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Kid Paint was sold to miSoft
They have released it with improvements under the name Paint Studio and Paint Studio Jr.. 


AppIcon2a.png Kid Paint

74261235510761availonappstore.pngIncredibly fun, sophisticated but simple to use finger painting program for kids of all ages and even adults. This iPhone or iPod Touch app lets you use your finger to paint and draw, using a variety of brushes and pens for calligraphy. Kid Paint has tools to create perfect squares, circles and lines. Use your photos as backgrounds to draw or paint on or start from scratch. The interface is so easy that even an adult will be using it in minutes.


- Color palette to select colors.

- Shake to clear screen.

- Allows using photos as background images.

- Paint Brush.

- Pencil.

- Calligraphic pen.

- Highlighter.

- Eraser.

- Stamp tool.

- Smudge tool.

- Draw circles, squares and straight lines of all sizes.

- 12-level deep undo/redo.

- Send/share picture by email.

- Take pictures as background.

- No Ads.

Our kids love this program. It entertains them for hours while driving and has been helping them develop their eye/hand coordination and artistic skills. Please write and let us know what you think and your suggestions.