• [fix] Prevent crash when some calendar events occur (often appeared to be a crash when waking or a crash when open for a while).
    [fix] Resize window commands now work again for recent macOS versions.
    [fix] Fix some horizontal scrolling bugs and generally make the window scrolling actions more reliable.
    [fix] Fix some image problems in the yKey Editor, particularly where some icons were flipped.
    [mod] New name: iKey is now yKey!
    [mod] Removed the need to run as an admin user, in line with modern security practices.
    [mod] Improved the way yKey handles standard window buttons (like close, minimise, zoom / full screen).
    [mod] Clean up registration menu items after registering.
    [mod] yKey configuration is now saved in and loaded from a more standard system location. Previous configurations are migrated when starting this new version.
    [mod] Preferences shared between editor and yKey engine are now organised better.
    [mod] Lots of internal improvements and modernisation.
    [mod] Updated code signing to Apple's latest requirements.
    [new] Request to install as login item can now be suppressed if you don't want
    to do this (you can still change your mind via the preferences).
    [mod] Removed some stale web links (times change and so does the web).
    [mod] Removed the "configure for all users" feature. Again, opening up the system to sharing configuration information amongst multiple users is no longer an acceptable practice in the modern security-conscious world. Configurations can still be shared by exporting and importing, but we all like to personalise our configurations anyway, don't we?
    [mod] Removed editor support for auto-wake after sleep. OS X has not supported this since OS X 10.5.
    [mod] Removed support for converting iKey v1 preferences since v1 was replaced over a decade ago.
    [mod] Removed support for .Mac service backup "quick picks" since Apple has retired the .Mac service.
  • [New] Developer Signed Application, library and frameworks.
    [Updated] Clean up code base (upgraded may legacy calls & less log messages) and removed unused/old code.
    [Updated] Now prompt on startup to give iKey access to Security -> Privacy ->Accessibility to allow it to control your computer. - More updates and new features coming. - Thanks to all users for the feedback.
  • [Add]- support and integration with KeyCue (ergonis.com)
    [Add] - log entry if keyCue is not running.
  • [Fix]- assorted bugs in preparation for a major future release.
    [Updated] - the location of the bin file from script software to plum site.
  • [fix] editor hot key did not show correctly in 10.5.8 when running in 64bit.
    [fix] adjusted for new mac os behavior so 32bit works correctly and automatically for pre 10.6 and 64bit for 10.6 and higher also works correctly.
  • [mod] Bug: Quit Other - Killed iKey engine. Behavior change: note only way to quit iKey engine is to explicitly quit it. Quit Other does not quit in use: Bring it to front and Quit Front, or Quit iKey.ap. If you need to enable tracing of Quit option in plugin To enable in terminal type: defaults write com.scriptsoftware.ikey debugTracePluginEng 1 To disable in terminal type: defaults write com.scriptsoftware.ikey debugTracePluginEng 0
  • [mod] Added USB Tracing for extended support of new XKey (a particular usb device with multiple keys, joy sticks, jog and shuttle) devices. Details for users of the new xkey and who need this: to enable in command line enter: defaults write com.scriptsoftware.ikeyeditor debugTraceUSB 1 Then send iKey Editor logs to support.
  • [fix] recent applications and documents works
    [mod] works with multiple monitors. can move windows to a negative location. monitors to the left are considered negative.
    [mod] install no longer opens manual at end of install.
  • [fix] version 2.4.3 did not open for new users. this new prefs issue fixed.
  • [mod] changed editor help menu to: iKey Website...
    [mod] a log message removed: it said runActions: resutls Success: 0 Fail: x
    [fix] Fixed spelling and improved feedback for failed registration keys.
    [mod] install now allows you to select custom location.
    [mod] setup manual to allow fixed and variable width display
    [add] moved from old scriptsoftware.com to new website, new name at new domain > plum amazing
    [mod] removed Authorize option from File menu of editor for security reasons. note: this affects the Wake from Sleep option only if you enable Accessible device support. sleep command with no wake option still works.
  • [mod] System command - start / stop classic now disabled in 64 bit in 10.6
    [mod] pref didn't save if you hit red close button - disabled it
    [mod] welcome screen has link to PDF in iKey.app need to update and remove PDF
    [mod] email feedback now report "I'm running iKey 2.4.0 under Mac OS X 10.6.2 (Intel 64)."
    [mod] Added user default for Action editor framework "IKActionDebug" for login actions editing.
    [fix] Could not find image named 'cursor'.
    [add] Object C 2.0 fast enumeration used to speed things up
    [add] Added open folder options to Folder Commands..
    [add] New Ikey default menu
    [fix] folder heirarchy locking up fixed.
    [fix] Fix: iKey Editor Console *** WARNING: Method setDrawsGrid: in class StripedTableView is deprecated. It will be removed in a future release and should no longer be used.
    [fix] Fixed: Network command for selecting locations in 10.6.x
    [mod] Updated Mount server to clean up issue, now uses UTF8 for internation support.
    [mod] unix updated tool tips for Run in Terminal and Edit.
    [mod] unix command now returns "unix command return error #" if error ocurrs.
    [add] Added Tools tip to menu if only icon displayed.
    [fix] fixed sound up, down and mute. Now works regardless of keyboard type.
    [add] Add Sound->Max Volume command. Set volume to Max value.
    [mod] unix - run file - edit does not tell you which editor
    [mod] fixed removing or adding image / title to menus.
  • [fix] fixed bug were 2nd identical action in a menu or pallete would not add.
    [mod] changed editor help menu to: iKey Website...
    [mod] log message removed: runActions: resutls Success: 0 Fail: 6
  • [Add] Fully 64 bit including all modules when using 10.6. This means it will run faster and use less memory.
    [Mod] Removed deprecated code.
    [Add] New module to easily control iClock.
    [Mod] recent document and recent changes turned off for this version (will show but disabled)
    [Mod] this and future versions support 10.5 and 10.6 but no longer 10.4
  • [Add] Fully 64 bit including all modules when using 10.6. This means it will run faster and use less memory.
    [Mod] Removed deprecated code.
    [Add] New module to easily control iClock.
    [Mod] recent document and recent changes turned off for this version (will show but disabled)