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iW•Cloud News

iW•Cloud is new. We look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions as you use it. Thanks.

iW•Cloud Tutorials

We are starting to create video turtorials now that the major construction on the app and user interface is slowing down. For now these videos are experimental and under construction, but more consistent ones will come as soon as we figure out the best way to do them. Feedback welcome.

Touch the top left of the player to see a list of tutorials that include narration. If you can't hear the tutorial make sure your volume is up and the silent mode switch is on.

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iW•Cloud Overview

iW•Cloud is the original and only watermark cloud service. iW•Cloud is for backup and sharing of watermarks created with iWatermark. Why was iW•Cloud created? Because iWatermark+ users are creating more and more useful custom watermarks that they want to use on other iPhones and iPads they own and also to share with their family, company and/or colleagues.

In addition to private watermarks iW•Cloud allows for public/shared watermarks too. Your watermarks are protected even if you delete the app or change to a new iOS device or have multiple iOS devices.

Each user is gifted space to store 3 watermarks in the cloud. Additional space for more watermarks is available via iW•Cloud subscriptions for 100 or 5000 watermarks. The subscriptions help support the cost of Amazon Web Services (AWS) services we use each month.

Using iW•Cloud

To begin, locate the cloud icon at the bottom of the Watermark List page (see below) in the center of the navigation area. Click that cloud button to enter the iW•Cloud area to start.

Watermark List Page for Cloud .png

iW•Cloud Login Page

Once you click the cloud you will see the iW•Cloud Login Page (below).

iWCloud Login.png

Account Page

If you don't have credentials for logging in then click Create Account (above) and you will see this the Account Page (below.


The first time you hit the Create Account button the Account Page won't have any info. Add your name, a password twice and pick a picture or take a picture of yourself then hit the Create button at top right and you will be logged in and see the iW•Cloud Home page (below).

iW•Cloud Home Page

iWCloud Home.png
In iW•Cloud Home from the top:
1. a) Account Settings, b) Statistics, c) Usage Plan, d) Advanced.
2. Search iW•Cloud
3. Browse iW•Cloud
4. iW•Cloud Assets
5. Upload
6. Refresh

1. Account Settings

  1a. Account - the place to change your name, your picture, login and password.

  1b. Statistics - the place to check out how many watermarks of various types you have in iW•Cloud.

  1c. Usage Plan - here you can see and change your subscription within iW•Cloud

Usage Plan.png

  1d. Advanced - this has a couple settings most people won't need to change. Here you can turn on/off access to watermarks made on other platforms like Mac, Win, and Android.

The other setting allows setting the timeout. This is the time that the app will wait for a response for iW•Cloud. With a very slow internet connection it might help to increase the number.


2. Search

- selecting this from iW•Home takes you to this search page which lets you set the parameters for a search of all publicly available watermarks. This is how you can find useful watermarks made by others that you can download free.


3. Browse

 - allows you to browse the albums of publicly available watermarks in iW•Cloud

Public Albums.png

4. Assets

- assets are watermarks you have uploaded. Below in the second half of the iW•Cloud Home page you can see the Assets available.

IMPORTANT: Assets can be reside loosely in the Asset area or in Albums that you create. All loose (in the root) watermarks are private, they cannot be made public. Watermarks in Albums you create can be either private by default or set to be public and therefore visible to other iW•Cloud users using Search or Browse.

iWCloud Home.png

Create Album - just gives you a album (folder) to name and which can hold a group of watermarks that you want to keep private or make public.

It is not essential to make any Albums, it is still possible to upload your watermarks, they will be in the root and not in any album.

Albums are Private (by default) or Public by changing the setting (see below). If you upload watermarks and have not created any Albums those watermarks will be at the root or loose at the same level as Albums.  

Create Album.png

5. Upload

- if you have created watermarks of your own (this does not include sample watermarks) then when you hit Upload it will display those (like in the screenshot below). Select watermarks, you've created, that you want on iW•Cloud and hit the Upload button at top right.

Upload Watermarks.png

Above a watermark is selected and highlighted in blue to it's right is an i icon. Clicking the i reveals the upload info page for the watermark (below). Here you will see a preview of the watermark, description that you can add, who the author is and size (see below).

info on upload.png

6. Refresh 

- the Refresh button reloads the directory (albums and watermarks) from iW•Cloud. Typically you should not have to press this but if something is out of order or missing then hit the Synch button. It is non-destructive and can't hurt anything. The button is 6 in the bottom nav (below).

iWCloud Home.png

If you select a watermark like My Photo Filter (above on iW•Cloud Page) that is loose or in an Album you will see a preview of the watermark, description that you can add, who the author is, whether it is private or public, date uploaded, size and star rating (see below).

watermark info.png

Star Rating - how the public rates a watermark.

If you have questions not covered in this addendum to the manual write to julian@plumamamazing.com. Suggestions also welcome.