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New iWatermark Pro Stand Alone Watermarking App Also Works From Inside iPhoto to Secure and Protect Your Photos.


New iWatermark Pro Stand Alone Watermarking App Also Works From Inside iPhoto to Secure and Protect Your Photos.
DATE: Sept. 12, 2011
iWatermark Pro completed after 2 years of work is a major rewrite of the original iWatermark for the Mac. iWatermark is the No. 1 watermarking app for photographers using Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPad and Android.

– iPhoto Integration – Now the only watermarking application to work direct within iPhoto via a plugin. Create watermarks in iWatermark then use those watermarks directly in iPhoto.
– All Photo Browser Compatible – In addition to directly working in iPhoto now works with all photo browsers (Lightroom, Aperture, iPhoto, etc.) as a standalone application.
– Faster – Now uses parallel processing (all CPU’s and GPU’s) to speed watermarking of one, hundreds or thousands of photos.
– Share – Now lets you export watermarks to share watermarks to your other computers or to friends and colleagues.
– RAW – Now can read RAW photo files from all the latest cameras in addition to the usual JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc photo files.
– Metadata – Now reads and writes metadata (IPTC extended and XMP).
– QR Codes – Now can create and watermark with QR codes which are like bar codes with lots of information (email, website url, whatever you want).
– Creative Commons – Now contains all the Creative Commons icons/info so you can use them to watermark photos.
– Effects – More effects in addition to shadow, outline, engraved, emboss now includes color burn, color dodge, inverse and many more.
– Multiple Watermarks – Instead of only one now can add multiple watermarks (text and graphics) in different locations on a photo simultaneously.
– New Icons – Fantastic new icons and graphics in the application all created by the famous Italian designer Michele Zamparo.
– Misc – New formatting options. Set watermark location by dragging and other ways, Quick look plugin, set backgrounds and many other changes.

Stylishly copyright all your images with a visible watermark within minutes. iWatermark lets you add your personal or business watermark to any photo or graphic. Once added to a photo this visible watermark displays your creation and ownership. Watermarking is increasingly important and like signing your name to a document, subtly displays, no matter where your photo goes, that its yours, and not to be used without your permission. In addition iWatermark can resize, rename, add IPTC and XMP metadata, create thumbnails, and filter incoming photos. iWatermark is an essential tool for photographers and anyone with a digital camera, professionals or beginners.
iWatermark Pro for Mac. Download here.
To learn more go to the iWatermark site:
Available now to purchase in the Plum Amazing store:
iWatermark is a specialized tool to watermark photographs. Less expensive, more efficient, faster and simpler to use then PhotoShop. iWatermark is designed exclusively for watermarking by a photographer for photographers.
Why Watermark?
Digitally sign your photos/artwork with iWatermark to claim, secure and maintain your intellectual property and reputation.
– Build your company brand, by having your company logo on all your images.
– Promote your company, name and website by using QR codes as watermarks.
– Avoid the surprise of seeing your photos and/or artwork elsewhere on the web or in an ad.
– Avoid the conflicts and headaches with plagiarists who claim they didn’t know that you created it.
– Avoid the costly litigation that can be involved in these cases of misuse of IP.
– Avoid intellectual property squabbles.
iWatermark Pro is a major rewrite to Plum Amazing’s original iWatermark. It is rewritten using Apple’s latest technologies. A listing of the differences between iWatermark and iWatermark Pro is in the online manual here.
A watermark can be text, graphic, or barcode (QR code). When you create a watermark you can easily adjust its scale, opacity, font, color, angle and many other characteristics. Maintain or add metadata following IPTC or Adobe’s XMP format. Rename, resize, filter and create thumbnails. Easily select one of your own or one of many common watermarks from a menu and watermark 1 or thousands of photos at a time. Batch processing with iWatermark Pro is fast because it uses parallel processing to take advantage of multiple cpu’s and/or gpu’s. Import/export and share watermarks with colleagues, family or friends.
Digitally sign your work/photos/graphic/artwork with iWatermark, reclaim your intellectual property and maintain the recognition you deserve.

iWatermark Pro for Mac is a professional level software for visibly watermarking photos and other graphics. It has a plugin so that allows it to work directly in iPhoto but is also a stand alone application that works with all photo browsers (like Aperture, Lightroom, etc) iWatermark Pro is the best way to sign your artwork and have it recognized as your intellectual property. iWatermark Pro for Mac is easy and the only watermarking application that works on Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPad and Android too.
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