Custom Designed
in FileMaker Pro

Video Equipment Rental Database (VERD)



This easy to use but comprehensive Filemaker database has two major uses:

1. Video Equipment Rental Database (VERD) - This is an invaluable database for companies with a large inventory of cameras (video and still), lighting, props, cables, sound equipment, and various other equipment which is rented out short and long term. This database allows a video equipment rental company to inventory, rent, invoice and track the equipment at all steps in the process. It allows doing the rentals faster, more consistently and efficiently. 

2. Stage Prop Rental Database (SPRD) - This allows an organization with a large number of props from plays, movies, etc. to keep track of its inventory, to rent or lend, invoice, bar code, check in/out, perform accounting, track, bar code printing and scanning using blue tooth scanners and more. With this database it is possible to set up an warehouse theatre props for an entire state. Why have the sets, props and costumes for 'Peter Pan' or 'Fiddler on the Roof' be created over and over each year. Save money, reuse warehouse props, sets, and costumes.

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Most major rental database systems available take the "one system fits all" approach requiring customers to adapt their processes to the software. We have found that the different types of rental businesses often have their own unique business model. 


  • Easy to use
  • Price and tax calculations
  • Invoice generation
  • Inventory tracking
  • Integrated email
  • Importing/exporting data
  • Bar code printing and scanning
  • Inventory grouping
  • Image display
  • Multi-threaded
  • Cross platform - Windows, Mac and Web based.
  • Total customization of all features
  • Database platform: FileMaker

Some areas of functionality that can vary dramatically include the rental quote creation process, inventory management, customer based inventory display and inventory scheduling. 

The Rentals System includes the ability to manage clients and contacts, create rental quotes with automatic generation of linked delivery work orders and invoices, integrated emailing of rental quotes and invoices, inventory management including flexible grouping of inventory items as well as integrated "missing and damaged" tracking and reporting. 


We will customize according to your needs:

  • the creation of rental quotes
  • the inventory management process including bar-coding
  • the grouping and display of inventory images within the system
  • the inventory scheduling process

The initial customization of these features is included in the sale price of the system. Further customization is available at anytime during the life of the system for a reasonable charge. 


Price: $3500
Educational Price: $1750 - we need the order from an .edu domain
Training: $250 and $150 for each additional person
Support: 1 user $50/month ($25/month for each additional user)
Customization: $60/hour

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