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Operating System Version Manual Required Older Versions Purchase
Mac Download 2.6 Link Mac Intel 10.5-10.12 Previous version buynowgoldblue.png

Adam C. Engst is the author of the "Take Control of yKey" Manual. His manual helps you install yKey and provides a step by step usage tutorial for this essential software.

Adam started the TidBits newsletter and has written numerous technical books, including the best-selling Internet Starter Kit series, and many magazine articles.

March 2013 Tutorial "Using Ableton Live with yKey"
Fran Cotton's in depth tutorial shows why yKey is essential for using Ableton Live 9. This is essential if you work and spend a lot of time with audio. Includes discount for yKey. More Ableton Live and yKey techniques here.

Tutorial by Ben Waldie, Peach Pit Press
Ben Waldie's tutorial is a great intro to yKey as automation/macro software.

Review by David Pogue, New York Times
David Pogue discusses automation/macro software and in his weekly video he says yKey is his favorite.

Review by Mac-Guild.org gives yKey 4.5 out of 5 mice
“Since I started using yKey, this gem has saved me up to an hour a week using shortcuts. Overall, I found the yKey to be reliable and very easy to use. For those looking for an affordable solution to creating shortcuts in Mac OS X, I highly recommend taking a look at yKey.” -- James Richvalsky

Are you a slave to your computer?

We love our computers, but we are all familiar with the fatigue of repetitive tasks. We know computers are very capable of dealing with repitition, but there has been no easy way, up until now to collect them and pass them on to the computer to perform. Now, luckily on the Mac there is yKey. Free your self from the ball and chain of repetitive drudgery. Rule your computer, don't be a slave anymore use yKey.

A simple example of how yKey can save you time!

Say you open Safari each day and go to the same 8 websites and then copy some text which you email to someone. Instead of performing this same task each day for 15 mins with typing and clicking and opening and closing applications do it with yKey via one hotkey or menu item and let it work in the background while you do some other work or have a cup of tea. Seriously, why sacrifice your life to monotonous repetitive actions when your computer can do them for you.

Do less and accomplish more with yKey.

yKey adds an essential but missing element in Mac OS X, automation! yKey will save you and your company precious time and energy. Its all about efficiency, we call this "doing less and accomplishing more." yKey can turn some repetitive action that might consist of thousands of mouse clicks (in various applications, in menus and different dialog boxes) and pages of typing into one yKey shortcut that can be launched anytime to perform the exact same action with a simple key press. Learn more about shortcuts in our overview section.