Custom Streaming Apps for your Radio Station

Latest: 5/18/17
Requires: iOS/Android

Customized Radio Station Streaming App for iPhone/iPad/Android.


Plum Amazing creates custom iPhone/iPad/Android apps for individuals or groups of radio stations that use AAC+/MP3/OGG to stream Your radio station can now have its own app for your live 24/7 streaming via the web. We can create an app that will let your listeners interact and enjoy your station from their smartphone.


Custom iOS & Android Streaming Apps for Your Radio Station that Use Shoutcast, Icecast, etc. in 1 Week.

Check out some of the apps we’ve created for iOS and others we created for Android.
Radio Streaming AppsMobile On-Demand Streaming For iPhone/iPad and AndroidContact us to get a quote for an streaming app for your Radio Station, music publishing or any On-Demand streaming requirement.Plum Amazing creates custom radio station steaming apps for iPhone/iPad/AppleTV and Android and which can be found on iTunes and Google Play. Many stations in many countries now have our customized streaming apps and enjoy the increase in listeners. Having apps for their station has expanded their radio stations reach from just local to worldwide coverage 24/7. Without additional hardware or personnel overnight your station has the potential to reach billions of people.
Plum Amazing has created apps for Swag 104.9, Alice 96.5, The River 103.7, Reno CBS Sports Radio 96.1 and 1270, Ten County 97.3 FM, Muskegon Radio 100.9 FM, 1580 KGAF Gainesville Radio, 106.9 More FM, WCRN News Talk Radio 830, Little City 97.3, iRadio Tampa Bay, OM Radio in Singapore, ZMix97, The Stinger, Abilene Radio, 180 Radio Now and many more.Click to try various free apps we’ve created.Alice 96.5 The Stinger BWD Radio Reno Sports Radio 96.1 and 1270 Ten Country 97.3 The River 103.7 Little City 97.3 Swag 104.9 Radio DIL Created for the largest and most powerful Asian radio station in the US. The MIXX Its another iPhone/iPad app we created for a client. This is their artwork. Irsyad Radio This is an iPhone/iPad app we created for a large station in Singapore. 3DTuner Yet another very successful iPhone/iPad app we created for a client.

Clients Rave

“Working with Matt at Plum Amazing was an incredible customer experience that generated a fantastic product. A+++” – Bill Shulz at the Reno Media Group – CBS Sports Radio, Sunny 106.0, Alice 96.9, The River 103.7,  etc.
“The app itself for lack of better words, just Rocks! The 3D sound options are numerous and are very handy to have at your fingertips for those stations that just don’t have it figured out yet. I was amazed at how gorgeous the interface was, much more refined than most out there.  I have received numerous positive reviews from people who have downloaded it. If it weren’t for MIXX being in the iTunes Store created by Plum Amazing, I am sure our station would have gone unnoticed.” – Jack Stiefel

A Few Stations we’ve created apps for:

