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Using the Karaoke Channel is much better then a limited karaoke app on your computer.

Our iStar Karaoke and iStar Composer software are still available below but no longer supported. 

DOWNLOAD  REQUIREMENTS: At least a 1GHz G4 running Tiger,

Quicktime 7.0.3, Apple’s Chapter Tool (if exporting to an iPod).

The amazing iVisualize is now included with iStar Composer. iVisualize is a plug-in for iTunes that produces incredible Quartz Composer effects in iTunes. iVisualize allows for a special breed of visualizers in iTunes that react to your music and can display a variety of song information. The newest iVisualize effect uses info from iStar Composer to display full sceen karaoke-style synchronized lyrics in iTunes.

iStar Composer includes a template for Quartz Composer that allows you to quickly create your own stunning synchronized visualizations using lyrics and song info for use in iTunes.

What is iStar Composer?

iStar Composer creates synchronized lyrics on the Mac to export to the iPod and iTunes. iStar Composer finds lyrics, but more importantly allows you to sync them to a song and then allows you to export the synchronized lyrics into a new music file (AAC) that will play/display in iTunes and on the iPod.


Composers, Garage Band users, singers, song writers, recording studios and music publishers will all find that iStar Composer is a powerful tool to create, promote and enhance their music. Test out that new song with different lyrics. Export your latest songs with embedded lyrics that can be seen by others in iTunes and on the iPod. Rock, classical, jazz, opera, blues, country, and international music all benefit. Be understood not just heard.


iStar Composer lets podcasters add extra detail to their podcasts. Now you can add extra information such as notes, translations and the names of guests. iStar Composer can even allow the hearing impaired to experience a podcast for the first time.


iStar Composer is a great tool for education. Add notes to a professors lecture. Learn lines to a play or opera. Listen to foreign languages and immediately see the translation.

Kids and Parents

iStar Composer is also great for creating nursery rhymes, find some music add the lyrics, export to iTunes. Bedtimes will never be the same.

Bring Lyrics Back To Life

Downloadable music is very convenient but it has always been missing one thing that was available in the past and that is LYRICS! In the 60's and 70's records had lyrics on the back of the albums. In the 80's and 90's CD's had lyrics in the inserts. Downloadable music does not have lyrics. This loss is remedied by iStar Composer an original application that doesn't just add lyrics but makes synchronized lyrics available on the Mac, in iTunes and on the iPod.

iStar Composer has some very original tools and techniques to line up the lyrics with the music. These tools make it easy to quickly add synchronized lyrics for any kind of song you own." iStar Composer can be used for editing and displaying lyrics, opera, karaoke, jokeoke (where people imitate a robin williams or another comedy routine), poetryoke (poems done to music), children's stories or children music, translation of text or lyrics, display of text for any audio track. And it is fun almost like playing a video game.

Full Screen Karaoke

Now with iVisualize installed view your iStar compositions full screen in the iTunes visualizer. We can't show this here but it adds back the missing element to downloadable music. If you have a widescreen or HDTV then display lyrics and more on the monitor as you listen to the music.

User Created Examples

Music, speeches, lectures, stories, in the future there will be examples you can download here. Feel free to contact and send us your compositions.

Much more to come

iStar Composer is just beginning. We have many features and surprises on the way and we welcome your contributions.

Now, we highly recommend The Karaoke channel.

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