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Inventory Database

With the surges of Covid-19 in different locations worldwide have grown intense and sudden demands for medical equipment (like ventilators and other equipment). This, in turn, sparked a need for a way to better organize, locate and report on medical devices for all emergencies.

MDID is the professional, non-propietary, inexpensive (FREE the first year) and complete solution for hospitals and research facilities to meet that need. MDID can track, inventory, barcode, repairs, share/rent/loan, schedule, report, check in/out medical equipment.
MDID is available on all computers, smartphones and tablets and the web world wide 24/7. It is easy to use in one location or many locations.
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MDID - #1 Medical Device Inventory Database 1 medical device inventory database

Medical Device Inventory Database (MDID)

MDID Consolidates Info

Every device, it’s hardware info, schedule, history, repairs, and reports all in one very convenient place. Searchable for any piece of info.


✓ Easy to use

✓ Price and tax calculations

✓ Easy Quote Generation

✓ Invoice generation

✓ Powerful Inventory tracking

✓ Integrated email

✓ Importing/exporting data

✓ Bar & QR code printing and scanning

✓ Scheduling

✓ FREE for this year




✓ Powerful tracking

✓ Inventory grouping

✓ Reports

✓ Image display

✓ Multi-threaded

✓ Cross platform – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Web based.

✓ Total customization of all features

✓ Database platform: FileMaker. The best database for Mac, Win, iPhone, Android and Web


Why use Medical Device Inventory Database?

Accounting, Tracking, inventory, barcode, Repairs
Share/Rent/Loan, schedule, Create Reports, Check in/out medical equipment.


100% free of charge

SPECIAL: The database is free for this year


Trusted Knowledge

Keep all information on all devices, parts, manuals, all interconnected, up-to-date, secure and in one place.

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Access, Anytime, Anywhere

MDID can be used on one computer, a network LAN, a server for a location, region, country or worldwide.


With the advent of the Covid-19 came unprecedented demand worldwide for medical equipment and supplies. Hospitals were overwhelmed during the epidemic. In particular ventilators were in short supply and as the number of confirmed cases and hospitalizations increased. One region would have a shortage and another might have an excess. To solve this problem the Medical Equipment Tracking Database (METD for short) was created.

METD – This is an invaluable database for companies with a large inventory of medical equipment and medications. MEDT allows an organization with a large number of medical items (ventilators, personal protective equipment (PPE), medications, etc. to keep track of its inventory, to lend or rent, invoice, bar code, check in/out, perform accounting, track, bar code/QR code printing and scanning using blue tooth scanners and more.Claris Filemaker respons and offers during Covid-19

This database allows a video equipment rental company to inventory, rent, invoice and track the equipment at all steps in the process. It allows doing the rentals faster, more consistently and efficiently.

With this database it is possible for the federal or state government to set up medical equipment warehouses to supply an entire state, region or country. For example pandemics can require huge numbers of ventilators. The demand comes in waves from different areas. Why have thousands of ventilators unsused ventilators housed in a hospital?  Now track each medical item in and out, it’s location, who signed for it and at what time, what patient is using that machine. Share or rent the equipment, track it which it is out short and long term. Best of all, search and find any item fast. Instantly get reports. This is the medical equipment database for the medical industry. 

The METD database is based on the popular, powerful, and easy to use Filemaker database for running on Mac, Win, iOS, Android as a client. Also for the Web when run from the Filemaker Server. Run from a server on the web to work on all devices. As you grow and your needs and assets grow, the database can grow. The system is totally expandable.

Most major rental database systems available take the “one system fits all” approach requiring customers to adapt their processes to the software. We have found that the different types of rental businesses often have their own unique business model.

Some areas of functionality that can vary dramatically include the quote creation process, inventory management, customer based inventory display and inventory scheduling.

MDID includes the ability to manage devices, locations, automatic generation of linked delivery work orders and invoices, integrated emailing of reminders and invoices, inventory management including flexible grouping of inventory items as well as integrated “missing and damaged” tracking and reporting. 

Solving Problems, Maximizing Productivity

the Database for Medical Devices

MDID - #1 Medical Device Inventory Database 2 medical device inventory database


Track devices at multiple hospitals, clinics, research facilities and universities

MDID - #1 Medical Device Inventory Database 3 medical device inventory database

Inventory & Reports

At a glance Inventory & Reports provides immediate insights into past, present and, future device availability

MDID - #1 Medical Device Inventory Database 4 medical device inventory database


Record all financial transactions pertaining to medical devices for a facility

MDID - #1 Medical Device Inventory Database 5 medical device inventory database


The database provides a hub to organize strategies for insuring coverage for patients.

MDID - #1 Medical Device Inventory Database 6 medical device inventory database


Photos of device and parts kept with each record, simplifying identification.

MDID - #1 Medical Device Inventory Database 7 medical device inventory database

Record Details

Organization and space for all metadata associated with a medical device

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MDID - #1 Medical Device Inventory Database 8 medical device inventory database


We will customize according to your needs:

  • the inventory management process including bar-coding of various types
  • the grouping and display of inventory images within the system
  • the inventory scheduling process

Customization is available at anytime during the life of the system for a reasonable charge.


Pricing- Terms of Use

The application is free during the COVID-19 Crisis. It is free until August 31, 2021. At the end of the free period, users can purchase continuing access through the Plum Amazing website. Prices vary for non-profit and for-profit organizations.

During the free period, bug fixes are included. A bug is defined as an issue with the FileMaker Pro application, not the environment it is hosted in including the operating system, server software, computer configuration, etc. The application will not work with the incorrect version of FileMaker. (See System Requirements.)

Requests for Modifications such as small changes can be requested if they are universally beneficial. The request will be evaluated for complexity and effort. The developer will decide if a change can be incorporated.

Commercial Price:Free for a year
Educational Price:Free for a year
Training (if needed):Free for a year
Support:Free for 2 months

Please do not hesitate to reach out if your organization has questions or are in need of services regarding MDID or other FileMaker databases. This is what we do.

A good database can help organize your hospital, lower stress and demands on your professionals. A database like MDID offers a simple, common sense workflow that provides order and automation to information that otherwise might be chaos. Chaos costs money.

Just ask and we can answer your questions. Contact us here for a demo.


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