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Pick of the Week by Leo Laporte on Macbreak Weekly 261 (8/23/10). Video on YouTube.

Pick of the Week by Andy Ihnatko on Macbreak Weekly 192 (4/27/10). Video on YouTube. Reviews

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Choose a Menubar Clock for your Mac

Your Mac OS X Clock


Only Gives you the Time

Click every day to see the date?

Thats all the old Mac clock does !

See more with iClock -->


The New iClock Pro

Thats just the start

Customize the menubar time.

Change the font.

Change the color.

Add moonphase or an analog clock.

Command drag to rearrange the location of the menus (time, date, app menu, etc.).


 iClock Pro adds an application menu which allows:

1. See all running applications and switch to any one. 
2. See how long you have been using any application.
3. See what apps are running in Rosetta  (PPC code).

See your stock portfolio and the latest changes.

Countdown till event timer.

Stopwatch which can countdown, countup and which is customizable in many ways.