.12 or 10.13  because of changes by Apple. Follow these instructions to open it.
  1. In the Finder, Control-click or right click the icon of the file you just downloaded. It is the installer for the old iClock.
  2. Select Open from the top of contextual menu that appears.Remove Old iClock Pro 1
  3. Next may see the dialog box (below) click on the open button. If prompted, enter an administrator name and password.
Remove Old iClock Pro 2 Once you open the installer is open like below, you will find an “Uninstall” menu item in the file menu. Remove Old iClock Pro 3 Choose this. The uninstaller will turn off the old iClock and then remove the control panel and the library file. That has removed all files but the pref files and 2. To manually remove the old iClock Pro which was a prefpane and it’s other files follow these steps. The easy way to remove the prefpane called iClock is if you see it in the System preferences, right click (control click), on the iClock prefpane and in the dropdown menu tap delete. This is all that really needs to be done. There are other files that are inactive that can also be removed if you want and those are described below. First go to the (now hidden) library folder by going to the finder either by holding down the shift key and finding it in the menu or by selecting find ‘go to folder’ and typing in ~/Library as seen in the screenshots below.Remove Old iClock Pro 4
Remove Old iClock Pro 5
Type into the ‘Go to Folder’, ‘~/Library’ as seen below.
Remove Old iClock Pro 6

To remove the iClock pref pane.

Where the prefpane is located It depends on if iClock was installed for the 1) user or 2) root, for all users on that computer.

  1. The prefpane for iClock is in the User:Library:PreferencePanes:iClock.prefPane

Remove Old iClock Pro 7

To remove the iClock Application Support folder

More files to remove are in the Library:Application Support: folder. Click on the Script Software folder and delete it.

Remove Old iClock Pro 8

More of the files in the old version. Not all files may be there.

Remove Old iClock Pro 9

To remove the iClock Preference Files

Preference files are here: User:Library:Preferences:

The files to remove in Preferences are these.

com.scriptsoftware.prefiClockPanel.plist com.scriptsoftware.iClockPro.plist com.scriptsoftware.iClock2Warnings.plistcom.scriptsoftware.iClock_Pro_Installer.plist

If you don’t find a file than it was probably never created.

Prefpanes were a technology Apple used years ago which was more complicated to uninstall and required an uninstaller. Unfortunately now those uninstallers no longer work because of changes by Apple in the Mac OS. That is why removing the files by hand is sometimes necessary.

The new version of iClock is a simple app which can open, closed and moved as needed since it’s just one file.

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