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iSay was broken in a version of the Mac OS and is no longer supported.

DOWNLOAD the last version now 1.3.1.  For Mac OS 10.3 and up.

iSay main interface + voice notes & Action button depressed

A completely new way of messaging.

iSay, why type when you can dictate!With iSay, you can simplify time consuming tasks. You no longer need to type out emails when you can simply speak them, as for making notes, don't use the keyboard - say them then store them or pass them on to others as email or as notes or for transcription.
With email integration that is second to none and the easiest interface for this kind of program it is no wonder that iSay has a following of enthusiastic users. Based in part on very positive and constructive feedback we have released a greatly improved version of iSay.


Streamlined InterfaceSend voice e-mail with the click of a button.Store Voice NotesUse your voice messages in other applications.Import your voice messages from other programs and devices.Bluetooth and 3GP support.Hot KeysSend to other iSay users over a local networkSupport for the major e-mail clients.Compatibility with Cell Phones, Windows PCs and various other devices.

How does iSay stack up against the competition:

  iSay Quick Voice MailVoiceClip Audio Recorder Express Dictate
e-mail X X X   X
Notes X X     X
3GP X        
Bluetooth X        
iSync X        
Hot Keys X       X
Price $20 $19.99 $9.95 $0.00 $24.99

Multiple File Formats

iSay Preferences - File Formats menu open.
Save your voice into a variety of file formats depending on who you are sending to.

Sending the e-mail to a Mac or Windows users, then leave the setting on uLaw. If you send the e-mail to an Apple Mail user they can listen to the message directly in the message.

3GP & Wave are provided for sending to various other devices such as Cell Phones or PDAs.

E-mail Integration.

iSay Preferences Window showing the e-mail options.

iSay makes it so easy to send voice emails, its no wonder that iSay quickly became so popular.

We developed one of the most extensive libraries for sending emails via the most common email clients. The library currently includes support for Apple Mail, Microsoft® Entourage®, Bare Bones Mailsmith® and Eudora. We are working on expanding the library to include Netscape based email clients such as Mozilla and Thunderbird.

Below is what an iSay mail attachement looks like in apple mail. Most email programs will allow playing voice mail directly without the need for any additional program. See the controller just below below account. This allows playing stopping and rewinding a message.

iSay Preferences Window showing the e-mail options.

Voice Notes.

iSay's Voice Notes Window
The voice notes facility allows you to record and store voice notes, with provision to add a brief description and a completed status. However once your message is a voice note you can still send it via email, over the local network or via Bluetooth. You can also still save it as file for use in other applications.

With version 1.1 of iSay we made the voice notes attach to the main recording window thus increasing the convenience of the voice notes. Not to mention the fact that selecting the voice note now gives you information on the note.

iCal integration allows you to take your notes with you on your pda, iPod or cell phone. iSay uses the standard vCalendar format for attaching the voice, so as Apple adds support for this in a future version of iSync your voice will be transferred with your notes.