iWatermark is the original watermarking application that worked the same on Mac and Windows. iWatermark is still available for Windows but on the Mac.

We highly recommend upgrading to the latest iWatermark Pro.


Mac Versions

Version Number


OS Version

Latest Download 1.72 Mac for Intel Mac 10.6-10.12
Download iWatermark Pro 1.28 Mac for Intel 10.6-10.8
Download iWatermark Pro 1.20 Mac for Intel/PPC 10.5-10.6
Download iWatermark 3.2 Mac for Intel/PPC 10.4-10.6


Windows Versions

Version Number

OS Version

Latest Download 2.0.7 XP to Win10
iWatermark 3.1.6  iWatermark 3.1.6  XP


Owners of the original Mac version of iWatermark please look for an email from us or contact us here make sure to include your full name, date and other info so we can look up your previous purchase.

To import your previous watermarks from iWatermark into iWatermark Pro go to the advanced tab use the import button to load the old watermarks and settings.

We are working on an upgrade for Windows.