4/27/10 Macbreak Weekly Pick of the Week iClock by Andy Ihnatko


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User Raves

"iClock saves time! Once again I've snagged an invaluable tool from Script Software. iClock elegantly offers just the right balance of functionality and features. No digging - no bloat; just a wonderfully simple tool to help manage my clock, my time, my Mac."
Rand Miller, Co-creator of Myst and Riven

"Best time I ever had!!!!"
Charles Henry, PanTech Inc.

"I find iClock Pro to be an absolutely ESSENTIAL app. I'm totally lost without it."
Jeanie Kilgour, 1/14/11

"I love iClock. It's not only attractively designed, it's really useful, too. Besides all its time features, I was delighted when I saw that it restored the drop down menu for open applications."
James Henry Rubin, Professor and Chair, Department of Art, State University of New York

"The feature that attracted me to iClock was the location time menu. As you know software sales is world wide because of the Internet. When I need to make a service call overseas I need to know what time it is in that country. I have used other products that require running a program to see the times, or software that clutters the desktop with clocks. iClock is simple, non-obtrusive and FAST. Thank you for a very useful yet simple to use program."
David Parrish

"iClock is AWESOME! You should really try to get Apple to include it with all their machines! I'm glad I found it. Thanks!"
John Kingdon

"I couldn't live without iClock now. I love it because it is so simple, but has so many powerful features. I am constantly amazed at what it can do."
Anil K Solanki

I am a ham radio operator and I just want others to know that iClock 2 offers useful nw features for hams. The new 2.0 version supports handy web links along with many other useful features making it a very nice tool for HAM operators. I use iClock for time conversions, a handy quick calendar for looking up date (launches iCal when you want to enter something), Alarms, Stocks and more. An important note is Mark Fleming the author is interested in other links hams might find useful. 
Steve Hellyer (VA3SPH)