iWatermark Features

Operating System Version Number Required Older Versions Purchase
Mac Download 1.72 Mac 10.6-10.12 Previous versions buynowgoldblue.png
iOS Download Version iOS 7-9   buynowgoldblue.png
Windows Download 2.0.7 XP to Win10 Previous versions buynowgoldblue.png
Android Download Version Android   buynowgoldblue.png

iPhone and iPad: New! Click to get iWatermark in the iTunes App Store.

 Some Features:

  1. Batch watermark entire folders of images at once.
  2. Scale all your images to be the same size.
  3. Creates thumbnails of your watermarked images.
  4. Use text, TIFF or PNG logos for your watermarks
  5. Set the transparency of your watermark.
  6. Rotate, scale, and place your watermark, anywhere on your picture.
  7. Use special effects such as aqua, shadow and/or emboss on your watermark.
  8. Preserve the metadata captured with the image, such as EXIF, IPTC and XMP.
  9. Input and Output your watermarked image into a variety of different image formats. 
  10. Less expensive, more efficient, faster and simpler to use then PhotoShop. iWatermark is exclusively designed for watermarking.
  11. Create and use QR codes (like barcodes) as watermarks (Pro and iPhone/iPad only).
  12. Use built in Creative Commons watermarks (Pro only).
  13. Use many watermarks simultaneously (Pro only).
  14. Import/Export/Share watermarks you create (Pro only).
  15. Set location watermark by x,y which insures your watermark appears in the same place no matter what size or resolution the images are.

Too many features to list. Download and try it out.

Comparison iWatermark vs iWatermark Pro



iWatermark Pro


1 at a time

1 or more simultaneously



4 x or more faster, 64 bit

Parallel Processing Aware  

Multi-threaded, use multiple CPU/GPU’s

Color Profiles  

Uses existing and settable

Output Folder


Multiple folder output settings

Input File Types

jpg, png, tiff, gif

raw, jpg, png, tiff, gif, dng, ps

Output File Types

jpg, png, tiff, pict

jpg, png, tiff, ps, clipboard

Import Watermarks  


Export Watermarks  

Yes, to share watermarks

Create Watermark Droplet   Creates dedicated watermarking app
Metadata (XMP, IPTC)


XMP and IPTC Extended

Metadata Tags as Watermarks  

IPTC, Tiff, File Attributes, Exif, GPS



all those and more...

Watermark Location

Set by xy

Set by dragging or xy

Text Watermark Formatting

font, size, color

font, size, color, rotation, transparency, shadow, border


color, opacity

color, opacity, scale, border, shadow, rotation



Online, contextual and detailed

QR Codes as Watermarks  

Creates and uses QR codes

Creative Commons Watermarks  

Easily adds any CC watermark

Quick Look Plugin  

See exported watermark info

Works with all Photo Browsers



iPhoto Plugin  

Watermark direct in iPhoto

Aperture Plugins  

Watermark direct in Aperture3


$20 (no longer for sale)

$30¹  $15²

¹ Shareware and Apple App Store (soon)   ² Upgrade for previous iWatermark owners. Contact us.