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Having trouble finding songs on your computer?

Do you have a lot songs that are unnamed or unknown in iTunes?

Does your library have songs with ??? as the title?

The average iTunes library contains 4,230 songs missing artwork, 490 songs without an artist name, 1,984 songs without track or year information, and 814 duplicate songs. That’s according to a study on iTunes users. Based on more than 1,000 users in 2010. The study also says that the average iTunes user has 7,160 songs in their collection.

Why Clean Up Your iTunes Library?

  • To save space
  • To find songs more easily
  • To remove duplicate songs
  • To be able to see the accurate info about a song.
  • To save your time
  • To be happier

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All the above would be great and its on everyones to do list but it never gets done takes forever and no one has that kind of time.

Rinse allows you to easily and quickly optimize and organize your iTunes library without the time consuming hassle of updating all the tags manually.

Rinse is capable of helping you organize your iTunes library by:

  • Removing Duplicate Songs
  • Fixing Misspelled Song Details.
  • Filling In Artists, Years And Genres.
  • Adding Album Artwork.
  • Doing It Automatically.

Rinse is solid and does a great job of cleaning up your iTunes song library. You use your songs all the time why not be able to find them and have all the correct info at your fingertips.

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Below is the information for the last version of IDTunes. Last updated in 2006 and no longer available.

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So, you are playing music in iTunes... and you want to play that song by Bob Dylan, but your forget what its called. You click on the 'artist' column to sort by artist. You scroll down to the B's and you see the songs that you have by Bob Dylan... but not the song your looking for! What's up with that? You know you have the song, but why is it not there? After 10 minutes of sorting through all your songs you find it somewhere near the bottom with an "unknown" in the artist column. How many times have you looked at your iPod and thought about spending time typing in all the correct info for each song just so you could find it easily?How many years have you put up with that missing info? How many years in the future? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a utility that would just go in and correct all those fields of information automatically. 

Now there is! ID Tunes fixes those missing or wrong ID3 tags automatically, once and for all. Systematize, organize, remove duplicates and correct irregularites in your music collection, even add lyrics. Once and for all clean up your MP3 song collection without having to spend weeks typing and checking the info. 

Here's how songs are organized on your computer: embedded in every MP3 there are ID3 tags. These ID3 tags identify the Song Name, Artist, Album, Length, and Genre. When you rip songs from a CD and you are not connected to the net or you get an MP3 from another source often these songs are missing all or some of the ID3 tags, or have spelling mistakes, or use different forms of syntax. 

ID Tunes goes thru your entire collection of MP3's using song fingerprint matching and enters all the correct tags (id3 tags are the fields that list the artist, title, track, genre, etc.). Now instead of 'Unknown' or 'Track 7' ID Tunes uses a variety of techniques to make sure that the correct Title is there, the correct Artist is there, etc. ID Tunes also cleans up your music collection by helping you find duplicate files and also by renaming files the way you want. ID Tunes works to organize and clean up your song collection so that you can find music when you want to. ID Tunes performs its music recognition on songs by sampling and checking the sample against our web database of 3.5 million songs. Using advanced frequency matching and song fingerprinting technology, ID Tunes matches your song and corrects any irregularities in the tag information. 

ID Tunes can also search for lyrics and add them to a song. 

Here's how ID Tunes makes songs easier to find:

  • Fills in 'unknown' or 'unnamed' file names
  • Corrects Syntax
  • Corrects Spelling
  • Removes Duplicates
  • Fills in Artist information
  • Fills in Album information
  • Fills in Genre information
  • Fills in Year information
  • Problem: Song name unknown because it is in the artist section


    Solution: ID Tunes fills in correct data


    Problem: Duplicate songs, not recognized because of syntax



    Solution: ID Tunes corrects syntax and removes duplicate


    Problem: Missing Genre or Album information



    Solution: ID Tunes fills in correct information


    See Screen Shots: Screen shot 1 Screen shot 2

    IDTunes is no longer available as of 2006.
    Now we recommend using rinse  to clean your music tags.
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