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iWatermark to iWatermark+ Upgrade Info

Q: As a first time purchaser which should I get iWatermark or iWatermark+?
A: Good question. As the developers we can say that iWatermark+ is new, beautiful, functional, powerful, easier to use and is by far, in our opinion, the best. On the other hand there are 1200 5 star ratings for the original iWatermark, it is well loved, it has been optimized and tested over the last 5 years so it is solid. 

So, the answer to the above question is get iWatermark+ here.

For more info details of the differences are below.

Why a new version?

The original iWatermark was created 5 years ago, it's latest incarnation is iWatermark+ which was born from the massive changes available in more recent versions of Android OS. iWatermark is kind of set in it's features whereas the new iWatermark+ is still dynamic and will see a lot of new features added as it adds all the features found in the popular iWatermark+ on iOS.

The original iWatermark continues to be solid, dependable and extremely useful. The new iWatermark+ offers a new framework, totally different user interface which allows for an enhanced workflow and a lot more features for serious photographers. iWatermark+ is designed to grow and evolve over the next 5 years. Having both apps is not a bad idea. 

On the iPhone iWatermark+ is already number 5 on list of top 100 photography apps of the year. The iOS version has a huge list of features and we are working full time porting each feature to the Android version. iWatermark+ will be fun to own because of these continuing improvements each month.

Q: Why didn't you just upgrade the original iWatermark version?
A: It was not possible the new + version has a user interface radically different to accommodate the new features. 

Q: Is the original iWatermark finished?
A: Not at all. We just put out an upgrade and more will come. It has lots of life left and it's still BY FAR the most popular watermarking app.

Download iWatermark+ Free. Test drive and see how it's different.

How is iWatermark+ different from the older iWatermark:

+ Multiple simultaneous watermarks.
+ Edit previously created watermarks.

+ The ultimate app for Instagram. 
+ Edit watermarks without having to select a photo.
+ A more coherent user interface with an easier, faster and more intuitive layout.
+ Hardware acceleration for both user interface and final watermarking are much faster.
+ Fewer steps to creating a watermark, watermarking a photo and exporting.
+ Export directly to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and a growing number of sharing apps.
+ The easy access to a database of watermarks will lead people to create many new watermarks that they use frequently based on the situation.
+ Metadata tags - display photo info (like date, time, camera, gps, etc) as a watermark.
+ It has companion apps on all 4 platforms iOS, Mac, Windows and Android.
+ Signature Scanner uses the camera to import signature or graphics to use as watermarks.
+ Live interactive adjusting of effects like tint, shadow, font, size, opacity, rotation, etc. 
+ Live preview of watermark(s) on a photo before processing.
+ Hundreds of fonts built in and ready to use for text watermarks.
+ Watermark database allows saving all watermarks you create. Reuse, export and share.

Coming Features as it Catches Up with the iOS version

+ 11 watermark types = 9 visible + 2 invisible watermark types. 
+ Watermark videos not just photos.
+ Text on an Arc watermarks. Text that follows a curved path.
+ 5000+ professional vector graphics especially for phototographers.

The link for the manual is here.

The slideshow below shows some of the differences. But you have to try it to see what a huge shift in useability it is.

Here is a tutorial by Linda Sherman for iWatermark+ on iOS