The Stinger for iOS and AndroidThe Stinger at St Ambrose College app offers:
  • live audio streaming
  • facebook access
  • twitter access
  • website access
  • station information
  • in-app call in feature
Alice 965 on iOS and AndroidThe application offers:
  • live audio streaming
  • facebook access
  • twitter access
  • website access
  • live studio cam video feed
  • upcoming concert announcements/information
  • Local “things to do”
  • recent music news
  • station contests
  • social media sharing features
  • banner advertisements
  • in-app call in feature
RadioDil – A single-page app. with adsDownload the RadioDil App Above Free and try it out. RadioDil is another example app we created for the largest Asian radio station in the US.
BWD Radio for iOS and Android The application offers:
  • podcast access
  • facebook access
  • twitter access
  • google+ access
  • pinterest photo feed
  • instagram photo feed
  • station contests
  • social media sharing features
  • banner advertisements
  • chat functionality
  • submit video feature
  • submit audio feature
The MIXX – A multi-page app.
IRSYAD Radio – Multi-page with ads
StreamingApps – Customized Radio Station Streaming Applications for iPhone/iPad/Android
Plum Amazing creates custom iOS and Android apps for individual or groups of radio stations that uses any of these formats AAC+/MP3/OGG/WMA to stream. Any radio station can now have its own app for your live 24/7 streaming via the web. We can create an app that will let your listeners interact and enjoy your station like never before.
Contact us and we will immediately send you the price and free templates to create your app.This technology is not just for Radio Stations but also for On-Demand streaming. On-Demand streaming can be used by a music publishing companies to promote their artists also by individual musicians. Its simple these days to have automated 24/7 streaming of your content and then provide our app to your listeners for their iPhone/iPads. This new technique of promotion is very powerful and gives your listeners exactly what they want.Connect with your listeners like never before! Your radio station gets its own app in the iTunes app and Android Play store. Imagine, clicking your app on your smartphone to immediately hear your radio station live. Allowing listeners to click on a song they want to buy and getting a part of that sale. We can use your artwork, design and icon. There are many radio station streaming apps but these can carry hundreds of NPR stations or thousands of other stations. There is Pandora. Why not have an app just for your station alone? Just to promote and market your station as you wish. Reach a whole new audience and your old audience in a new way.

Single page Android QMIX app. Download Android version here.

The streaming iPhone/iPad/Android app we can make for you is very special compared to any other radio streaming app, it gives:

  • One click access to your AAC+/MP3/OGG/WMA streaming radio broadcast 24/7 around the world.
  • Add iAds, your own ads or referral links to iTunes to raise money for your station.
  • Add direct chat for your listeners.
  • Album covers can be pulled from Google images, or iTunes Music store.
  • Low latency. Many iPhone apps suffer from high latency but not StreamApps.
  • Brilliant 3D surround sound using our exclusive StreamingApps technology.
  • Watch streaming of the album art and photos from concerts while you listen.
  • For each song the app provides you with the name of the band and the song title as well as where they played it, when, and how long it is.
  • Band spectrum analyzer.
  • Listeners can chat with one another, dj’s and other people at the station.
  • Add advertising to your app.
  • Add your affiliate link to the app to get a cut each time some listener buys a song or album.
  • Now instead of just local listeners have users all over the world at all hours of day and night.

RadioDil – A single-page app. with ads

Download the RadioDil App Above Free and try it out. RadioDil is another example app we created for the largest Asian radio station in the US.
Eliminate the need for having a headphone preamp by using our StreamApps technology. No more preamp boxes dangling from your iPod/iPhone/iPad when using audiophile headphones.Here is an example made with our technology that you can download and try out: 3DTuner Lite iPhone App on the iTunes app store.Or download The MIXX Phone/iPad app FREE to try out the most recent one we created for a client. This is their artwork. We would use your artwork and our StreamingApps programming to create a similar app in a week.Your app can have a totally different look and feel. We are happy to do a custom app for a classical, rock, blues, hiphop, talk, religious or any other type of station.Each app is totally different. We can create today a custom streaming radio station app for your radio station. Because of the variety of combinations and permutations of features contact us for a free quote. Let us know what you desire and tell us if you have steaming set up already and if you have artwork. We are also able to create an kind of on-demand streaming app for your needs.More technical details about the StreamApps Engine that we use to create your app.
  • MP3 or AAC+ or OGG or WMA (windows media audio) streaming support.
  • Advanced header synchronization for MP3 codec (no blips).
  • ShoutCast / Icecast protocol handling (meta-data parsing: current song, history).
  • Album art fetcher (google images).
  • Band-spectrum visualizer (access to PCM data for visualization).
  • Album covers from iTunes Artwork if you want.
  • Remote file song streaming & positioning.
  • Exclusive and proprietary technology for 3D DSP enhancement & restoration (superbass, 3d surround, fidelity enhancement, center channel, reverb, EQ).
  • Incoming phone call or audio interruption handling.
  • Background streaming (iOS4 or higher feature).
  • Recording option (save stream data, have it automatically cut up by song title).
Contact us and we will immediately send you the price and templates to create your app.

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