iWatermark+ for iOS Upgrade Info for
Users of Original iWatermark

To save your time this first line says it all. If you like iWatermark you will adore iWatermark+ for iOS.

The easy way to see if the upgrade from iWatermark to iWatermark+ is worth $1.99 is to read the reviews on iTunes App Store. Under User Ratings All Versions there are over 525 5 star reviews. Technically, from our perspective as developers, iW+ is easily 100 times better.

To purchase iWatermark+ click here. For more detailed info on the changes read on.

To see some of the differences between iWatermark and iWatermark+ check out these tutorial videos to see the new more powerful features and simpler/faster workflow.

Q: As a first time purchaser which should I get iWatermark or iWatermark+?
A: Good question. As the developers we can say that iWatermark+ is new, beautiful, functional, powerful, easier to use and is by far, in our opinion, simply the best software we've ever created. On the other hand there are 1500 5 star ratings for the original iWatermark, it is well loved, it has been optimized and tested over the last 5 years so it is solid. iWatermark+ is 3.99, iWatermark is 1.99 and the iOS app bundle of both is 3.99. The bundle covers all bases and makes the most sense. :) If you already bought iWatermark and are pondering iWatermark+ then getting the 3.99 bundle only costs you $1.99 because Apple recognizes your previous purchase (if both are purchased on the same account) and they discount the earlier $1.99 from the total. 

Even better Apple has their Family Plan which allows everyone in a family to share any app bought by any family member. For a family of 6 that means that all of them can own iWatermark and iWatermark+ when you buy one copy.

We suggest getting iWatermark+ but if you find yourself waffling because your friend said get iWatermark, then get both is the easy answer to the above question. 

For more info details of the differences are below.

Why a new version?

The original iWatermark was created 5 years ago, it's latest incarnation is iWatermark+ which was born from the massive changes available to developers in iOS 8. iWatermark is kind of fixed in interface and features whereas the new iWatermark+ is still dynamic and will see many new features.

iWatermark continues to be solid, dependable and extremely useful. The new iWatermark+ offers a new framework, totally different user interface which allows for an enhanced workflow and a lot more features for serious photographers. iWatermark+ is designed to grow and evolve over the next 5 years. We recommend having both apps. You are familiar with iWatermark now see the new features in the iWatermark+ version below.

Already iWatermark+ is number 5 on list of top 100 apps of the year.

Q: I bought the old version can I upgrade for a reduced price to the new version.
A: Yes, that is the answer as of 1/12/15. Go to this link for a bundle of iWatermark and iWatermark+. This bundle costs $3.99 if you bought the original iWatermark then Apple knows this from their records of your purchases and discounts the bundle for what you already bought. So, if you bought iWatermark for $.99 then the price becomes $3.99 - .99 = $3 and if you bought the original iWatermark for $1.99 then the price of the bundle would become $3.99 - 1.99 = $2. Thanks to Apple for this new option. Here is the link to the bundle.

Q: Why didn't you just upgrade the old version?
A: We considered it and would have liked to but in our beta testing we found:
    1. Many people don't like radical change. They are happy with iWatermark the way it is.
    2. It's not good to force a whole new user interface on people. Gentler to offer and let people choose a new app.
    3. Many new features only run on iOS 8, 9 and 10. If we upgraded the old version then people who paid for the app wouldn't be able to use it anymore.
    4. Many people run iWatermark on iOS 5, 6 and 7. Those users would find the app no longer works.
    5. There is a lifespan to software just like all things. 

Q: Is the old one finished?
A: Not at all. We just put out an upgrade and more will come. It has lots of life left and it's still BY FAR the most popular watermarking app but that is only because most people don't know about iWatermark+ yet.

Download iWatermark+ Free. Test drive and see how it's different

How is iWatermark+ different from the older iWatermark:

+ Multiple simultaneous watermarks instead of only 1.
+ iOS 8 photo editing extension and regular app. Watermark directly within the editor of Apple's Photos App and others.
+ 11 watermark types = 9 visible + 2 invisible watermark types. The old iWatermark had 4.
+ Backup and sharing of watermarks between devices (coming in Feb 2016)
+ Use of 3D touch to speed watermarking.
+ Edit previously created watermarks.
+ Borders, Vector, Metadata, StegoMark, Custom Filter and Resize watermark added.
+ Text on an Arc watermarks. Text that follows a curved path is the 7th watermark.
+ The ultimate app for Instagram. 
+ Edit watermarks without having to select a photo.
+ A more coherent user interface with an easier, faster and more intuitive layout.
+ Watermark videos not just photos.
+ Hardware acceleration for both user interface and final watermarking are much faster.
+ Fewer steps to creating a watermark, watermarking a photo and exporting.
+ Export/Share directly to all major social media.
+ The easy access to a database of watermarks will lead people to create many text, signature, graphic, metadata and stegomark type watermarks that they choose and use based on the situation.
+ Metadata tags - display photo info (like date, time, camera, gps, etc) as a watermark.
+ Watermark directly within Apple's Photos app and apps by using the iWatermark extension.
+ Signature Scanner uses the camera to import signature or graphics to use as watermarks.
+ Live interactive adjusting of effects like tint, shadow, font, size, opacity, rotation, etc. 
+ Live preview of watermark(s) on a photo before processing.
+ 212 custom and 50 Apple fonts = 262 great fonts built in and ready to use for text watermarks.
+ 5000+ professional vector graphics especially for phototographers.
+ Magnifying glass.
+ Watermark database allows saving all watermarks you create. Reuse, export and share.
+ Too many features to list.

