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Keyboard, Mouse, Menu, & Palette

iKey can simulate both keydown events and mouse events, meaning iKey can control the computer as if someone were physically using the keyboard and the mouse. The keyboard commands also include the ability to type the date, type the contents of the clipboard or even the contents of a file.

User Examples

    1. In Flash MX there is no hotkey for inserting a frame into a layer. As opposed using the mouse each time to do this, I used iKey so that it selects 'insert frame' from the menu when ever I press 'option' + 'shift' + 'f'. I set the context so that it only works within Flash, so that this key is available for other applications.
    2. Uploading files to my server can be tedious, especially when I am using PHP, which requires me to frequently edit, upload, and test. The secure FTP software that I use requires me to drag the files from my finder in order to upload. I have set a shortcut in iKey so that when I hit 'ctrl' + 'shift' + 'u', my computer opens finder and my ftp client, and then simulates the mouse movements required to organize the files according to date and then drag the files to my ftp client for upload.