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"Here’s an interesting idea: Monitor your iOS devices full screen on a Mac (or Windows “coming soon”) and even watch multiple iOS device displays side by side on the screen. This is a way cool idea and it's exactly what X-Mirage published by PlumAmazing does. You simply load X-Mirage on your host system then go to your iOS device’s settings and in the AirPlay section choose “X-Mirage [device_name]” where “device_name” is the name of your host and voila! Your device is displayed. It’s that easy. On the host you can record the iOS device’s screen which makes it incredibly useful for training or demoing new apps." - Mark Gibbs, NetworkWorld 5/2/14

"Mirage was a pleasant surprise right "out of the box". As soon as I made the AirPlay connection and the iPhone screen appeared on the Mac's display, I was sold. The idea of being able to see an iOS device on the screen, to show it to others and to record the actions gives me a number of ways in which I imagine I could use this in teaching, demonstration and sharing with friends. Highly recommended." - Graham Rogers, Amitae 4/30/14

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Mirroring. What you see on Mac is what you show on iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Mirror whatever's on your iPhone, iPad or iPod screen – apps, games, photos, videos, presentations, websites and more to the bigger Mac screen in full HD 1080p high-definition. Teachers can then display class material on the projector, smartboard or HDTV while their fingers are moving on the iPad. Employees, businessmen just need to prepare presentations on any iPhone or iPad and mirror to the Mac when needed. For iOS app developers or designers, introducing your app on the bigger Mac screen rather than iPhone or iPad may attract more people's attention.

The Simplest Way to Record Your iOS Apps in Action

Streaming. Enjoy photos, movies and more on the bigger screen.

Vacation photos, treasured videos, beautiful music, AirPlay-enabled app, with X-Mirage, you can stream all these to your bigger Mac screen and you just need to sit back on the couch and enjoy the best visual and auditory effect from iOS devices on your Mac. The media control bar allows you to play/pause, adjust volume, fast forward, fast backward, play next or previous directly on the Mac without picking the devices.

Games. The ultimate big screen gaming experience

If you are a game enthusiast, you may want to share your great scores with others? Still capture a screenshot? No, you may record how you play the game and upload to YouTube. X-Mirage records your iPhone, iPad, iPod screen silently on Mac while you are playing any games. Mirror multiple iOS devices to one Mac, then you can play any iOS game against your friends or families. Play dual-screen games on Mac and make your iOS devices as the ultimate controller.

Real-time mirroring

Turn 1080p in amazing speed, taking airplay to the next level.

Password Protection

Create AirPlay password for your Mac to prevent unwanted users.

Stream Audio

Stream audio from an iOS device and enjoy it on Mac.

Media Control

Change tracks or pause/play with the separate media control bar on Mac.

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"Whether you just want a way to play iOS games on the big screen — where your iMac, and not the TV, is the big screen — or want to record app tutorials and more, X-Mirage is a great way to do it."

--AppStorm Review

"If you're playing a video or music on your device while mirroring, you needn't pick your device and browse to change tracks or pause/play. Just use the Media bar on X-Mirage. It's really handy and works like charm."

Apple Tv Hacks.net Review

What Users Say


X-Mirage looks awesome! I could totally use this at work to show off some presentations. And at home, I would love to be able to bring iOS things up on my Mac desktop and even better, and using it to record my phone would be great for tutorials for my blog!

--Justin Krieger

I love being able to record easily. As designer this is very important for communicating with developers/clients.

--J. R.

The one-click recording looks nice! I also like how they did the button overlays.

--Charles T.

This app will absolutely helpful for me building iOS apps tutorials. Been doing tutorials all this year, this will surely boost my workflow.

--Ari Arsyadi