This is just the first version and it's already amazing, we can't imagine what it will be like in a few years.

The slideshow below shows some of the differences. But you have to try it to see what a huge shift in useability it is.

iWatermark+ Overview

As an owner of the original iWatermark you know that it was useful, dependable and fun. At the same time we all felt (as users) there must be better way to do things. iWatermark was first released for iPhone in 2010. A time when Apple provided developers with fewer api's, when cameras were lower resolution and the ui looked like the real thing (called skeuomorphism) and the operating system version that had just arrived was iOS 4.

Now, it is almost 2015, iOS 8 is faster, more powerful, with many new features, the UI is flat, iPhone and iPads are huge and the camera is a miracle of technology. We had been thinking for a long time on the limitations of the original version of iWatermark and final came to the conclusion that we could not make the changes necessary in yet another (there were already 27) update. iWatermark needed to be totally rewritten, the UI needed to be rethought and the idea of watermarking itself was ready for a paradigm shift. We have found from experience people don't like to wake up to their app suddenly looking and working radically different. This gave birth to the beginning of a new app called iWatermark+.

Over this past year we have been working very hard on creating something practical. It came down to this. The new app should allow everyone to create watermarks, select and use more then one at a time easily. Before watermarks types were not delineated so we decided to clarify and add additional ones. Here is the list we made.

The iWatermark+ 11 Unique Types of Watermarks
Type Icon Visibility Description
Text TextWatermark.png Visible Any text with format changes like font, size, color, rotation, etc.
Text Arc ArcTextWatermark.jpg Visible Text on a curved path.
GraphicWatermark.png Visible A graphic is usually a transparent .png file like your logo, brand, copyright symbol, etc.
StickerWatermark.jpg Visible Use over 5000 built-in vector (SVG's) to display perfect graphics at any size.
BorderWatermark.jpg Visible A vector border that can be stretched around an image and customized using a variety of settings.
QR Code QRCodeWatermark.png Visible A kind of barcode with information like email or url in it's coding.
Signature SignatureWatermark.png Visible

Create and use your signature as a graphic to sign your creations.

Metadata PhotoTagsWatermark.png Invisible Adding information (like your email or url) to the IPTC or XMP part of the photo file.
StegoMark HiddenTextWatermark.png Invisible StegoMark is our proprietary steganographic method of embedding information like your email or url into the picture data itself.
Resize CropWatermark.png Visible Resize photos and preview in real time.
Filter FilterWatermark.png Visible Customized filters, provides myriad variety. 

iWatermark+ is Unique in Many Ways:

+ Watermark directly within Apple's Photos app and apps by using the iWatermark extension.
+ Use one or multiple watermarks simultaneously on a photo or photos.
+ Watermark 1, 2, 3 or whatever number of photos in a batch.
+ Signature Scanner uses the camera to import signature or graphics to use as watermarks.
+ Live interactive adjusting of effects like tint, shadow, font, size, opacity, rotation, etc. 
+ Live preview of watermark(s) on a photo before processing.
+ 212 custom and 50 Apple fonts = 262 great fonts built in and ready to use for text watermarks.
+ 5000+ professional vector graphics especially for phototographers.
+ Watermark database allows saving all watermarks you create. Reuse, export and share.
+ 9 kinds of watermarks. 4 watermarks are exclusive to iWatermark.

There are two versions available iWatermark+ Free and iWatermark+. The only difference between the two is that iWatermark+ Free puts a small watermark that says 'iWatermark+ Free - Upgrade to remove this watermark' at the bottom of a picture. Many will find that fine, otherwise there is an inexpensive upgrade to remove that watermark. Upgrading supports the evolution of iWatermark+, it's a small price to own such a sophisticated program.

iWatermark is not just an app but also an 'Extension' which can be used within the iOS Photos app as well as other apps.

Buy the bundle of iWatermark and iWatermark+ together.

You can buy iWatermark+ here.

Get iWatermark Free here.

Check out the manual here.

Here's a quick 30 sec video of watermarking using a few watermarks simultaneously

and exporting to the Camera Album.

Here is a tutorial by Linda Sherman for iWatermark+

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iWatermark+ and
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