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43291256095488splash.jpgGalactic Pool

You are the cue ball in this 3D pool game set in the far future. You and an opponent (either computer or someone via the wifi network) battle to sink 5 balls in the pockets. Beware your opponent can sink your rocket ball which will cause you to sit on the sidelines momentarily.

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Use the accelerometer via tilting for direction and pull back and fire your rocket cue ball at other balls using the touch sensitive display. The further back you pull the more power in the shot. Challenging, fast paced, fun and addicting. It hones your reaction time, develops mind body coordination, and increases your ability to think ahead strategically.


  • Works on any iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Great artwork and original music for 3 levels.
  • Futuristic backgrounds
  • Play against friends on the wifi Network
  • Adjust camera, volume and sensitivity.
  • Hit a button to enter instant replay mode.
  • Championship mode.
  • 8 original characters with different AI characteristics.
  • 3d graphics with special effects 
  •  Video Demo on YouTube

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