iWatermark for iPhone/iPad Changes Log

Version 5.7   Release Date: 1/02/15
  • + Fix: Unresponsive interface when starting up in Landscape mode under iOS8.
  • + Fix: Import photos from Photo Stream under iOS8.
  • + Fix: Hide a keyboard after saving a watermark.
  • + Fix: Don’t lose currently edited watermark when deleting an other watermark (by pressing red ball in the watermark roll).
Version 5.4   Release Date: 11/15/14
  • - recompiled for the latest xcode and iOS 8.
  • - fix for a crash when using the field to type in an angle for rotation.
  • - added info about a new, completely rewritten app called iwatermark+. iwatermark+ has a completely new user interface and new features that arose from our experience and user comments over the last 5 years with iwatermark. we hope all iwatermark users get a chance to check it out. iwatermark+ is the best app we have created yet.
Version 5.3.1   Release Date: 6/16/14
  • - when doing a batch watermarking and sending via email a dialog came up saying 'sent to facebook' instead of 'sent via email'. this is now fixed.
Version 5.3   Release Date: 4/10/14
  • - Localized to 14 languages. English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Hungarian, Norweigian, Swedish and German. If your language is not included we can send you the strings to translate and we can pop them into the next version. Particular thanks to Hervé Bismuth and Gabriel Dorado for the excellent French and Spanish versions.
  • - Fixed "Use of an Edited image version (crops, effects, etc)" issue. iOS 7.1 Apple camera album photo editing app. produces versions. iWatermark did not know about this behavior till this version. Now fixed.
Version 5.2   Release Date: 1/15/14
  • - Fixed "disappearing font" issue. Thanks to the users who reported this.
  • - File size adjusted to be approx the same as original.
  • - "Helvetica Nueve" font is now thin, just like in v4.
  • - "Espionage" font was always there but just called "SF Espionage" now. The font is not missing :)
  • - New features coming in the next update. Thanks for all the great suggestions.
Version 5.1   Release Date: 12/20/13
  • - new fonts. 157 total fonts available now.
  • - batch processing. now quickly watermark more then one photo at a time.
  • - preview was made higher resolution. this does not change output which is always full resolution unless you choose a lower rez.
  • - improved color output at highest resolution
  • - changes in desciption and screenshots.
  • * write "Photo watermarked with iWatermark" to EXIF. more exif features coming.
  • * fixed bug when touches would go through UI panels.
  • - fixed very subtle color issue.
  • - fonts are alphabetised in the font list.
  • - happy holidays to all iwatermark users :)
Version 5.0   Release Date: 12/20/13
  • -- Totally compatible and optimized for iOS 7.
  • -- Batch processing. Now select a group of photos, select the watermark and batch them all at once or sequentially.
  • -- Fixed some memory leaks.
  • -- Retina display ready for iPhone/iPad.
  • -- Now saving to Camera Roll in highest quality.
  • -- Share to Instagram (in addition to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc).
Version 4.5   Release Date: 1/29/13
  • -- iOS6 and iOS5 support (including latest Facebook and Twitter sharing UI). The app now requires iOS5 to run.
  • -- EXIF metadata is preserved when saving watermarked image to the Photo Roll OR sending watermarked image via Email.
  • -- All photos and watermarks are rendered in the full resolution of the photo even though it may not look like that on your screen
  • -- New icons.
  • -- New "Position" setting allows pining watermark to any image corner.
  • -- iPhone 5 support (tall screen).
  • -- Faster image loading. 2 or 3x faster.
  • -- Image orientation fixes. In the past some images did not have correct orientation (rotated). Now fixed.
  • -- Crash fixes.
  • -- User can now delete watermarks in "Watermark" mode, don't have to go to the Editor to delete watermarks.
  • -- Nicer UI with shadow, gradients and animations.
  • -- User can type in Text Size value directly, even a floating point value like 12.4. Smallest text size value is now 8, not 12 as before. Users should be aware they can make text small and hard to see.
  • -- Updates to the manual to support the above.
Version 4.0   Release Date: 11/26/12
  • -- Landscape orientation is supported for iPad
  • -- Memory leaks fixed: one can watermark more than 8 photos at a time
  • -- Help screen scroll fix
  • -- Speed improvements. Much faster.
Version 3.51   Release Date: 6/28/12
  • - New watermarks (user created) now go to the top of the roller bar list.
  • - Made sure it works under OS5 and on iPad3.
  • - Added glow to home screen icons.
  • - more coming...
Version 3.50   Release Date: 2/24/12
  • -- Fixed "image rotation" bug.
  • -- Fixed "delete watermark" crash.
  • -- When Location Services are off, the app will switch to a single photo selector.
  • -- New about box art + show version number from the "plist" file.
  • -- Shows fonts in its font face. Makes it easier to choose the right font.
Version 3.42   Release Date: 2/07/12
  • - selection of photos now starts from the last photo in the album not the first.
  • - update to the about box.
  • -- Fixed: actual resolution of watermarked photos is used unless you decide to lower it.
  • -- Fixed: "Take Photo" function.
Version 3.41   Release Date: 1/20/12
  • - Adds multiple selection of photos to watermark. IMPORTANT: we are required by Apple to offer users the choice to turn on location services or not to use this feature. It must be used their is no choice.
  • - shadow text option.
  • - updated about box.
  • - 10 new iOS fonts bringing the total to 87 fonts for use in text watermarks.
  • Next version
  • - add exif/iptc data thru to watermarked photo
  • - phone call during watermarking obscures the save buttons. we are working on a fix for that.
Version 3.2.1   Release Date: 11/10/11
  • - documentation
  • - art and ui changes.
Version 3.2   Release Date: 11/10/11
  • - changed facebook log in so you can delete it and put in another.
  • - changed the text with twitpic/twitter and facebook.
  • - text watermarks can now be multiline!
  • - checkers backgroud is always displayed (helps user to see the pic boundaries).
  • - 10 more cool fonts.
  • - "Copy Watermarked Image to Clipboard" option. great way to drop watermarked photos into iMessage.
  • - now works for Japanese.
Version 3.0.2   Release Date: 7/05/11
  • - fixed issue with iPad camera.
Version 3.1   Release Date: 6/12/11
Version   Release Date: 6/12/11
  • Version 3.0.1
  • -- Angle, Opacity and Scale can now be typed in, no slider required
  • -- Create Graphics Watermark: added Paste image option
  • Version 3.0
  • 2 major new features!
  • - now has 67 fonts to choose from.
  • - fonts are now now dispayed in the actual font face. totally wysiwig.
  • - import your actual signature or drawn graphic using the iphone or ipads camera. Sign a white page with black ink using a good pen and in good lighting click select Create Graphic Watermark then Scan Signature.
  • Version 2.0
  • - added many new fonts.
  • - now easily type in the ©, ® and â„¢ characters for text watermarks.
  • - now easily type in the date and time for text watermarks.
  • - updated help.
  • Version 1.9
  • - added QR code as graphic watermark and support.
  • Versions 1.8
  • -- Universal iPhone / iPad application
  • -- Works in both portrait orientations
  • -- Upload watermarked image to Twitter (TwitPic)
  • -- Some bug fixes
  • Version 1.6
  • - added the ability to upload watermarked photos to Facebook from within the app.
  • Version 1.5
  • - One can now pinch-zoom to shrink/expand watermarks and rotate watermarks with two fingers. Both text and graphic watermarks.
  • Version 1.4
  • - Can now do watermarking on multiple photos.