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"Got Photos? Put A Watermark On Each To Claim Your Copyright" - Jeffrey Mincer, Bohemian Boomer

Italian magazine SlideToMac 

SMMUG Review of iWatermark Pro by L. Davenport 

Very thorough review in Swedish for iWatermark Pro. Henning Wurst Read entire article

“It is a good application for its primary purpose, merging a visual watermark into your digital images, and it accomplishes this job easily and with some great additional features to make your life easier.” 
Chris Dudar, ATPM
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“If you need to add watermarks to a lot of images, iWatermark provides a big bang for your buck. It not only succeeds admirably at its core task, but it adds several other valuable timesaving features to the package.” 
Jay Nelson, Macworld
Read entire article   4.5 of 5 mice.

“The beauty of iWatermark is its combination of ease of use and functionality. If you've ever wanted to give watermarking a try, or if you’re already doing it and you'd welcome a way to do it quickly and easily, iWatermark is an inexpensive and impressive utility. I've yet to see a better solution than Script Software's $20 iWatermark.” 
Dan Frakes, Macworld
Read entire article   4.5 of 5 mice.

Image copyright software that protects one or a ton

“This simple-looking product sports a lot of features and supports almost every conceivable file type. A very simple, clean, drag-and-drop interface works beautifully and just requires a few preference adjustments to place your mark on your work. Additionally, the software supports Exchangeable Image File (EXIF) and International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) preservation code.

There are some other watermarking shareware items out there, but none are this comprehensive and offer support with the IPTC format.” 
-- Daniel M. East, Mac Design Magazine

“How can you protect your pictures? Script Software has an inexpensive ($20) and simple solution: IWatermark. It's a breeze to use. Just drag a single picture or a folder full of pictures to the IWatermark screen to tell it what images to watermark, then specify the watermark text, like "© 2004 Dave Johnson. Here's where the program really gets good: You can specify a watermark image instead of text. That means you can put a small picture of yourself in the corner of the image if you like. Then set a watermark location--such as a corner or the center of the frame--and let it rip.” 
-- Dave Johnson, PC World

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Macsimum News review gave it a 9 out of 10.

PDF of Digital Camera Magazine Article

Comparison of Visible (iWatermark) and Invisible (DigiMark) watermarking

PC World Review

User Raves

"One think I like about your product is that the placement of the watermark is based on a percent of the picture side, not a specific number of pixels. Whey is that significant? I shoot with a 24.5MP camera and several 12MP cameras. If I want my watermark close to the bottom of the picture with the other products I have to tell them how many pixels. If I work with a 24.5MP picture the number of pixels I want the picture away from the bottom is going to be different compared to a 12MP picture. You app uses % of the size. I can run you app on two very different sized pictures and the placement of the logo will always be the same. I think that is a good selling point."
Scott Baldwin -


"As a pro surf photographer trying to break into getting my photos published, iWatermark has been the best $20 I have ever spent!  Everyone wants you to email photos to them but it was so time consuming to add watermarks manually to adjust to vertical and horizontal formats.  I tried using Photoshop Elements batch processing.  Too complicated to do it in PS5.  This program has saved me sooo much time to quickly watermark a folder of photos and send it off to various publishers."   
Diane Edmonds  -

“I have spent ages trying various software to enable me to watermark my pictures, I found yours after days of trying various types but yours is with out doubt the easiest and most cost effective I have come across, thanks for an excellent product, top class” 
Peter Kearns -

“I have been using iWatermark for a while now and love it. Last year I lost alot of sales, due to families downloading wallet sized pictures from my site. This year I have been using iWatermark and my sales have gone up. People don't want to see copyright info right in the middle of the picture. It is a great product, great price and best of all EASY to use. Thanks for helping me protect my product! Peace,” 
Chris, Action Digital Photography

“your program has just been an awesome help to me. I regularly put my wedding, event and portrait photography on It has helped to stop unauthorized use of our work and I sure thank you for that. We were happy to pay for a great program.” 
Jon Wright, J&K Creative! -

"I list houses on craigslist for rent and got some of my pics hijacked BEFORE I  bought iWatermark.  Now the fraudsters pick another target since my web site is plastered on the pic!"
Southpaw Steve