Using Ableton Live with iKey

Fran Cotton's in depth tutorial shows why iKey is essential for using Ableton Live 9. Includes discount for iKey.

Audible is Awesome

I have renewed reading after a long absence except now its listening. Now I look forward to long drives, walking and chores to I can listen to yet another book. I love audible books. Click this link for a special offer from Audible.

Software We Like

Many ask us what software we ourselves use. The items below are ones we use daily. They each have free offers so you can try them out.


Time Tracking

October 20th, 2009

Project Timer is a program we made and sold for many years for doing all the above. Times have changed and everything is in the cloud. Its more convenient and available anywhere. We gave up on Project Timer because having an application on the net made more sense.

These are things most independent professionals need to do when charging clients. Keeping track of invoices, charging clients and following up. There are hard ways and there is an easy way. Nowadays I recommend:
Freshbooks. Click that link to try it out free or go here:

Useful software that saves time

1password is another essential software if you find yourself using your browser to log in to banks and other sites that require logins. we find ourselves needing to do this constantly these days and every day we have several more sites and passwords to remember. 1password takes care of all that much better then the keychain apple has built into mac os x. give it a try.

Neil Gaiman is a wonderful author. I just listed to this audible book recently and highly recommend it. Click the picture to go to audible.

Check out this site for more top audible books.

New Icons Coming for iWatermark 8/24/11

Check out the work toward the new icons by our artist.


PixelStick Now Has an Eyedropper 8/7/11

Now measure distance and angles but also colors. Handy magnifying glass too. Much more useful then the ones in PhotoShop because they work in all programs, windows and the finder.

iWatermark Pro Released! 6/8/11


Big News ! iWatermark Pro is now out. This is a massive upgrade over the original iWatermark. Lots of new features, rewritten using cocoa and all the new technologies from Apple. It is faster, more stable and will be the platform for many developments to come. Go to the iWatermark page to check it out or have a look at the manual for more information.

2/14/11 - Speechmaker is App of the Week at IK Multimedia

iPhone 4 and Facetime Video

Wow, Apple's latest video about Facetime is killer. It is done so well.

Whats on the Horizon

27 April 2010

As we continue into the new season spring cleaning is underway. We are still slowly moving links for to If you had a link to us on your site please update it to link to our new name and home.

We have some pleasant surprises coming. A very useful iPad application is on the way. Also one of our old time Mac apps is about to get a major new version. Its a rewrite from the ground up. We are excited about that and hope to unveil it next month.

Script Software has become Plum Amazing.

31st March 2010

Welcome Script Software users. We have used the name Script Software since back in the 80's. Remember disco? Well thats how we feel about the Script Software name, it was fun but time to move on. Plum Amazing is our new name otherwise we remain to dedicated to making great software. CopyPaste, iKey, iWatermark, iClock and the rest will all continue to be updated regularly. Please continue to give us your feedback and suggestions.

Many of the items below are software and items we recommend and find useful but that we don't make.

Again welcome to our new home please make yourselves comfortable and prepare for some great new products and updates.

The folks at Plum Amazing. 

Real Time Stats With Google Analytics

March 29, 2010

We needed to integrate an iPhone app with Google Analytics to have stats for that app. We were having some problems and talked about needing a realtime feedback. I looked at Google Analytics and found it shows you a month but not the current day. You can actually click on today and get realtime stats for that day. I had never noticed this before and thought some others could benefit from this. If you are not familiar with Google Analytics it is an extensive stats package for websites and mobile apps. If you have a site it would behove (first time I have ever used that word) you to install it. Its easy to install and very very comprehensive and will tell you where hits are coming from and going to on your site. I am not even going to try and describe it all but it is amazingly free and here Google Analytics.

Indie + Relief


January, 17th 2010

On Wednesday, Jan. 20th 2010 the total of all sales of all Plum Amazing/Script Software products will be donated to Doctors without Borders working in Haiti. The charity has a very good reputation and is badly needed.

This means everything you buy that day for yourself or for others the total of all sales will go straight to this charity in Haiti.

We hope you will take this opportunity to get good software and benefit a good cause.

The folks at Plum Amazing/Script Software

Hanalei's First Annual Sand Castle/Sand Art Contest.Cost: Free
Date: Saturday, July 31, 2010
Time: 11:00am - 4:00pm

Location: To the left of the Hanalei pier on KauaiCity/Town: Hanalei, HI

Aloha - Everyone is invited to come to this FREE event and build their own sand castle or sand art. Individuals or teams of any size are all welcome to create their vision and enjoy a day at the beach as sand artists. For keikis (kids), young and old, beginners, artists and sand sculptors.Take a free lesson on sand creations from world renowned sand sculpture Jeff Peterson at 11:30 PM. Learn how the pros create those amazing castles.Realize your creative vision, get exercise, and work together with others. Prizes will be awarded for different age groups and art types.

Take a break and enjoy the sand, surf and sun with family and friends. Bring your own shovels, pails, tools, molds, sprayers (very helpful) for sculpting sand. Make sure to bring your own hat or shade, sunscreen, food, drinking water and a squirt gun to help your friends cool off.Not into sand castles, then feel free to fly a kite further down the beach. Thats beauty too. Its all about being with ohana, working with the 'aina and spreading aloha.

Schedule of events:
11:00 Free registration and start of the event.
11:30 Free lesson by world renowned sand sculpture and teacher Jeff Peterson.
3:30 Final judging.
4:00 Awards ceremony.

March 2013 Tutorial "Using Ableton Live with iKey"
Fran Cotton's in depth tutorial shows why iKey is essential for using Ableton Live 9. Includes discount for iKey.