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Global Network Device/Application Monitoring

NetCheck can identify and solve problems on your network before your users do.

NetCheck is an OSX native application that provides an array of network monitoring, email alerts, logging, and reporting features. OSX is without question the most advanced, feature reach, stable, fastest, and not to mention the coolest desktop operating system on the market today. NetCheck not only provides immediate customized alerts, but also provides the historical outage information that we need to work with our business partners on quality service issues using historical patterns seen in our NetCheck logging and reporting. This enables us to identify problems and work issues that otherwise would go unnoticed.

The main focus of this application is uptime monitoring of critical devices and applications, along with the features which provide this -- email alerts, logging, and reporting. You can create an EMAIL group for each special interest group and site, then create an ICMP/Port Monitoring entry that associate all devices and applications being monitored with that email group created for the site. This application was written natively in Objective C to be a native OSX application.

You can install NetCheck and have it monitoring your network in a couple hours. NetCheck is a simple, efficient, and fully functional solution which provides the user with granular control of monitoring devices and applications. NetCheck is already heavily in use on a global scale.

Users Rave

"Greetings. We installed your NetCheck on MAC OS X Ver 10.4.5 configured about 25 Servers in the ICMP Monitor and About a 100 Ports in the port monitoring. Tested servers when closing apps or crashing apps that use ports. Set up the E_mail Client and NetCheck will E_Mail me when a port fails or a server fail over email . Great job on this Application. We are a Community college in Houston, Texas. Thanks again for such a great utility. We purchased two copies." 
- Casey Wolters, Lan Manager Montgomery College