CopyPaste for Windows
by Mitja Sepetavc

Online Version Info
CopyPaste Windows Online Manual

Now use multiple clipboards on Windows.

NOT AVAILABLE YET - coming soon!

Features List

  • Ability to view, edit, save and print up to 250 items of recent clipboard activity
  • Create custom clipboards that can contain items from the clipboard history as well as items created from within CopyPaste
  • Freely move items between custom clipboards
  • View, manipulate and print custom clipboard items
  • Filter out HTML code, spaces, tabulations
  • Extract and capture e-mail addresses and website addresses (URLs)
  • Convert text to upper and lower case or capitalize words
  • Insert date and time
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to access the active custom clipboard
  • Quick access to clipboard history and custom clipboards via an icon in the Windows system tray