iWatermark+ for Android Changes Log

Version 1.10   Release Date: 1/05/16
  • [Feature] Zoom option is provided in Resize Photo activity. Now user can zoom an image, save its settings and reload its settings.
  • [Feature] Deep linking for app
  • [Fixed] Application crashed if no photo is selected from gallery and user opens Resize Photo Activity from Watermark Type list.
  • [Fixed] On some devices application crashed If user opens Graphics Watermark activity and try to pick image from gallery.
  • [Fixed] On some devices application crashed If user opens Signature Scan Watermark activity and try to take image from camera.
  • [Fixed] On some devices application crashed if user first selects an already Resize Photo from watermarks list and then unselect it.
Version 1.8   Release Date: 1/05/16
  • [New Feature] Resize Photo is provided in PHOTO STYLE WATERMARK. User can square photo, apply horizontal and vertical mirror, change width and height, change vertical and horizontal offset and change background color. User can save applied settings and can apply these settings to different photos.
  • [Improvement] Watermark positioning on photo is improved.
  • [Bug Removed] Loaded watermark was always shown on top left regardless of of its saved position setting.
Version 1.7   Release Date: 1/05/16
  • [Feature Added] - Tap and hold on the eye icon to get an instant preview of the watermarked photo from within Text,ArcText,Graphics,QRCode and Signature Scan screens.
  • [Bug Removed] - Location of applied watermark to Photo moved slightly in different direction depending upon its position on photo. Fixed.
  • [Feature Added] - Deletion of single or multiple photos from Gallery.
Version 1.5   Release Date: 9/09/15
  • [New] Added Horizontal and vertical mirror setting for Graphics watermark
  • [Update] Now setting name and its value is shown along with setting slider during changing different settings like Size, Angle, Opacity, Shadow, Backdrop, Radius, Inner Circle, Scale, Ting and Border for different types of watermarks like Text, Graphics, Signature Scan, Arc Text, QRCode watermarks.
  • [Crashes] Some device and Android OS run time related crashes are eliminated and now application is more stable
Version 1.0   Release Date: 6/10/15
  • - first version of iwatermark+ for android
  • - more coming....