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About Plum Amazing

We love people who dedicate their time and efforts to making the world a better place. This has also become our goal.

Plum Amazing, Llc is a US based but international company specializing in iPhone, mobile, Mac, Android and Win software applications. Plum Amazing is a direct evolutionary descendant of Script Software which was long the home of iClock, iWatermarkChatFX (copied and integrated into iChat in the Tiger operating system by Apple), idTunes (which id'ed songs via audio and tagged them), iKey and many other software products. In fact the very first software products with an i in front of the name were our iView (history), iSearch and iCount long before Apple's iMac, iPhoto, and the rest of the iNamed products. Perhaps we sparked Apple's/Steve Job's interest in iNames...who knows? Plum Amazing is our new name and home.

Plum Amazing creates and sells its own software but also does development work (programming) for other companies. Our partners/client list is here. If you want to have a beautiful iPhone, iPad, Mac, Win or Android app created please contact us. We are happy to discuss your ideas, specs and timeline.


Plum Amazing is a group of people who are both skilled in and very enthusiastic about technology. The individuals are dispersed around the world but we work together on a variety of projects using our particular abilities in diverse ways. 

Julian Miller, CEO, juggler of projects and chai wallah. He loves to surf and freedive and one day a year he runs the annual Hawaii Sand Castle/Art Contest on Kauai in Hanalei. 

Hannah, Administration, great tech supportician. For fun she enjoys running, snowshoeing, canoeing and camping in the great white north. Hannah loves her dog Tiki.

These people are devoted to great software applications.

Peter (Senior Programmer), the creator of CopyPaste, the first ever clipboard utility, and the original yType. He has 3 amazing daughters, a wonderful wife, works full time, holds at least 2 patents in the arcane field of spectrographic analysis, started the company "Radius" which built the first recumbent bikes in Germany, is an active member of the Bahaii community and his family of 5 can all ride unicycles which makes being around them feel a little like a circus.

Mark (Senior Programmer), the creator of iClock and improver of iKey*, the upcoming version of iWatermark Pro. Marks also is improving the 3 Mac apps TinyAlarm, TinyCal and PixelStick.* Mark also worked on iView and many other Mac apps. Mark lives in Canada with his incredible wife Bonnie. He loves photography which he does while walking and kayaking around Kingston, Ontario and sometimes other parts of the world.

* iKey was originally created by talented programmer and Frenchman Philippe Hupe.
* TinyCal, PixelStick and TinyAlarm were originally created by the amazing Ryan Leigland who got snarfed up by Google.

Kirill (Senior Programmer), the creator of Galactic Pool, Expenses, KidPaint and iWatermark all for iPhone. Kirill also created idTunes on Mac which sampled songs in your iTunes library and then gave each song the correct title and other tags. Steve Jobs at the end of an email to us said, "By the way, you shouldn't be using the name "idTunes"....Thanks, Steve". He really did say thanks :). So we quickly changed the name to ID Tunes. Many years ago Kirill was on the team that did the handwriting recognition for the Newton. Kirill lives in NYC with his family. 

Santiago (Intern), created Checkerz, Plum Klondike, Plum Shakespeare and also did the prototyping on iWatermark for the iPhone. Santiago is unusual in that was 12 years old when we met was soon going to college with a major in Math and CompSci but still finds time to do programming and be a regular kid in every other respect. There is an article in Rolling Stone about him. He has a great and very supportive family.

Dalton, is the creator of NetCheck and MountWatcher for the Mac.

Rick is PHP guru. He has mad skillz. He is fast and talented. I am always amazed at his speed and knowledge. He is married to Melissa and they have a beautiful daughter Amriel. In his spare time he...wait he doesn't have spare time.

We have a passion for making creative, useful and fun products. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or you want to partner with us.

"What you are is what you have been, and what you will be is what you do now." - Buddha

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