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To save everyones time if you have an issue or question please follow these steps below first:
1. Download the latest version. 90% of the time this solves any problem.
2. Please make sure the answer is not already in the really excellent manual.
3. If you have suggestions, a question or issue then send us your feedback.

We need details to help you. We need to able to reproduce the problem from your description so details, photos and screenshots help us to understand. To make a screenshot on iOS, hold the power button and home button simultaneously, the screen will flash and put the screenshot in the camera album.

We cannot promise we will respond but we do read all feedback and use it to improve and add features to our software. So if you report a bug or ask for a feature it is likely to be fixed in the next version thanks to you.

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is appreciateD

Thank you!

Plum Amazing, LLC

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