ChatFX was the first program to add realtime special effects to iChat before Apple added it to Leopard.

: NO LONGER SUPPORTED AS OF 2007 - ChatFX was broken by Mac OS 10.4.10 and Leopard.

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ChatFX was great fun for us. Apple built this feature into Leopard (and did a better job because of their access to the OS) one year after we introduced it including many of the exact same effects. Our role was never acknowledged but we are proud to have been there first. Thanks to all the creators of the included Quartz compositions! And many thanks to the great users!
Very Special Effects for iChat
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Simply Fun - No more Boring Chat Face! [Screenshots] [ See ChatFX in Action on this MacNN Podcast ]
Change the entire landscape of your room or office to looking clean, or mars, the moon, a forest, underwater, or any location real or fantasy. Keep video conferences interesting. Create virtual sets like those on TV news and weather reports. Its fun but also has many practical uses in the same way movie special effects have practical uses. ChatFX combines the infinite possibilities in Quartz Composer to produce video effects within iChat*.
Quartz Composer
ChatFX marries Quartz Composer and iChat. Quartz Composer* (provided by Apple to developers in Mac OS 10.4) is an easy, powerful and remarkable programming environment for processing and rendering graphical data. Quartz* is the engine behind ChatFX.
Because of this you can use Quartz Composer to create your own effects or change the set of effects that comes with ChatFX. This allows you to do almost anything with the video in iChat* and there is much more to come...
* Mac, OS X, QuickTime, Quartz, Quartz Composer and iChat are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

ChatFX brought a great idea and outstanding visual effects to iChat for the first time. Practical but also incredibly fun. Kids love seeing the bluescreen and other fun effects. Adults find it makes video-conferencing more entertaining and a lot less intimidating. 

Click the link below to see it working!

Spice up your chats with special effects like those seen only seen in movies and PhotoShop.
Effects like bluescreen (which is capable of showing any movie, tv, video, or animation in the background of a video chat), twirl, comic book, alien, interrogation, pencil, vortex, dent, bump, bodyart, facepaint, fisheye, waking life, bubbles, mercury, on fire, ogre, sepia, sobel, xray, and many more, are included and any kind of special video effect can be created. Anything is now possible in iChat.

Download it here: ChatFX and Version info