PixelStick for Mac Changes Log

Version 2.10   Release Date: 4/18/17
  • [new] Map mode for measuring angles increasing clockwise. When combined with
  • setting the baseline to a vertical line, this is great for taking bearings on
  • a map.
  • [mod] Updated to a more secure version of the Sparkle Updater framework.
  • [mod] The manual has been updated to explain map mode. The manual is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KqDl9z-s0jOYSFL-YB5XR-NDN0YKRVLVG0N9eHYhjAU/edit
Version 2.9   Release Date: 11/19/15
  • IMPORTANT: If you have version 2.5 then you need to manually download and replace the old version with the new version on our site.
  • [new] Remembers the last used scale and eye dropper settings.
  • [new] Can now measure angles relative to a non-horizontal baseline.
  • [mod] Angle and length now displayed with more precision (i.e. not rounded to integer values).
  • [mod] Compatible with Mac OS 10.6 - 10.11
  • [new] User preference setting for displaying or hiding the loupe shown when dragging points.
  • [new] User preference setting for displaying or hiding the grid inside the loupe (when the loupe is shown).
  • [fix] Loupe view now also works on OS X 10.6 (previously it only could appear on OS X 10.7 or higher).
  • [fix] Make closing the preferences window behave in a more standard fashion.
  • [fix] Restore the missing app icon and include hi-res versions.
Version 2.8   Release Date: 12/18/14
  • [new] Support for the "Screens have separate Spaces" user preference added in OS X Mavericks.
  • [mod] compiled with xcode 6.1.1
  • [mod] compatible with Mac OS 10.10 - 10.6
  • [fixed] Color picker shows the wrong color in some screen arrangements, particularly when secondary screens are arranged higher or lower than the primary screen.
  • [fixed] Loupe not magnifying the correct area of the screen on secondary screens in some screen arrangements.
  • [fixed] Reset position can result in endpoints moving off-screen some screen arrangements.
  • [fixed] PixelStick does not extend into newly revealed screen space when screen arrangements are changed while PixelStick is running.
  • [fixed] Crashes on OS X Mavericks and higher when selecting the "screen elements" ruler more than once.
  • [new] this version courtesy of guest programmer Bernie Maier of australia. thanks should be directed to him for this holiday gift. Bernie identified issues with multiscreen support and stepped and nailed them and made other improvements. Big thanks to him for his ability to quickly get up to speed, understand and make a huge contribution to PixelStick.
Version 2.7   Release Date: 4/23/14
  • [fix] a variety of small improvements.
  • [updated] icons and some graphics
Version 2.5   Release Date: 10/09/12
  • [fix] issue for users of Mac OS 10.6 may also work in 10.5 (we can't test, let us know).
  • IMPORTANT: Mac OS 10.7 users. Please make sure you have the latest Mac OS version installed. PixelStick won't launch unless 10.7.5 has the latest update. The reason is this app is code signed and uses gatekeeper (Apples latest security) and 10.7.5 was updated to handle that. The info on that update is here:
  • http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1599?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US
Version 2.4   Release Date: 10/01/12
  • [mod] updated graphics, icons and function for retina displays (thanks to user Damien).
  • [fix] cursors disappearing under "invisible rug". this happens when you use several 
  • displays or simply change screen resolution (thanks to user Colin Murray's).
  • [fix] position of main panel was not saved in older versions of OS X (thanks to user Chris Pritchard).
  • [new] new icons.
  • [mod] optimized code and compiled with xcode 4.4.
  • [mod] improved documentation.
  • [new] signed by plum amazing with apple developer certificate to follow apple's latest security guidelines.
  • [new] 100% compatible with mac os 8.
  • more improvements coming...
Version 2.3   Release Date: 9/19/11
  • [mod] added more color formats to view and copy color info.
  • [mod] rewrote the code dealing with resize panel.
  • [mod] now loads list color format from plist file.
  • 100% lion (Mac OS 10.7) compatible.
Version 2.2   Release Date: 9/11/11
  • [mod] added 5-th item into color format menu RGB
  • [mod] rewrote the code dealing with resize panel
  • 100% lion (Mac OS 10.7) compatible.
Version 2.1   Release Date: 8/14/11
  • [mod] 100% lion (Mac OS 10.7) compatible.
Version 2.0   Release Date: 7/18/11
  • [new] eyedropper shows the color under the cursor in 4 formats (css, html, rgb integer, rgb hex)
  • [new] eyedropper copies the color under the cursor using copy (command c) in the chosen format.
  • [new] zoomed view shown under the cursor.
  • [new] user interface changes and additions.
  • [mod] code updated, optimized and improved.
  • [new] customized scaling settings in addition to templates for google and yahoo maps and in photoshop.
Version 1.2.1   Release Date: 11/21/10
  • [Fix] added copy and paste to the registration dialog.
Version 1.0   Release Date: 10/05/10
Version   Release Date: 9/14/10