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Reviews gives iKey 4.5 out of 5 mice

“Since I started using iKey, this gem has saved me up to an hour a week using shortcuts. Overall, I found the iKey to be reliable and very easy to use. For those looking for an affordable solution to creating shortcuts in Mac OS X, I highly recommend taking a look at iKey.”

-- James Richvalsky   Read entire review

Michael Hyatt - International Leadership 7/5/11 Describes his use of iKey to boost productivity.

What Our Users Have to Say

“Without your software my days of replying to endless same question emails would become utterly monotonous – Thanks for freeing me of repetitive tasks” 
Brent Hohlweg, Men in Kilts

“Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to say that IMHO your product iKey is simply the best productivity aid available for OS X that I have come across to date. It's interface and access to features are so simple and well executed that in the year or so I have been using it I have barely have had the need to open the help files to accomplish a desired task. The tutorial and overview introduced recently are well worth the time to run through and serve as an excellent example of the potential and capabilities of iKey. As a system admin and FileMaker Developer I use iKey in every part of my work, from simply moving and sizing windows to shortcuts to menu's and for entering repetitive text and running applescripts from the keyboard. I currently have over 50 keyboard shortcuts in my universal set and a another 40 or so additional ones spread amongst half a dozen application specific sets. Combined these save me hundreds of key strokes and mouse clicks an hour. Together with LaunchBar, iKey is one of the two absolutely MUST HAVE utilities that I use many times an hour every day.” 
Peter Trist

“This is the old Youpi Key, with *lots* of new features. Very very nice! It now easily rivals QuicKeys.” 
Sherman Wilcox, Department of Linguistics, University of New Mexico 

“We are using iKey in a museum exhibit at the Boston Children's Museum; it is a big pavilion that resembles Boston's Symphony Hall with a video screen of the Boston Pops on it. Kids can use an electronic baton to "conduct" the orchestra. It seems to be quite a hit with the museum goers, which is a great pleasure to us. You can read about it in more detail if you care to at” 
Teresa Marrin Nakra, Artistic Director, Immersion Music

“This is a fantastic program! It is saving me hours and hours of work. I keep thinking of new things to do with it.” 
James Torck, Composer and Sound Designer

“Thanks for the on-going support and new releases of iKey that keep getting better and better - I used to use Quickeys years ago and am very happy with my decision to switch to iKey - it offers everything I need at a fraction of the cost - keep up the good work!” 
Sean Porter

“I used KeyQuencer for years on the Mac. When I switched to OS X, there was no OS X version for it, so I tried Youpi Key (which is now iKey). It's a great replacement. It saves me hours of time. Highly recommended!” 
Ron Belisle

“iKey Rocks!!!! Great Job!!!!” 
William Jamieson, Web Projects Manager, Smart Works, Australia

“I've been beta testing iKey for about a week now. I noticed that it was posted on VersionTracker today and also noticed that you didn't mention it was "formerly Youpi Key". It is important that everyone knows that Youpi Key is now iKey because you have MANY Youpi Key fans!” 
Paul Wharf, Web Technology Specialist, Mount Holyoke College

“After many years, I'm giving up on QuicKeys for something simpler that works.” 
Michael Delugg

“What a fantastic program. I am reaching for my wallet as I speak.” 
David Watson

“Thanks for this very useful app, which really increases productivity.” 
Eric Le Carpentier

“Hi guys, Well done on the new version of Youpi Key (iKey). It's great that it's now a preference pane. It's a nice addition.” 
Mark Allan

“Thanks for the hard work to make this a great application.” 
Randall Million

“Thanks for updating YoupiKey/iKey. It's quickly becoming one of my most often used utilities. Thank you for adding Hide Front Application! Now I can finally hide any application with the same keystroke, even in Classic.” 
Dan Wilga

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