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iWatermark for iPhone – Secure and Protect your iPhone Photos

iWatermark for iPhone – Secure and Protect your iPhone Photos
DATE: April 8, 2010


iWatermark is the most popular tool to watermark photos on Mac and Windows for professional photographers to total beginners. It is now on the iPhone and iPad. iWatermark lets you add your personal or business watermark to any photo or graphic. Once added this visible watermark displays your creation and ownership of this photograph or artwork.

iWatermark for iPhone/iPad. The link to learn more is here: get it straight from the iTunes Store go here:

Why Watermark your Photos?

Digitally sign your photos/artwork with iWatermark to claim, secure and maintain your intellectual property and reputation.
Build your company brand, by having your company logo on all your images.
Avoid the surprise of seeing your photos and/or artwork elsewhere on the web or in an ad.
Avoid the conflicts and headaches with plagiarists who claim they didn’t know that you created it.
Avoid the costly litigation that can be involved in these cases of misuse of ip.
Avoid intellectual property squabbles.

How does iWatermark work?

Take or select a photo then choose from a selection of included example watermarks (both text and graphics) or add your own text or graphic watermark.
When you create a watermark you can easily adjust its scale, opacity, font, color and angle.
Later you can use these watermarks anytime you take a photo or select a photo and save the watermarked photo to your photo library or email in various resolutions.

iWatermark for iPhone comes with examples of text (names, dates, etc) and graphic (signatures, logos, etc.) watermarks which you can use immediately to test out iWatermark. But soon you will want to create your own watermarks. You can make your own text watermarks using any of 4 iPhone fonts directly in iWatermark. Graphic watermarks expand the range of possibilities with signatures and logos. These need to be made on your computer (which has more fonts and abilities, see FAQ below for more details) and then synched over to the iPhone using iTunes to the photo library. Once in the photo library you can use these images you created (like you own signature or logo) when making a graphic watermark which you can then use all the time in iWatermark for iPhone.
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iWatermark for iPhone is a professional level software for watermarking iPhone photos and other images. It is the best way to sign your artwork and have it recognized as your intellectual property. iWatermark for iPhone is easy and works on the iPad too. There are also versions of iWatermark for Mac and Windows.


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