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NetCheck provides excellent logging ability providing the user with the ability to search and filter the log by many different options. Search by site name, device name, circuit information, port, and by time period.

Log File Management:

NetCheck supports the unique ability to use a slider to control the size of the log table being displayed. This value can grow and shrink by simply adjusting the slider. The size of the log file itself can also be adjusted with the same approach.


NetCheck allows quite a few reporting features to include the ability to email a generated report to a specified email address or a NetCheck email group. The user can generate a text view of the log and generate a csv text file of the log. Reporting acts upon the log being displayed -- if you've filtered or searched on an item and then generate a report, the results found in the report will only come from records being displayed in the filtered table. Because timezones are supported, NetCheck is capable of generating statistics on how many DOWN/UP events occurred during any given time period or during regular business hours of the remote site. This is very valuable for report generation. Advanced filtering is also supported. Reports can be generated by sitename, by hostname, and generating details of each DOWN/UP event.