iPad teleprompter app that allows you to create, practice, archive, text to speech, record and play audio, of speeches, lectures, scripts and plays.



iPhoneLife Review by Alex Cequea 8/16/11

This app turns your iPad into a teleprompter, timer, and voice recorder. However, it includes a couple of additional features. For example, you can create and edit speeches from within the app, or import them from Google Docs, Dropbox, or iTunes file sharing. This app also has a Text-to-Speech option (TTS), which reads back the words you've written. You can speed up or slow down the text scrolling on the page but not the audio. I found the voice to be a bit too robotic and soon got tired of it. However, the app is very easy to use and practical. Pinch and zoom to increase the font size, and tap on the screen to change the scrolling speed. You can use Speechmaker to store all your speeches in one place and access them instantly whenever a willing audience lends you an ear.

User Rave about SpeechMaker

"Carrying all my speeches in one convenient and easy to use device saves my sanity. SpeechMaker is easy for me to use and I love how I can control all aspects of how it looks on screen. Before I asked my wife how the speech sounds, now I record the speech until I have it just right then I ask my wife what she thinks. SpeechMaker is the best thing to happen to this ancient art in a hundred years."

- Robert Graves


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Overview of SpeechMaker for iPad. Manual/Help for Speechmaker for iPad

Create, Practice, Hear, Archive and Give Speeches - SpeechMaker is your mobile podium and pro teleprompter for public speaking only much more. Give your speech or deliver your lines flawlessly and on time. Keep all your notes, speeches, plays in one place.

Download it from the Apple iTunes App store.

SpeechMaker is designed to give students, politicians, or any speech maker everything needed to create, practice, hear and give speeches. It can archive thousands of speeches. SpeechMaker comes with a number of famous speeches built in some include the original audio. SpeechMaker can import and export the text and audio of speeches in a variety of ways.

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SpeechMaker is like a personal teleprompter. SpeechMaker has features that expensive teleprompters don't have like being able to do an audio recording of your practice or live oration. Now you can practice and hear how you sound before you give that important speech. Get a feeling for the cadence and the flow of a speech. Another feature not found in other iPad software or in teleprompters is Text to Speech (TTS). TTS is available anytime at the push of a button which will then scroll and read your speech out loud.

SpeechMaker Features

  • Create new speeches on the iPad or import text, html or google docs.
  • Push a button and see all the parts of speech (verbs, adjectives, nouns, etc.) in your speech.
  • Audio recording allows you to see, scroll and practice your speech like using a teleprompter.
  • Text to Speech (TTS) hear the iPad speak out loud the speech as it scrolls and highlights each line.
  • Control the look and feel of a document via buttons for changing:
    • background color
    • fonts
    • scroll speed
    • font size
  • Buttons and gestures to start, stop and control scroll speed.
  • Touch gestures:
    • pinch or zoom to easily raise or lower font size
    • tap to instantly start and stop
    • tap the right side to speed scrolling or left side to slow scrolling
  • At a glance timing shows:
    • track elapsed time
    • remaining time for speech. (requires entering an estimate of speech time)
    • estimated time of speech (requires entering an estimate of speech time)
  • Archive thousands of speeches.
  • Import Speeches via DropBox, Google Docs and iTunes file sharing.
  • Import audio via Email and iTunes file sharing.
  • Export speech text via Email and iTunes file sharing.
  • Export audio via Email and iTunes file sharing.
  • Compatible with Mac or Windows computers connected to your iPad.

SpeechMaker is a tool no orator should be without. Carry thousands of speeches with you. Read, correct, give and record speeches anytime and anywhere. No need to rely on teleprompters, paper notes or index cards. Maintain speeches in one location. See at a glance the timing of your speech. Enjoy full control over your speeches.

Coming soon. Speech in 23 languages!