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San Francisco, CA – iWatermark, is the No. 1 and only watermarking tool available for all 4 platforms, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Windows and of course Android. iWatermark+ is the most popular & powerful professional watermarking tool for Android.

Easily, secure and protect your photos with Text, Graphic, Vector, Text On Arc, QR Code, Signature, Metadata and Steganographic watermarks. Once added to a photo these visible and/or invisible watermarks show the photo or video was created and is owned by you.

Plum Amazing CEO said “If you share an amazing photo or video you’ve taken via Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. it’s very likely to go viral then fly off globally out of your control and without any connection to you as the creator.” He paused, then added, “The simple solution is to digitally sign using iWatermark with your name, email or url then your intellectual property your photos/videos have a visible and legal connection to you wherever they may roam.”

The watermark types in iWatermark are not found in any other software. Some watermarks are visible and others invisible. Both serve different purposes. A visible watermark is where you superimpose your logo or signature onto your image. Invisible watermarks are not so obvious and are buried in the file or image color data.

Visible Watermarks 

Text – Any text including metadata with settings to change font, size, color, rotation, etc.
Text Arc – Text on a curved path.
Bitmap Graphic – A graphic is usually a transparent .png file like your logo, brand, copyright symbol, etc. To import.
Vector Graphic – Use over 5000 built-in vector (SVG’s) to display perfect graphics at any size.
QR Code – A kind of barcode with information like email or url in it’s coding.
Signature- Sign, import or scan your signature into a watermark to sign your creations.

An invisible watermark is hidden throughout the picture, within the numbers that create the photos, is a recognizable pattern that identifies it as being your artwork. It is harder to remove.

Invisible Watermarks

Metadata – Adding information (like your email or url) to the IPTC or XMP part of the photo file.
StegoMark – StegoMark is our proprietary steganographic method of embedding information like your email or url into the picture data itself. It can be available or hidden with a password.

iWatermark is a specialized tool to watermark photographs and video. Less expensive, more efficient, faster and simpler to use then PhotoShop. iWatermark is designed exclusively for watermarking by a photographer for photographers.

Major Features

* Watermarks photos and videos too.
* Application of multiple watermarks to photo(s) or video(s).
* Watermark one or multiple photos in batch mode.
* The ability to create, archive and apply 7 types of watermarks, far more than any other watermarking app. The 7 total watermarks = 5 visible + 2 invisible listed below.
     Visible Watermark Types (5)
        – Text Watermark – and change the font, color, angle, opacity, etc.
        – Arc Text Watermark – and change the font, color, angle, opacity, etc.
        – Bitmap/Logo Watermark – import your logo or use art from the included library.
        – Signature Watermark – scans, creates and applies a watermark using your signature.
        – QRCode Watermark – creates a watermark that is like a barcode, readable by any smartphone camera and can contain up to 4000 characters of info, like name, email and url.
     Invisible Watermarks Types (2)
        – Metadata Watermark – for making watermarks that include IPTC/EXIF tags (like camera info, GPS, copyright, etc.) info
        – Steganographic Watermark – for embedding/encypting info like name, email and/or website link into the color data of a photo.

* Works standalone or in conjunction with Lightroom, Photoshop, Apple Photos, Google Photos and other photo organizers
* Batch or sequential processing.
* IMPORTANT: Relative or absolute scaling of watermarks. Essential when batch processing different resolution and orientation photos.
* Design, edit and manage a library of watermarks.
* Tags are metadata (GPS, Exif, XMP, numbering, date/time) that can be added to text watermarks.
* Preview easily
* Input/Output from/to all major file types JPEG, TIFF, PNG, RAW, etc.
* Create text, graphic, or QR watermarks.
* Adjust opacity, font, color, border, scale, rotation, shadow, special effects, etc.

* 292 excellent fonts for your text watermarks.
* Engrave and emboss text.
* Signature scanner to instantly import your signature or other graphic as a watermark.
*  Live preview and editing of font, color, scale, opacity, size, position and angle.
* View metadata & exif in photos.
* Fast 32/64 bit multi-threaded app that can use CPU/GPU’s .
* Only iWatermark+ has a steganographic watermark that embeds/encrypts info invisibly in the photo.

* Great manual and support.
* Share easily to Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter and many more.
* Watermark manager which can track hundreds of watermarks. The manager also allows locking/unlocking, renaming, deleting, previewing of watermarks.
* Continually updated and improved.
* Much more….

Q: What is a watermark?

Centuries ago watermarks started as identification marks applied during the paper making process. During paper manufacturing wet paper was stamped with a seal/symbol. The marked area stayed thinner than the surrounding paper, hence the name watermark. That paper, when dry and held up to the light, showed the watermark. Later this process was used to verify the authenticity of official documents, money and generally to prevent forgery.

Q: How is watermarking used today?

Digital watermarking is the latest form of watermarking. Similar to the physical watermarks in paper, digital watermarks are used to identify the owner/creator and authenticate digital media like images, audio and video.

Q: Why Watermark? 

– When Photos/Videos go viral they fly off untraceably in all directions. Often, the owner/creator info is lost or forgotten.

– Avoid the surprise of seeing your photos, artwork or videos used by others, in physical products, in ads and/or on the web.

– Avoid intellectual property (IP) conflicts, costly litigation and headaches from plagiarists who claim they didn’t know that you created it by adding visible and/or invisible watermarks.

– Because the expanded use of social media has accelerated the speed with which a photo/video can go viral.

Q: What can be done?

✔ Adding a watermark subtly displays, no matter where your photo or video goes, that it is owned by you.

✔ Always, watermark with name, email or url so your creations have some visible legal connection to you.

✔ Promote and protect your company, name and website by watermarking all photos/videos you release.

✔ Digitally sign your work/photos/graphic/artwork with iWatermark, reclaim your intellectual property and maintain the recognition you deserve.
✔ Easily, secure and protect your photos with visible & invisible watermarks which display they were created and are owned by you.

Version 3.6 Version Changes

     – Multiple watermarks can now be applied to any video like you already could do to photos.

     – Import single or multiple photos from Dropbox. Use hardware/OS back key to go back in folder hierarchy.

     – Greater stability in low memory situations.

This app is perfect for use with Canon Inc., Nikon Inc., Olympus Inc., Sony Inc., Samsung, SLR, regular cameras and all Android smartphones and tablets.


Plum Amazing Software today announced version 3.5 of iWatermark Pro for Android. iWatermark, is the only watermarking tool available for all 4 platforms, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac and Windows. iWatermark+ is the essential watermarking app for professional photographers for business and personal use. Batch or sequential processing. Relative and absolute scaling. Watermarks types include, Text, Graphic, Vector, Text On Arc, QR Code, Signature, Metadata and Steganographic

iWatermark+ Free for Android (adds ‘Created with iWatermark+’ on photos) Download Link 

Screenshot 1 – All watermarks 

Screenshot 2 –  Text watermark setting

Video Overview – 
iWatermark+ App Icon 1024×1024 

About Plum Amazing

Plum Amazing, Llc is a privately held company dedicated to creating Mac, Windows, iOS apps and of course Android. Plum Amazing is a worldwide provider of mobile and desktop applications since 1995. Plum Amazing creates and sells software via it’s own, Google and Apple’s website but also does development work (programming) for other companies and clients especially in the area of photography. We have a passion for creating great products like CopyPaste, iWatermark, yKey, iClock, TinyAlarm, TinyCal, PixelStick and others. Copyright (C) 2017 Plum Amazing. All Rights Reserved.

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