*Read below to find out why we stoped developing Project Timer and chose FreshBooks

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  The Fastest Way To Track Time and Invoice Your Clients

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  Great for teams, freelancers and service providers.

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* 1/29/08 IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the creators of Project Timer and Project Timer Pro to all users.

Below are our reasons for stopping development on Project Timer.

We want to fulfill all your desires for Project Timer but...

The world is changing. Many things have happened since we created Project Timer. One enormous change is that applications are now being built on the net. Net based applications are now secure, convenient and have excellent interfaces. We pondered for a long time creating a new version of Project Timer and came to the conclusion that the next version should be web based.

We heard from Project Timer users that they love it but as they grow they want Project Timer to grow too. Some of the features that users requested for a future Project Timer were:

  • it should accommodate more users.
  • it should work for single users, small companies and large corporations.
  • should work on any platform Mac, Vista, Palm, iPhone, Linux, etc...
  • they want to access and update it from anywhere.
  • they want it to be secure.
  • they want it to be inexpensive.
  • it should offer their clients payment options (credit cards, paypal, etc..)
  • email invoices
  • snailmail invoices
  • reminders for overdue accounts.

    I could go on but you get the idea. The list above is daunting. If we had 10 expert programmers (for Mac, Win, Palm, etc.) working for years we could do this but we just have Sam. Sam created Project Timer and it made a lot of people very happy but fulfilling the requests above are beyond even his amazing abilities so we had to think what to do next.

    We did months of research into how to satisfy everyones needs and desires. We wanted to know what is the best method for the future of time tracking, invoicing, billing, accounts payable. The inescapable conclusion is that this exists already and someone else has developed and made it available. If you want the benefit of that research then try FreshBooks. FreshBooks offers all of the requested features above. Its great, its well done, even beautiful. Best of all its a web application and we use it and like it.

    Click here to try FreshBooks free

    If we could have done this we would have but this is honestly the best choice if you find yourself outgrowing Project Timer. As of now we are ceasing development so if you get to this page and you are pondering downloading and trying Project Timer for the first time it is still here (below) but we recommend you also go and try FreshBooks (seriously, its that good).

    Thanks to everyone. We enjoyed our conversations over the years with all the wonderful and creative users of Project Timer and Project Timer Pro.

  • freshbooks205x85-3.gif


    Project Timer is still available below but we do really do recommend Freshbooks.


    System requirements:
    Mac OS X 10.2 or higher.

    Click here for a features comparison table for Project Timer Pro & Project Timer Lite


    Project Timer Pro is the best price to feature competent time tracking application. Project Timer Pro builds on the strengths of the award winning Project Timer, such strengths as simplicity, cross platform ability and graphical reports. Project Timer Pro makes it easy to track the time spent working for clients, customers and employers.

    More Project Timer Pro info here
    See a screenshot of a project timer graphic report
    See a screenshot of a project timer invoice
    Buy now -- $50

    Mac OSX: view the changes in version addPopupOnClickChanges($info->version)?>
    Windows: view the changes in version addPopupOnClickChanges($ptpw_info->version)?>
      Project Timer Lite has been created from Project Timer Pro. In effect Project Timer Lite is Project Timer Pro's little brother. They both share some of the leading technology that has helped make Project Timer Pro the leading time tracking software available. Such as the data handling and organizing, the backup facility, the cross platform ability, the graphical printing (instead of creating a text file in a word processor) and the powerful yet easy to use interface.

    More Project Timer Lite info here
    See a screenshot of a project timer graphic report
    Project Timer Lite does not print invoices
    Buy now -- $20

    Mac OSX: view the changes in version addPopupOnClickChanges($ptlm_info->version)?>
    Windows: view the changes in version addPopupOnClickChanges($ptlw_info->version)?>


    In modern business time is of the essence, there is never enough of it and what time is available is very important.Efficient tracking of time can lead to improved productivity and increased turnover. At Script Software we work very hard to help companies and individuals track their time more effectively. In turn this saves our customers time and money.In many scenarios customers were under charging for their time, Project Timer helped them realize this and allowed the customers to charge for the actual time they spent working. Thousand of people have become reliant upon the software we produce to allow them to spend their time on better tasks than time tracking. See what our customers think of our software.


    The Project Timer series of applications make it easy to track time, organize the tracked time, create graphical reports and with Project Timer Pro provide not just invoice creation but invoice management. With a single click in Project Timer Pro you can see any 'pending' invoices or any 'overdue' invoices. Both applications share a common feature set, which provide the user with some already trusted tools. The Project Timer series uses a live storage system and a backup solution to offer our customers one of the most secure methods of protecting their data against corruption and data loss (Although please invest in an external backup solution for the best protection).


    "I thought perhaps you would like to know how we are using your Pro Project Timer. Tabco is a commercial printing and advertising products distributer with 12 salesman and various support personnel. We have three graphic artist that support all the salesmen. The business generates 8.5 million is sales per year. Your Pro Project Timer is providing a vital task in our business. We appreciate very much the care and devotion you have shown concerning this software. Please keep up the good work."
    David Pancake, Tabco Business Forms

    "...It beats the QuickBooks timer hands down..."
    Arie Tammeling

    "As an architect in an a Multi Project office, I am handeling 10 projects a week, with any 5 or 6 of them having situations everyday. 10 minutes here on one, an hour there on another. So Project Pro Timer has been a God send."
    Reece Carter
    "I am in the web business - Forms, web sites, web maintainance, etc. Most of my work is hourly and it was always very hard for me to keep track thru the month of the time spent on all of my clients. With Project Timer Pro I am able to track up to the minute all time spent. And since "time is money", I am making the money I earned by being able to track it so well."
    Marty Golden

    "The Pro version is a great program. I've dreamed of a program with these features so that I could move from tracking my time on paper, then passing it to a job sheet, then billing based on the job sheet. I am excited that with this program I can track time once, and have the data available to me immediately for job tracking and invoicing."
    Pamela Zurek

    Thanks for looking at our Project Timer software and lets us know your suggestions. We are very responsive. Please send your suggestions and questions by clicking the following link Send Suggestions And Questions