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Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android 

 Platform Name Download Version Manual Required Older Purchase
Mac iWatermark Pro Download 1.72 Link Mac 10.6-10.12 Versions buynowgoldblue.png
iOS iWatermark Download 5.7 Link iOS 7 to 10+   buynowgoldblue.png
iOS iWatermark+ Download 4.3.3 Link iOS 8 to 10+ Version buynowgoldblue.png
Windows iWatermark Pro Download 2.0.7 Link XP to Win10 Versions buynowgoldblue.png
Android iWatermark Download 1.3.3 Link All   buynowgoldblue.png
Android iWatermark+ Download 1.10  Link All Version buynowgoldblue.png

“The beauty of iWatermark is its combination of ease of use and functionality. If you've ever wanted to give watermarking a try, or if you’re already doing it and you'd welcome a way to do it quickly and easily, iWatermark is an inexpensive and impressive utility. I've yet to see a better solution than Plum Amazing's iWatermark."
Dan Frakes, Macworld, 4.5 of 5 mice.

iWatermark is the worlds No. 1 digital watermarking application for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android. Stylishly watermark a Copyright on a photo in seconds. iWatermark is made by and for photographers.

iWatermark Pro for Mac and Windows can exchange exported watermarks. As a standalone application it works with Lightroom, Photoshop, Picasa, ACDSee, Cumulus, Portfolio, PhotoStation, Xee, iView, PhotoMechanic and other photo organizers. iWatermark is the best watermarking software for all platforms and in combination with other software.

iWatermark on iPhone/iPad and Android are native apps that work directly with the phone/tablets camera.

iWatermark is an essential tool for anyone with a digital camera, professionals and beginners.

Scroll down and click the links on the left for more info about iWatermark. Find out why watermarking is a good idea. Learn about the features in each version.

"Bottom Line: If you are looking for a way to watermark your graphic material on the web, we recommend iWatermark+."
- Nate Adcock, iPhoneLife Magazine 1/22/15



All Platforms
Native apps for iPhone/iPad, Mac, Windows and Android 


6 types of watermarks.
Text, graphic, QR, signature, metadata and steganographic.


Works with all cameras, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Smartphones, etc. 


Batch Processing
Single or batch watermark multiple photos simultaneously.


Metadata Watermarks
Create watermarks using metadata like author, copyright and keywords. 


Steganographic Watermarks
Add our proprietary invisible StegoMark watermarks to embed info in a photo


QR Code Watermarks
Create in app QR codes with url, email or other info to use as watermarks. 


Text Watermarks
Create text watermarks with different fonts, sizes, colors, angles, etc. 


Graphic Watermarks
Create graphic watermarks using transparent graphic files.


Database Of All Watermarks
Keep all your watermarks in one place for you and your business 


Signature Watermarks
Use your signature as a watermark just like the famous painters 


Multiple Simultaneous Watermarks
Select and apply multiple different watermarks on a photo(s).


Add Metadata
Watermark using your copyright, name, url, email, etc. to photos. 


Watermark Drawer
Select one or a number of watermarks from the drawer. 


GPS Location Data
Maintain or remove GPS metadata for privacy 


Resize Photos
In both the Mac and Win versions photos can be resized. 


Uses GPU, CPU and parallel processing to speed watermarking. 


Export Formats
On Mac and Win export to jpg, png, tiff, RAW, etc. 


Secure And Protect Photos
Utilize many different watermarking techniques to protect your photos 


Warn Thieves
A Watermark reminds people that a photo is someones intellectual property


Photo Browsers
Compatible with Adobe Lightroom, iPhoto, Aperture and all other browsers 


Watermark Cloud
Use PhotoNotary to export, backup and share all your watermarks in the cloud. 


Special Effects
Special effects for pre and post processing of photos 


Multilingual Application
Watermark in any language. Localized for many languages


Control Absolute Position
Watermarks can be adjusted by pixels.


Control Relative Position
For same position in batches of photos of different orientations and dimensions.


Share via email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. 


Rename Photo Batches
Set up a format for renaming batches of photos automatically.

Why Watermark?

• If you share an amazing photo you've taken via Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. it's very likely to go viral then they fly off globally out of your control and without any connection to you as the creator. But digitally sign your work/photos/graphic/artwork using iWatermark with your name, email or url and your photos have a visible and legal connection to you wherever they go.

