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"There is no other software that comes anywhere close to the quality, diversity and ease of use as iWatermark+. Many thanks to Plum Amazing for this awesome tool."

Harry Janssen - FNZIPP III
Photographer - Artist
NZIPP Fellow of Photography
NZIPP Auckland Photographer of the Year 2011
NZIPP New Zealand Photographer of the Year 2013
ADOBE Certified Photoshop Lightroom Expert


 Native Apps on 4 Operating Systems


Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

6 Watermark Types
Available in iWatermark

1. Text
2. Graphic
3. QR Code
4. Signature
5. Metadata
6. Steganographic


"For years I’ve relied on iWatermark to allow me to easily put my logo on my images right on my iPhone or iPad. However, the newly released iWatermark+ takes this process to a whole new level."

Photographer Terry White
Adobe Worldwide Creative Cloud Design Evangelist,
Technology Guy, Gadget Guy and Best Selling Author.