• Build your company brand, by having your company logo on all your images.

• Avoid the surprise of seeing your artwork elsewhere on the web or in an ad.

• Avoid the conflicts and headaches with plagiarists who claim they didn't know that you created it.

• Avoid the costly litigation that can be involved after that.

• Avoid intellectual property squabbles.

Viral Photos Used Illegally 

Man Finds His Photography Used Around the World Without His Knowing.

Photo of celebrities used without permission finally settled.

Famous photographer has photo stolen and his photo is entered into a contest by the thief.

Massive problems for everyone when photos are used without permission.

This woman's space shuttle photo was tweeted and used millions of times by various media outlets mostly without recognition.

Visible vs Invisible Watermarks

There are two main techniques for watermarking your images. One is the visible method, used by iWatermark, where you superimpose your logo or signature onto your image.

The second is designed to be invisible, and is used by companies such as Digimark. Hidden throughout the picture, within the code that generates it, is a recognizable pattern that identifies it as being your artwork.

This technique is usually far more expensive and has two major drawbacks. It almost always reduces the quality of the picture, and it may encourage people to copy your work because it does not appear to be copyrighted. In both cases, a skilled graphic designer intent on using your image, can find ways to remove your watermark at a cost to the quality of the image.

We feel that when you watermark photos it serves 2 purposes.

1. It lets people know this is not just a loose photo avaiable for any use.
2. It can contain your information. Like name, email, site, whatever you want to display so people can contact you.

To learn more about the comparison of visible vs invisible watermarking, here is a great article on the subject.

Invisible vs. visible watermarking article. Important read!

Great article on watermarking, responds to Trey Ratcliff 


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Comparison of iWatermark Pro or Mac/Win and iWatermark+ for iPhone/iPad/Android

All versions of iWatermark are written in the native language for that OS. Mac and Win have similar features since they are both desktop systems. The 2 mobile OS versions iOS and Android have similar features to each other.

iWatermark Features iOS and Android Mac and Windows
Download iOS                      Android Mac                  Windows
Maximum Number of Photos Unlimited (based on memory) Unlimited (based on memory)
Simultaneous Watermarks Unlimited Unlimited
Speed 64 bit (Very fast) 64 bit (Faster)
Parallel Processing Aware Multi-thread uses multiple CPU/GPU’s Multi-thread use multiple CPU/GPU’s<
AppleScriptable (Mac Only)  - Yes, includes scripts and script menu
Shell Extension for Win Explorer  - Right click to apply watermarks direct.
Color Profiles  - Uses existing and selectable profiles
Output Folder Uses Available Export Extensions  folder output settings
Input File Types   RAW, JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, DNG, PSD
Output File Types jpg jpg, png, tiff, psd, bmp, jpeg 2000, clipb
Resizing Photos   6 major options
Import Watermarks Coming Yes, from Mac or Win version
Export Watermarks Coming Archive or share to Mac or Win version
Edit Watermarks Advanced (many more features) Advanced (many more features)
Watermark Drawer Organize, edit, previewing Organize, edit, lock, previewing, embed
Create Watermark Droplet - Creates dedicated watermarking app
Metadata (XMP, IPTC) IPTC XMP and IPTC Extended
Embed Metadata in Watermark  IPTC/XMP/GPS IPTC/XMP/GPS
Metadata Tags as Watermarks IPTC, Tiff, File Attributes, Exif, GPS IPTC, Tiff, File Attributes, Exif, GPS
Effects Many Many
Watermark Location         Set by dragging and pinning. Set by dragging and pinning.
Scale Watermark Actual, horizontal and vertical Actual, horizontal and vertical
Text Watermark Formatting font, size, color, rotation, transparency, shadow, border font, size, color, rotation, transparency, shadow, border
Background color, opacity, scale, border, shadow, rotation color, opacity, scale, border, shadow, rotation
Help Online, contextual and detailed Online, contextual and detailed
QR Codes as Watermarks Create QR codes use as watermarks Create QR codes use as watermarks
Creative Commons Watermarks - Easily adds any CC watermark
Quick Look Plugin - Displays exported watermark info
Works with all Photo Browsers - yes
iPhoto Plugin - Watermark direct in iPhoto
Aperture Plugins - Watermark direct in Aperture
PhotoNotary  coming Archive and share watermarks.
Price Free, $1.99 and $3.99 versions iTunes/Google Play Shareware